Updated VA/DC Class of 2021 Rankings Released

Jerry Shank
Executive Director, PBR MD & VA/DC

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The Virginia/DC Class of 2021 Rankings have been updated and expanded. We have reshuffled the rankings and expanded them from the Top 250 players to the Top 300 in Virginia/DC.

Today we give you the final release of the Va/DC Class of 2021 Va/DC rankings. Stay tuned for the remainder of the week and into next week as we take a look at risers, new faces, and top uncommitted.

Lets take a look at 151 - 160

151 Antonio Ignacio VA T.C Williams 2021 SS
152 Johnny Oates VA Thomas Dale 2021 C
153 Ben Grady VA Nansemond River 2021 SS
154 Casey Bach VA Centreville 2021 LHP
155 Preston Robbins VA Manchester 2021 C
156 Bode Lindauer VA Mountain View 2021 3B
157 MJ Hunter VA Christiansburg 2021 SS
158 Grant Barberich VA Heritage 2021 3B Marymount University
159 Drew Petitt VA Briar Woods 2021 OF
160 Gregory Kopp VA Gonzaga College 2021 C Hamilton College