Utah Scout Blog: Nevada/Utah Braves vs. Dodgers Scout Team

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

As far as scout teams in the Las Vegas and Utah area, with MLB sponsorship goes, it doesn’t get any better than the Nevada/Utah Braves and the Las Vegas Dodgers. Both teams are predominantly the HS classes of 2021-2022. The Braves are loaded with Las Vegas talent and are represented with 8 members of the Reds area code team from this past summer. Not all of Utah’s talent is on display as many of the best HS players from the north and one from the middle of the state are not on the team, but a handful of southern Utah’s talent is on the club. 

This past weekend, I was able to see both teams matchup in southern Utah (Cedar City, UT) at Cedar HS in a 3 game series. Due to the pandemic, which has closed all the ballparks in the Las Vegas area for months and with Coll of Southern Nevada scheduled to play both clubs quite often this fall and not allowing fans, parents and scouts alike to attend, the schedules have been decimated. So the 2 clubs have had to get creative. The state of Utah has been open since the end of May for baseball, and tournaments have been run all throughout the state with minimal restrictions. Teams have been flocking to southern Utah from Nevada and California on a weekly basis this summer/fall and it’s made for some interesting talent.  Players have been able to get quality reps and keep the college coaches apprised of their games. 

Some local southern Utah talent has been able to be seen by this scout throughout and with our upcoming November event that will be posted soon, the north/south ends of the state should be represented quite well. PBR Utah is here to report on their comings and goings. Below are some notes and details of the Utah players that were in Cedar City. 

Dane Thorpe, C/OF, Dixie HS, 2022
UNCOMMITTED - A lean athletic strong 601 190 with a defined muscled overall look w/some twitch behind the plate and can run for a catcher. The bat and the arm play and carry to the next level. Projects confidence in the box w/a semi wider than shoulder width, slightly open stance and carries the bat over his back shoulder at a semi flat angle. Has flex to his knees and takes a short synced up stride as the hands load at a 45 w/good separation and balance. Has hand speed and can hit velocity. Takes a short, quick compact stroke thru the plane of attack into a whippy two hand finish. The ball jumps line to line and can leave the big part of the field. Is a bit raw mechanically in his setup behind the plate and needs to improve his receiving, but has twitch in his lower ½ and is quick to drop and keeps balls in front. Can pick tough pitches and spring to back pick. His throws have carry through the bag and at times flashes a slightly better than avg arm w/avg pop times. A 7.03/60 that’s plenty enough. A versatile defender that also plays 1B and can hold down LF with work. Plays for CBA Summit (UT) in the summer and the NV/UT Braves Scout Team in the fall. Has also played over the past 2 summers with the Ohio Warhawks. Won’t be uncommitted for long. 


Chandler Reber, CF, Desert Hills HS, 2021
A compact 511 185 physical specimen with definition throughout. Chiseled thick forearms with strong loose hands to hit. The BYU commit has a feel to hit and drives the ball for power to the big part of the field, leaving to the pull side w/ease. Features a slightly wider than shoulder width even prop stance and presents well in the box. Leans back into his 45 degree load and steps to hit with balance and timing, while staying thru the center of his body. The stroke is quick, compact, short and whips the hands thru contact into an around the back shoulder two hand finish. Gets out of the box and looks for extra bases. Will challenge OF’ers arms and has the speed to do so. Toggles between a 6.5-6.65/60 yd dash and shows base stealing pot. Defensively runs balls down gap to gap, though his angles can be tightened and crisper. Has the athleticism to play all 3 OF spots. The arm is BA to fringe and is enough. The bat has the potential to impact a lineup as a freshman at BYU and will be scouted by four corner scouts in the spring. 

Carston Herman, LHP, Snow Canyon HS, 2021
UNCOMMITTED and one to see, as Carsten has had a good summer playing for CBA Summit, UT and the NV/UT Braves Scout Team this fall. Med even prop 600 LHP with athleticism, controls his body and repeats his delivery. Not a velo guy or one that has a carrying pitch, yet what he brings to the table is that of a crafty deceptive LH’er that gets outs and knows how to pitch. FB 84-86 and spots up and uses all the quadrants of the zone. Features a high kick to delivery with solid glove side direction, coupled with a late shoulder turn out front, that creates late reads by the hitter, out of a long HTQ arm stroke with proper arc and acceleration. Gets S/M’s to FB as he locates and uses a big TQ/OH CB 72-74 with solid shape and quality depth. Feel to spin and it will be a tough pitch vs LHH’s. Crafty, deceptive and missed bats with a feel to change speeds.

Isaac Lyon, RHP, Snow Canyon HS, 2022
UNCOMMITTED- A med lean even prop athletic build that has bloodlines. Isaac is the son of former MLB RHP-Brandon Lyon (13 Yrs). Was off to a fast start on the mound with 11K’s thru 9 inns of work before the shutdown in the spring. Plays for the highly competitive Team Utah 2022, and has really taken a step in a year, going from the upper 70’s with the FB, to the mid 80’s at present. Features a NWU med balanced kick to delivery and repeats for the most part and has an idea. The arm action is short, quick and has proper arc and acceleration through a HTQ slot. The FB 84-86 has mild late arm side life and is around the plate. The CB 72-73 is slvy with TQ tilt with flashes of solid avg at times. Chance to be a weapon in time, as his body matures and gains added velo to the FB. CH 78-79 shows abv avg potential with feel and late sink. A pitcher now, as his father was at the same stage, before the velo came in college. Uncommitted at present, yet has D1 interest. One to definitely follow with bloodlines, pitchability, a proj build and quick arm. 

Mason Strong, C, Snow Canyon HS, 2021
See previous PBR_Utah tweet of the bat with catching added to profile. Mason found a couple barrels this weekend, as he had a 3B to the RCF gap and took a FB 94 off Nevada top pitching prospect, Chris Cortez on a line out to CF. Feel to hit and shows proj feet and hands to catch long term w/added strength and size. A steady performer vs good pitching and plays with passion. Shows leadership qualities.

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