Future Games - Pitching Recap - Washington Prospects

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

LakePoint, Georgia, - The 2020 Future Games has come to a conclusion

This one-of-a-kind event featured the best uncommitted Class of 2022 prospects and select 2023 prospects from our 40-plus state coverage area. 

As you’ve come to expect, Prep Baseball Report provided an unrivaled baseball experience. Featuring live-stream action, Trackman & Blast data, plus continuous coverage from all of our social media platforms

For the first time ever, we were able to put together a roster of players from the Pacific Northwest to participate in the Future Games. The roster was compiled of players from both Washington and Oregon. To get our post-event coverage started off, we're taking a look at the arms from Washington who had the chance to compete on the mound. 

Pacific Northwest team preview - Here

Workout notes - Here

Statistical release - Here



Grant Cunningham RHP / 3B / Seattle Prep, WA / 2022

FB: 84-86. Exceptional command to his glove-side
CB: 73-75. Gradual break with 11/5 shape. Understands how to land in the zone early & can expand late as needed.
CH: 76-77. Firm offering with more late sinking action than arm-side run. Tough to differentiate from FB.

Another 2-way prospect who had an excellent performance on the mound. Cunningham pitched 3 perfect innings and went 9 up, 9 down at the Future Games. This was after waiting out a 2-hour lightning delay. Stays on top of the ball with a shorter, bent arm action and simple mechanics. Has true command of his offerings and should continue to get sharper with more seasoning and time on the mound.

Hunter Hyatt LHP / OF / Bellevue, WA / 2022

FB: 83-86. Generates a lot of swings and misses in the zone with some arm-side run when down
CB: 68-70. Tight breaker with 2/7 shape and depth
CH: 73-74. Late fading action with a solid speed differential off of his FB

Another pitching prospect who has come on strong as of late. Hyatt has some exciting projection left to tap into and the makings of an advanced 3-pitch arsenal. The arm is long, loose and whippy. He works exclusively from the stretch and keeps his pitching actions simple and direct. When he’s on his game, he makes it look easy out there and his best days could still be ahead of him.

Bryce Johnson C / RHP / Eastlake, WA / 2023

FB: 83-88. Heavy ball out of hand that consistently finds the bottom of the zone. Flashes more run when working to his arm-side
CB: 70-72. Tight shape with hard break when thrown at its best. 11/5 bend into the zone. 

Johnson continues to have a productive summer and has cemented himself as one of the top names to know in the state for the 2023 class. We’ve seen the FB up to 87-88 now on multiple looks and comfortably maintains 83-86 throughout. His short, tight arm action helps him stay on time with his delivery and makes him a consistent strike thrower. Also flashes current feel for his CB.

Dylan Osborne LHP / OF / Union, WA / 2023

FB: 81-83. Commands to both sides of the plate. Tough for hitters to square up when he elevates
CB: 68-70. Shows 2/7 action with two-tier break and late bite
SL: 74-76. Tighter shape and more depth than CB. Plays well off of his hand speed at release & has above average potential

Osborne is an athletic southpaw who has some 2-way potential as an outfield prospect as well. On the mound, his athleticism really shines with how he controls his body and how aggressive he can be at release. The arm is short/compact and he has tremendous hand speed at release, which allows his FB to play up and makes his secondary offerings even tougher to pick up on

Carter Seely RHP / 3B / Selah , WA / 2023

FB: 81-85. Tough downward angle from high, over the top release
CB: 70-72. Uses a spike grip that helps him stay on top of the ball and maintain FB arm speed. 12/6 shape with depth

‘23 prospect who already shows some advanced strength to go with quality feel for pitching on the bump. Seely went out and competed with his heavy, over the top FB and exceptional CB. Mechanically he works with a steady, easy pace and keeps his momentum behind the ball into landing. The arm path is long, smooth and creates tough leverage on the hitter at release. Throws CB with conviction and it should be a reliable out-pitch from him.

Will Woodward LHP / 1B / Eastlake , WA / 2022

FB: 81-86. Comes out of hand with some deception from low, compact arm slot
CB: 67-70. Features plenty of shape and tumbles into the zone late. 
CH: 70-71. Best secondary offering. Especially tough on RHH. 

One of the most athletic, imposing frames in the ‘22 class. Woodward is all of 6-foot-6 and really gets his levers involved in the pitching delivery. He’s still filling out his frame and it’s realistic to think that more velocity will be here shortly. For a long limbed athlete, he keeps his arm path tight and releases from a lower slot than you might anticipate. Understands how to land his secondary pitches for strikes and is ultra competitive on the bump.