Northern CA Uncommitted Senior Games: Catcher

Ryan Ozella
NorCal Area Scout


KENTFIELD, CA - The Northern California Uncommitted Senior Games took place on Sunday October 6th at College of Marin, with nearly 60 talented seniors coming out to be seen by the PBR Northern California scouting staff and a gathering of college coaches on hand. The players participated in a pro-style workout before taking the field for game play. Each position player had three plate appearances in the games, with pitchers facing 5-6 batters in their outings.

There were some state-ranked players in attendance and some others opened our eyes to the point that they will be in strong consideration for the next 2020 ranking. As we dive deeper into our notes and videos we will release more post-event content. Earlier we released our Quick Hits and Statistical Analysis. Today we break down the Catchers from the Event.




7.07 60yd, 75 MPH C Velo, 2.07-2.13 Pop, 93 Exit Velo
High waisted, strong squared athletic frame with some space for projection. High hands stance with slight bend of the knees; uses a slight foot lift having the hands work back. Hits from behind the baseball timing his direct hands with the back hip allowing the quick hands to get to the baseball and driving through contact; balls jumped off the bat (93 EV) deep into gaps with natural lift in the bat path. Wide base with smooth transition from glove hand showing quick ability to recover from blocks; quick and smooth footwork allows the release to be consistent. Adding arm strength (75 MPH, 2.07-2.13 Pop) will be a positive for the profile. During games the defensive skills were on display having snap throws behind runners and showing consistently solid blocking skills and glove work. Offensively put together quality AB’s working counts deep and squaring the ball up with a long flyout to LF. 


C / OF / DE LA SALLE, CA / 2020

7.19 60yd, 74 C Velo, 2.00-2.18 Pop, 82 Exit Velo
Strong, medium frame showing some rolled strength in the shoulders; strength should keep coming as he keeps maturing. High hands, high back elbow stance with balance; gets into his lower half well and drives the backside. Hands are direct to the baseball showing a quick turn to contact and staying on plane through the zone; ball had some lift towards the middle of the field and a strong extra-base swing. During the games showed his bat speed turning on a mid-80’s FB to LF for a strong double along with beating out an infield single. The defense was very good and showed the tools to be a standout behind the dish. The arm is loose and his agility behind the plate was evident (74 MPH, 2.0-2.18 Pop). During the games his defense was a standout with above-average game management and receiving; blocking was solidly average and showed his ability to stop the run game catching a runner at 2nd (2.19 Pop).


C / 1B / FRANKLIN, CA / 2020

7.67 60yd, 75 MPH C Velo, 1.94-2.11 Pop, 85 Exit Velo
Full build with strength in squared frame; body still can shape a bit more for added strength. Tall stance with hands set at back shoulder; gradual hand load showing slight lift. Hands are loose and able to whip barrel into and through the zone with some speed; creates a bit of wrap early but still able to get barrel head out front. Flat path through the zone lifting on contact as he drove balls on a line towards the middle of the field (85 EV). Bouncy behind the plate showing a very quick transition to a loose arm (75 MPH, 1.94-2.11 Pop); athletic behind the plate showing ability to move laterally and get to blocks both in workouts and during the games. During the games his ability to call pitches was impressive as was the receiving skills; one of his carrying tools. Battled at the plate during games showing his footspeed with a SB after a BB and squared up a ball at the 3rd baseman.



7.36 60yd, 74 C Velo, 2.04-2.19 Pop, 80 Exit Velo
Slender, lean-muscled and athletic build; space in the frame to keep adding strength to it which would benefit the profile. Wide stance with slight squat keeping a high back elbow and the hands deep with a wiggle; tightens hands as he gains some ground with the stride. The compact swing worked in time focused to the oppo gap with some lift through the zone; times where the barrel gets pushed limiting his strength that way. Low and agile target understanding how to use his footwork well; arm is timed up well allowing the ball to come out on a line to 2nd (74 MPH, 2.04-2.19 Pop). Agility showed up with blocking in game and recovery skills during showcase drills. During the games Blakely was good with his catching skills being able to block pitches and working with multiple pitchers. Offensively showed strong AB’s working counts and being right on pitches without any hits to show.


C / 3B / SAN RAFAEL, CA / 2020

7.76 60yd, 73 C Velo, 2.08-2.20 Pop, 86 Exit Velo
Athletic and long, lanky frame with squared build; projects for next level. Wide, even handed stance staying away from the body a bit; tightens in short sway load lifting the foot for timing. The hands work directly to the baseball having a longer, upward barrel path that was on time to drive liners gap-to-gap; showed ability to get the ball into the OF during the game with a single to RF and mid-OF Flyouts to left and center. Loose glove hand using a tap for timing before pulling ball to throwing hand; arm has some strength with ball at the bag (73 MPH, 2.08-2.20 Pop). Agile hands helped to backhand balls during games and he showed his ability to get rid of the ball catching a runner at 3rd.


C / 1B / MENLO-ATHERTON, CA / 2020

7.75 60yd, 70 C Velo, 2.17-2.20 Pop, 90 Exit Velo
XL frame, full with current strength; body can continue to shape and firm as he matures. Wide, high hand stance with flared elbows and slight squat; pulls knob down and back in load staying balanced through the swing. Showed a middle approach with lots of line drives; barrel is compact working slightly upward through the zone allowing the strength in the frame to come out. Easy lift in the barrel showed up in game with two hard hits singles to LF. Tall behind the plate with width in the stance; footwork and transfer are fair allowing him to keep the ball on the line to second; added arm strength can help lower pop time (70 MPH, 2.17-2.20 pop). Showed his ability to catch different arms during the game working with six different pitchers and continually working behind the plate.


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