Spin Rate Analysis from the Southern Academic Games

Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

The 2nd annual Southern Academic Games was held at Wilson Field on the campus of Davidson College on Tuesday June 18th.  Close to 40 players, representing four states participated.  Each player was vetted academically and athletically before being invited.  With close to 10 colleges in attendance throughout the day, players went through a full workout and played in an eleven inning controlled scrimmage.

Pitchers attending the event threw to live hitters in a game scenario.  PBR scouts were able to evaluate velocity, command, stuff, mechanics, arm action, athleticism and more in the game settings.

To add more advanced feel for each arm and his stuff, PBR invited F5 to help conduct the bullpens prior to the pitchers entering the game.  Each pitcher used a F5 Pitch Logic baseball, allowing advanced metrics to be compiled.  Today we are releasing the spin rates from each arm.  The spin rates were compiled in a bullpen setting.

Below is look at each pitcher in attendance and his average spin rates and efficiency for each of his pitches in his arsenal.

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Advanced Metrics from the Southern Academic Games


  • Recorded velocities listed are from the game play session, taken off of a stalker radar gun
  • Total Spin (rpm):  The total amount of rotations per minute put on the baseball out of the hand
  • Spin Efficiency:  Ratio of transverse to total spin... simple meaning is a higher efficiency yields more movement
  • Backspin: Component of total spin that generates vertical breaking force... does a fastball hold its trajectory (average), seem to rise, or play above the trajectory (high rate), play below the trajectory (low rate)
  • Sidespin: Component of total spin that generates horizontal breaking force.  In the charts below, a negative sidespin denotes spin that would cause movement back toward the arm side... a sinking or running type fastball.
  • Riflespin: Component of total spin that does not contribute to any breaking force.  A high rifle spin will hinder movement.

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William Atwell RHP / Charlotte Latin, NC / 2020

Fastball: 83-86, touched 87
Curveball: 66-69


Pitch Total Spin (rpm) Spin Efficiency Back Spin (rpm) Side Spin (rpm) Rifle Spin (rpm)
4 Seam FB 2,024 80% 1,432 -1,084 897
2 Seam FB 1,951 67% 1,496 -554 1,117
Curveball 1,928 18% -640 504 1,742
Change Up 1,066 68% 859 -188 603


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