NV JUCO: CSN Manny Guerra Memorial Coyote Border Battle: Day 3 Recap

Buddy Gouldsmith
PBR Nevada



San Jacinto (TX) - 14
Cochise (AZ) - 5


In the morning game, the San Jacinto Gators would take on the Cochise Apaches.  The Gators roughed up the Apache staff pounding out 14 hits in the seven inning affair on getaway day. Andrew Papantonis paced the Gators with three hits, including an early double to spur a four run first inning. San Jac starter, Adam Houghtaling would surrender three of his own in the bottom half of the inning and five runs total, just one earned, in his outing (4IP). It would matter not as the Gators would push 14 men across the plate and not surrender a run after the fourth to Cochise. The Gators’, Ryan Hernandez (1B) and Braden Winget (OF) would also post 3 hits each and all but one starter would manage a hit.

Arizona Western - 6
College of Southern Nevada - 3


For the 17th and final game of the tournament, the College of Southern Nevada would take on a tough Arizona Western squad (AWC).  AWC would strike first in the 3rd, scoring twice. Zach Huffins (CF), would lead AWC with 3 hits, including a double off the left-centerfield wall.  Huffins, is a 6’1 185 outfielder with an athletic build and noticeable quickness, scoring from second base on a passed ball.


CSN would battle and tie the score in the fourth with two runs of their own on a Johnny Cuevassingle.  AWC would strike again in the sixth and seventh, tacking on four more runs and never look back. AWC starting pitcher, Gabe Ponce, 6’2 200 sturdy bodied right hander pitched four innings. His fastball ranged 86-92. He displayed a curveball 73-75 and a slider 78-79. In a limited look, he showed feel for a change up as well.  He would throw four innings, giving up two runs while striking out 8. A potential bright spot for the Coyotes of CSN, is leadoff hitter, 2B Jack Pineda. Pineda managed 3 hits, including a double. Off to a slow start at 1-3, the Coyotes will look to rebound next week in Phoenix.




In a projected field of high-level competition in Las Vegas for the Manny Guerra Memorial Border Battle, teams undoubtedly learned a great deal about their club. As a general rule, good pitching always beats good hitting, and this weekend was no different. Defense was at a premium as error free games were extremely hard to find.  Below are some additional light-hearted takeaways from the weekend as well as a projected all-star team.


Don’t Sleep on Arizona Western.  This is a “scrappy group with just enough to beat you if you don’t put them away when you get the chance.  They show promise up the middle with a defender in Carlos Arellano (SS) who consistently flashed leather over the three day period and delivered a walk-off single to defeat top ranked, San Jacinto.  Zach Huffins (CF) is an intriguing athlete that should get better and better as the season progresses. They have some arms that can keep them in any game and they showed the ability to manage matchups out of the bullpen that will lend to confidence down road. These guys might just “scrap’ there way to a win in a best of three.


Good Luck to any team facing RHP, Jackson Rutledge (San Jac). He commands a fastball up to 98-99. Legit four pitch mix with solid definition to slider and curveball. If that wasn’t enough, he flashed a solid change which he did not use much.  The toughest decision is what pitch to throw because they can all get you out.


“Oh My Hamstring” - What I say if I am a left-handed hitter waiting to hit when Luke Little (San Jac) enters the game with 2 outs in the ninth and no one on. Visions of Randy Johnson versus John Kruk in the All Star game.


All-Star Team

Position Name School Commitment
RHP Jackson Rutledge San Jacinto (TX) Kentucky
LHP Luke Little San Jacinto (TX) South Carolina
RHP  Dane Acker San Jacinto (TX) Oklahoma
RHP Brayan Garcia New Mexico JC  
LHP Lucas Knowles Central Arizona Kentucky
RHP Matt Gilbertson College of Southern Nevada Pittsburgh
C Hernan Yanez Cochise (AZ)  
1B Ryan Hernandez San Jacinto (TX) Houston
1B Ryan Magdic Cochise (AZ)  
2B Jack Pineda College of Southern Nevada  
SS Camryn Williams San Jacinto (TX)  
SS Liam Spence Central Arizona Tennessee
SS Carlos Orellano Arizona Western  
3B Dax Fellows College of Southern Nevada  
3B Ernny Ordonez Central Arizona Kansas
OF Zach Huffins Arizona Western  
OF Braden Winget San Jacinto (TX)  
OF Andrew Papantonis San Jacinto (TX) Houston


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