Maryland Preseason Preview: Quick Hits

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We continue our coverage of the Maryland Preseason Preview with a look at over 20 players that made an impression on our scouting staff last Saturday. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a look back at previous stories from this week and stayed tuned for more coverage about the event in our next podcast episode due out at the beginning of next week. All videos have also been posted on the player's profiles and full evals of each player at the event will be released throughout the week of February 22nd.




Gavin Allanach RHP / OF / Urbana , MD / 2023

Really liked the pitch arsenal and deception from Allanach on the bump. He possesses an athletic 5’11”, 150 pound frame and is quick to the plate from a side arm delivery. The arm speed is quick and whippy through release. Showed solid command and feel for the zone with the fastball playing both sides of the plate and some slight cut action. Sat 74-76 mph and touched 77 mph. Curveball was 61-63 mph and showed multiple shapes, one being more 10/4 and the other showing a bigger 11/5 shape. An interesting arm to follow, as the body continues to fill out.

Chris Baynard OF / 1B / Easton , MD / 2023

Long, lanky, projectable 6’2’’, 180 pound frame. Nice middle of the field line drive approach at the plate. Stays on the ball well through contact with extension. Recorded a 85.82 mph exit velo per TrackMan during BP. Showed versatility defensively with sound actions in the infield at first base and in the outfield. Arm velo was up to 78 from the outfield. Interesting follow as he continues to mature and fill out the frame.

Noah Burtner RHP / 1B / Spotswood, VA / 2022

Burtner made a big jump at this year’s Preseason Preview sitting 83-85 mph and touching 86 mph. Muscular 6’0’’, 215 pound frame with a competitive, bulldog mentality on the bump. Long kick-out stride down the mound and really gets on top of the ball working from a high three-quarter slot. Throws with shorter arm action and showed feel to both sides of the late during the bullpen session. Fastball also flashed a 2305 spin and the breaking ball was 70-71 mph with tight 12/6 shape and 2272 spin per TrackMan.

Eli DeRossi-Cytron RHP / 3B / Urbana , MD / 2023

Athletic, lanky, 6’3”, 180 pound frame with plenty of room to fill out. Throws with longer, whippy arm action from a high three-quarter slot with intent and quick arm speed. Pounded the zone consistently with a heavy fastball that played to both sides of the plate at 80-83 mph. Fastball also flashed a 2288 max spin rate per TrackMan. Had really nice feel for the breaking ball that showed sharp 12/6 break at 67-68 mph and 2294 spin. Change-up had some late fade to it at 70-73 mph and consistently played down in the zone.

Braeden Ford C / RHP / South River , MD / 2023

Athletic 5’8’’, 155 pound frame. Hits from an open stance at the plate with a quiet and controlled leg kick load. Displays good timing with front foot strike and creates some barrel whip through the zone. Consistent middle of the field to pull side line drive approach. TrackMan exit velocity during BP topped out at 86 mph. Also sat 76-78 mph on the bump with a 70-73 mph change-up and recorded a 2.12 - 2.26 pop time range with a 73 mph arm velo (top at the event amongst catchers).

Sean Foster SS / RHP / Leonardtown, MD / 2023

Athletic 5’10’’, 155 pound frame. Short, level swing path with a long one-handed finish. Consistent middle of the field line drive approach. Works the hands well enabling him to cover the whole plate comfortably. Stays on the ball well recording an 85 mph top exit velocity. Sound actions defensively and moves well. Was also 71-73 mph on the bump with a 63-65 mph curveball, 65-66 mph slider, and 66-69 mph change-up.

Lion Gardiner RHP / 2B / Walt Whitman, MD / 2023

Athletic, lanky, 5’9’’, 140 pound frame. Up-tempo wind-up and smooth downhill delivery. Arm action is loose and whippy through the zone. Throws from a high three-quarter slot with some intent. Showed excellent feel for the zone and control of the fastball that sat 78-80 mph and touched 81 mph. Breaking ball was tight with hard 12/6 shape at 63-66 mph. Change-up sat 70 mph with some late dive. Interesting follow as there figures to be more in the tank as well as the arm works.

