Trackman Reports: TPG 2

John Nolan
Virginia Scouting Director & Managing Editor


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On July 14th PBR VA/DC Staff held a Top Prospect Games II event at Bank of The James Stadium, home of the Lynchburg Hillcats, that featured some of the best talent in the area. In this post event analysis we go inside the Trackman data from the on field BP and live outings by pitchers during the event and break down the leaders in some key categories. 

Top Fastball Velocity

Name School Class Top Velocity
Brock Duff Liberty Christian 2021 85.55
 Aaron Lautenschlager Loudoun Valley 2021 83.54
 Jakob Foster Patriot  2023 82.87
Robert Boykin St. Christopher's 2021 82.61
Joe Gomez Fluvanna County  2023 81.24 


Top Fastball Spin Rate

The average spin rate on a Major League fastball is 2250-2350 RPMs. MLB fastballs with high spin tend to be thrown up in the zone because they appear to rise to hitters, causing the hitter to swing under them. Heavy sink fastballs have spin rates below 1800 and are thrown down in the zone to take advantage of that.

Name School Class Top FB Spin Rate
Joe Gomez Fluvanna County 2023  2356 
Aaron Lautenschlager Loudoun Valley  2021  2275 
Jakob Foster Patriot  2023  2242 
Brock Duff  Liberty Christian  2021  2202 
Ethan Ketron Abingdon  2022 2202 


Top Breaking Ball Spin Rate

The average spin rate on a Major League curveball is 2500-2600 RPMs and a slider is 2400-2500 RPM. Elite MLB breaking balls spin at over 3000 RPMs.

Name School Class Top CB Spin Rate
Joe Gomez  Fluvanna County  2023  2713 
Aaron Lautenschlager  Loudoun Valley  2021  2413 
Ethan Ketron  Abingdon  2022  2092 
Jakob Foster  Patriot  2023  2060 
Luke Craddock  Highland  2024  1973 


Top Live Exit Velocity

Hitters exit velocities were measured during their BP round, these are the top exit velocities measured off the bat.

Name School Class Position Top Velocity
Ethan Ott  Greenbrier Christian  2021  1B  101.13 
Patrick Rakes  Miller School  2023  1B/LHP  94.30 
Chase Sanford  Atlee  2022  OF  92.65 
Garrett Gartrell  Norfolk Christian  2020  OF  92.16 
Aaron Lautenschlager  Loudoun Valley  2021  SS/RHP  90.60 
Neo Klemish  Grafton  2022  OF  90.56
Seth Buchanan Lebanon 2023 SS 89.95
Elijah Pinckney Fredericksburg Christian 2021 SS 89.93



Farthest Hit Ball

Trackman calculates the estimated distance that a batted ball will travel based on exit velocity and launch angle of each batted ball.

Name School Class Position Farthest Hit Ball (Feet)
Ethan Ott Greenbrier Christian 2021 1B 387
Ethan Ketron Abingdon 2022 LHP/OF 343
Aaron Lautenschlager Loudoun Valley 2021 SS/RHP 334
Micah Canterbury Buffalo Gap 2023 C 330
Patrick Rakes Miller School 2023 1B/LHP 330
Chase Sanford Atlee 2022 OF 328
Gabe Sebastino James River-Buchanan (Marymount) 2021 SS 327
Jakob Foster Patriot 2023 RHP/3B 325