Cameron Day NLI Interview

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

In today’s edition we talk to 2021 Cameron (“Cam”) Day, RHP 6-2 195 from Layton HS, just 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City and just south of Ogden, UT. Cam has been a name in the state of Utah since the summer after his 8th grade year. While I was the Area Scout for the Brewers, my bird dog up north Sam Swenson (signed Sam as a MiLB player for the Angels in 2001) passed his name along to me. Swenson who is also the Head Coach of the juggernaut, that is the Utah Marshalls summer team, has had many a MLB player play for them, with the likes of Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant, Joey Rickard and others, told me there is a kid that’s gonna be really good one day and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was throwing 90 within a year. Cam has been verbally committed to Utah for the past year and signed his National Letter of Intent on Wed with family members watching on. Cam is an under the radar D1 arm that only a few scouts know about. I’m quite certain once the spring gets rolling, his name will escape the confines of Utah and scouts will take notice in a hurry.

SHORT REPORT: Cam has a lean athletic prototypical pitchers build, with looseness throughout. The arm works and he creates arm speed out of the glove. His delivery is online and the FB 90-94 in short bursts, has riding life up in the zone for swing and misses. Features a 4 pitch mix with the FB/CB/SL and CH, and is developing a feel for all, while showing the projectable build with + arm speed to carry more, as he continues to mature and reach his man strength. He should provide quality innings right away as a freshman in ‘22 and will be looked to develop long term, as a potential piece of Utah’s weekend rotation in the PAC 12.

ME: What year in school did the recruiting process begin for you and what was the feeling like, knowing that a school(s) had interest?

Cam Day: The first time a school (D-1) came to see me pitch was the summer after my 8th grade year, down in the Provo area. I received an offer that summer and I was in shock and didn't think something that big would happen so quick or at all. That was pretty cool!

ME: What club teams were you involved with as a youth, and were there any of your teammates that have gone on to play college baseball, or committed this week as you have?

Cam Day: I played for Mountain West Baseball and played off and on since I was 11 years old with Colton Sundloff (Cal State Fullerton) Landon Frei (Utah), Mason Strong (BYU), Jaden Harris (Utah) and Dax Swenson (Utah). All of them are signing this week.

ME: Tell me about your playing ability, and when did you know that you had the opportunity or talent to play college baseball?

Cam Day: Up until the 7th grade I was much better than most of the kids my age, so being a little more advanced for my age, I played up a year from that year on. I started to get seen more after the 8th grade, and started getting more offers from the big schools and getting more attention. I had 4-5 offers by the end of my freshman year.

ME: Have you always thrown hard or has it gradually come as you’ve grown and matured in high school?

Cam Day: I always threw hard for my age and played a year up like I said. I could see that I was throwing harder than most kids my age, and touched 85 MPH for the first time in the 8th grade, and touched 90 during my freshman year.

ME: Who has been your biggest influence coaching wise and what was it, that made them unique or helpful?

Cam Day: Definitely my Dad! How much he researched pitching, what clinics to attend, how to stay and keep my body and arm healthy.

ME: Who is your favorite MLB team and why?

Cam Day: The Red Sox - I like that they have that fight in them and I’m a fighter. I kind of disagreed with my parents on sports, because my parents favorite team was the Yankees.

ME: Who is your favorite player and why?

Cam Day: David Ortiz - I liked the way he played the game and how the fans connected to him and his personality.

ME: What made you decide to commit to Utah, and what made it stand out to you?

Cam Day: I decided to commit to Utah because of their new pitching Gary Henderson (former Mississippi State Head Coach) and their top notch facilities and it was close to home.

ME: If you were to describe yourself as a pitcher, what would your strengths be, and what do you need to improve upon to realize your potential?

Cam Day: One of my strengths is being able to compose myself even when things are going bad. My Dad always taught me to stay composed! One of the things I’m looking forward to is learning from the older players, so I can gain the knowledge and wisdom from those that have been there, so I can take my game to another level.

ME: What piece of advice would you give to players coming from Utah, to help them get recruited, with having college level ability already a given?

Cam Day: Work harder than you think you're working. There's always someone working harder than you, so if you think you’re working hard, find a way to work even harder.

NOTE: We will see Cam at a few of our events coming up before his senior year starts and look forward to seeing his progress throughout the coming year.