NorCal Top Prospect Game: Catchers

Ryan Ozella
NorCal Area Scout


KENTFIELD, CA - The Northern California Top Prospect Game took place on Sunday October 13th at College of Marin, with talented players from all four current grad classes in attendance. The players participated in a pro-style workout before taking the field for game play. Each position player had three plate appearances in the games, with pitchers facing 4-6 batters in their outings.

There were some state-ranked players in attendance and some others opened our eyes to the point that they will be in strong consideration for the next ranking of their graduation class. We continue to break down the event highlighting the early standouts and Statistical Leaders. Today we break down the Catchers from the event, listed alphabetically. 

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Zander Ditona C / SS / Castro Valley, CA / 2022

7.39 60yd, 2.12-2.20 Pop, 73 C MPH, 81 EV
Small and athletic frame with quick feet and wiry strength; played with hustle and energy all game showing tools that will keep improving. Tall, narrow stance keeping barrel north/south with hands deep; slight foot lift using some strength from the backside in the swing. Allows the hands to be quick to contact flashing whip through the zone on slightly upward path working gap-to-gap during BP; flashes ability to create hard contact out front with some lift to OF (81 EV). Defense showed his athleticism with ability to beat balls behind the plate, quick glove hand and low quiet target; hustled to back up on a throw to first preventing runners from advancing. Arm has quickness out front, keeping throws around the bag and was good in gametime; can keep adding overall arm strength to make jumps (2.12-2.20 Pop, 73 C MPH).



Zachary Justice C / 1B / Bishop O'Dowd, CA / 2023

8.20 60yd, 2.04-2.12 Pop, 75 C MPH, 83 EV
Medium, growing young frame showing some strength and space to keep projecting; agility in short bursts (8.20 60yd) especially behind the plate. Defense is advanced for age and showed it with his pitch calling, receiving and blocking skills; throws were consistently accurate and projects to be a very strong arm (2.04-2.12 Pop, 75 C MPH) gaining ground and having a strong push from the back leg on throws. Very high hand set up with rock transition before foot lift as he pulls the knob down towards the catcher; transfers weight through contact staying behind the baseball well. Compact barrel gets to contact point out in front of plate showing ability to lift ball to the pullside; more strength coming to lead to more extra base hits (83 EV). Lined a shot at the SS in game before picking up a 1B to LF.



Trentin Schmidt C / OF / Rodriguez, CA / 2022

7.00 60yd, 2.14-2.19 Pop, 75 C MPH, 86 EV
Long frame with above-average athleticism flashing the tools to stick behind the plate (7.00 60yd). Footwork is good and receiving skills are fundamentally solid having space to keep making progress (2.14-2.19 Pop, 75 C MPH); defense was on display making plays during the games catching a runner at 3rd and throwing behind runners. Open, high hands stance sitting into his back hip with the hands working down and back into load; can get a little aggressive to the front foot and creates some kick back from the back leg on contact. Bat flashed strength to the pull side during BP working the hands directly to the baseball; barrel lifts on contact with high over shoulders finish. Put together some quality AB’s without results to show.



Griffen Sotomayor C / 3B / Turlock, CA / 2022

7.46 60yd, 1.93-2.09 Pop, 75 C MPH, 87 EV
High waisted, strong frame still having some projection in the young frame showing an easy controlled run (7.46 60yd). Tall stance with hands even in the middle of the body using a slow load and quick foot lift and kick; allows the direct hands to flash above-average bat speed creating easy lift to the gaps and flashing pull pop during BP. 3 Quality AB’s drawing a walk and single with a hard line out to deep CF as he was consistently on pitches in the game. Defense was also stellar with advanced transition and strength in the arm (1.93-2.09 Pop, 75 C MPH). Receiving, blocking and game calling were all on display during the game, consistently working with pitchers in and out of the dugout. Tools matched up with plus personality and game knowledge at a young age flashing a high ceiling. Type of personality you want to be around and want on your team.



Xavier Rios C / 3B / Moreau Catholic, CA / 2023

8.68 60yd, 2.34-2.50 Pop, 64 C MPH, 76 EV
Young, medium full frame that has space to shape the frame well over the coming years (8.68 60yd). Opened stance, slightly crouched keeping hands very high with waggle; pulls knob down as he’s soft with the front foot stride starting the hips when front heel hits ground. Direct hands showing angled barrel through the zone; strength will help to firm up barrel path and allow for better contact points. Flashed ability to work both sides of the field with line drives; should show more extra-base power as that strength comes (76 EV). Footwork behind the dish was inconsistent, but when he worked towards 2nd showed more quickness and better firmness in throws to 2nd; the framework is there to keep making leaps in his catch/throw skills (2.34-2.50 Pop, 64 C MPH). During the game the defense was better with fair receiving skills showing present blocking skills and a willingness to work behind the dish; impressed with a block/recover to catch a runner at 3rd base.



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