Quick Notes: Metro Senators vs NOVA Premier

John Nolan
Virginia Scouting Director & Managing Editor

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On Tuesday night the fall PSL NOVA Premier and Metro Senators teams took the turf at South County Middle School for a game that ultimately ended in a tie. The players on the field were almost exclusively 2021s, with a few of them committed but most not, here are some quick notes from the game, with a full Scout Blog coming later on


-Marshall 2021 RHP Wesley Clarke threw the first for NOVA Premier, he got squeezed a bit by the umpire behind the mound. Lanky body with a lot of projection left in his frame, good armspeed on the breaking ball with late bite to it.


-Potomac 2021 IF/RHP Dylan Heil (Marymount) was 76-78, touching 81 from a low slot, almost skewing sidearm. Lot of life to his fastball, mostly a ton of run but it gets depth. Breaking ball has good armspeed and sharp 10/4 break at 64-67. He also doubled late in the game.


-John Champe 2021 RHP Tristan Shah was 81-83, touching 84 once. Has some velocity upside as he gets more explosive with his delivery. Showed a change-up that was 65-67 with some sink and a curveball that was 62-64 with 11/5 break.


-Robinson 2021 RHP Ryan Quinn was 82-84, touching 86 one time with a drop and drive delivery and throwing from a three-quarters arm slot. Pitch had some late armside run. Hard late slider was 72-74. Showed a single change-up that was 76.


-Freedom (South Riding) 2021 Billy Adkins was 79-81 with his curveball coming in at 69-71. Hides ball well and creates deception, ball got on hitters quick. 


-Paul VI 2021 MIF Remigio Ferrara has a great frame with a lot of projection left to it. Has some batspeed from the right side and is smooth in the middle infield.


-Hylton 2021 RHP Tyler Mitchell (UNC Pembroke) had a strong showing at the plate, singling to right in his first at-bat and working a walk in his second at-bat. Very quickly stole second base both times as well. Pitched at the end of the game, working 82-84 with his curveball running 69-74. Got a handfull of fastball swing and misses up in the zone.