2021 Tennessee Player Rankings (Sept.)

Colton Provey
Tennessee Scouting Director

After a whirlwind summer of showcases, tournaments, and non-stop baseball,  we reflect on the 2021 class rankings as seniors slowly return to campus for their final seasons.  The newest rankings edition presents expansion to 330 prospects from the Volunteer State, including just over 100 commits and several high profile drafts prospects.  The headliner is RHP Chase Burns (Beech), who sky rocketed up both the state and national rankings after sitting upper 90s and touching 100 this summer.  

As always, the evaluation process is a fluid and ongoing process with multiple viewings in order to get the best feel for players abilities. It’s important to note that as players continue their development some show marked improvement at a much more rapid pace. That doesn’t indicate that other players got worse or went backwards, it’s just how player development works.  As the years unfold, players make improvements and new prospects pop up on the radar expanding the PBR rankings universe.  In addition to the evaluations of players, our scouts, both those in Tennessee and nationally, have also had multiple discussions with each other to review our individual lists and then make adjustments based on what we've each seen.


Newcomers (Top 150):

Tanner Kim | Ryan Degges | Jake Wurms | Tyler Nettles | Luke Ferguson | Elijah Henderson | Wyatt Collins | Caleb Littlejohn | Brayden Taylor | Walt Sieggreen | Bo Millikan | Josiah Binford | Brooks McDonnough | Tanner Park | Bobby Bevis | Cameron Greathouse | Brock Harvey |


Top Uncommitted by Position:

Two-Way: | Ty Bailey | Tyler Nettles | Grant Burleson | Dalton McIntyre | Logan Rushing

RHP: Jake Wurms | Elijah Henderson | Blake Bradley | Tanner Loyd | Dawson Hargrove | Devyn McEachron | Zach McWilliams | Chris Campanella | Luke Gill | Ryan Evans |

LHP: Luke Ferguson | Trey Willis |  Matthew Wrinkle | Brycen Denton | Adam Quincy |

C:  Emery Wright | Jarrett Martin | Wyatt Collins | Caden Cutrell | Milo Green | Gates Shoemaker |

CINF: Sawyer Watts | Abbott Lawrence | Cade Reynolds | Cody Wheeley | Alex Runk | AJ Swader |

MINF: Cameron Lee |  Joseph Waters |  Riley George  | Parker Evans |  Ben Ivey | Gaven Jones |  

OF: Pierre Seals | Ryan Degges | Carson Chavies | Nathan Barksdale | JJ Williams | Tyke Tabor | Dylan Bowers | Matt Sweeney


Top 100 Breakdown By Primary Position

RHP: 29 | LHP: 13 | C: 13 | CINF: 12 | MINF: 17 | OF: 16


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TENNESSEE 2021: Top 25

1 Chase Burns TN Beech 2021 RHP Tennessee
2 Peyton Smith TN East Robertson 2021 RHP Vanderbilt
3 Vytas Valincius TN Baylor 2021 3B South Carolina
4 Daniel Corona TN Baylor 2021 3B Wake Forest
5 Ryan Ginther TN Station Camp 2021 LHP Vanderbilt
6 Devin Obee TN Ensworth 2021 OF Duke
7 Camden Hayslip TN Friendship Christian  2021 OF Alabama
8 Cooper Kinney TN Baylor 2021 3B South Carolina
9 James McCracken TN Middle Tennessee Christian 2021 LHP Tennessee
10 Tayler Montiel TN Brentwood Academy 2021 LHP Mississippi State
11 Elijah Galyon TN Seymour 2021 SS Kentucky
12 Nick Kurtz TN The Baylor School 2021 LHP Wake Forest
13 Jay Dill TN The Baylor School 2021 RHP Missouri
14 Luke Ellis TN St Benedict at Auburndale 2021 LHP Mississippi
15 Michael Dallas TN Briarcrest Christian 2021 SS Kentucky
16 Kavares Tears TN Columbia Academy 2021 OF Tennessee
17 Andrew Yu TN Ensworth 2021 C Duke
18 Drew Beam TN Blackman 2021 RHP Tennessee
19 Jared Vetetoe TN Davidson Academy 2021 C Middle Tennessee State
20 Cade Granzow TN Brentwood 2021 RHP Auburn
21 Brendan Jones TN Goodpasture Christian 2021 OF Kansas State
22 Keaton Ray TN Rhea County 2021 OF Virginia Tech
23 Colton Regen TN Mount Juliet  2021 RHP Vanderbilt
24 Kaelan Culpepper TN St. Benedict 2021 SS Kansas State
25 Kyle Magrans TN Clarksville 2021 RHP Vanderbilt