Noland Genies RHP / 1B / Brunswick, MD / 2022

Big, physical 5’11”, 230 pound frame. Throws with shorter arm action from a high three-quarter slot and gets solid extension down the bump. Slower, controlled delivery with strong leg drive and quick arm speed. Showed really nice feel for the strike zone and a fastball that sat 80-82 mph with control to both sides of the plate. The two-seam fastball ran hard into right handed hitters, consistently hitting the black on the inside corner. Breaking ball had big, sharp 11/5 shape to it and sat 66-68 mph with a 2244 spin rate per TrackMan. The change-up was thrown for strikes and had some late fade at 70-74 mph.

Thor Hildebrand SS / RHP / North County, MD / 2023

Hildebrand has made huge strides over the last year, both in his body and his ability. His physical maturity is impressive, possessing a now 6’1”, 170 pound strong, athletic frame. At the dish, Hildebrand hits from an upright, balanced stance with solid hand separation and a direct path to contact. His hands stay inside the ball well, utilizing a solid middle of the field approach and some pull side pop. Power and strength is projectable, with still so much room to add strength to the body. From the bump, he throws with long, loose arm action from a high three-quarter slot. He gets solid extension down the mound with arm-side run on the fastball that sat 76-77 mph. Showed feel for the curveball that had big 11/5 shape at 62-64 mph. The change-up showed some late dive to the bottom of the zone at 72-74 mph.

Adam Ippolito OF / C / Damascus, MD / 2023

Hits from an open stance in the box with a toe-tap load. Solid middle of the field line drive approach at the plate during BP staying short and quick to the ball with extension. Recorded an 85.77 mph exit velocity per TrackMan. Plays through the ball in the outfield and still has a lot of projection left in the 6’1’’, 150 pound frame of his.

Keegan Johnson LHP / OF / Urbana, MD / 2023

The physical growth and maturity in the frame was something in itself to behold last Saturday seeing Johnson again for the first time since last fall. At 6’2’’, 170 pounds, the strength he now possesses has transformed his ability certainly at the plate. The swing is much more smooth and the hands are fast through the zone. He did a really nice job staying behind the ball and creating an uphill swing path. Showed a quiet load with an explosive lower half and great extension. Exit velo topped at 93.71 per TrackMan. Actions were fluid in the outfield playing through the ball with natural instincts. On the mound, Johnson showed a jump in velo sitting 81-83 mph and touched 84 mph. While he did struggle a bit with command during the bullpen session the arm is quick through release and he does a really good job of staying on top of the baseball and working downhill from a high three-quarters slot. Breaking ball showed 12/6 shape at 70-72 mph and the change-up ranged 71-73 mph with fade.

Tyler Little OF / 2B / Tuscarora, MD / 2023

Little showed one of the more consistent all around performances at the event. He possesses a strong, athletic 5’7”, 140 pound frame and hits from a balanced, slightly crouched stance at the dish with a smooth middle of the field line drive approach. His hands stay inside the ball nicely with some barrel awareness and showed flashes of gap to gap pop with an 84 mph exit velocity per TrackMan. From the bump, Little throws from a high three-quarter slot with shorter arm action. Whippy type arm speed and showed solid command of his three pitch mix. Gets over the front side well with solid balance throughout. The fastball has some late life at 75-78 mph, complimented well by a tight 64-67 mph curveball and a 68-71 mph change-up that showed some late sink.

Griffin Madden RHP / 3B / Allegany, MD / 2023

Madden has really added muscle to his 6’2’’, 180 pound frame this off-season and that extra strength proved dividends this past weekend at the plate. Not only did he record the top exit velocity of the event at 98.81 mph per TrackMan, but he also showed impressive hand speed at 24.80 mph per Blast Motion and above average barrel speed of 72.70 mph also per Blast Motion. The lower half is much more explosive now and he continues to get great extension through contact. Consistently barreled balls to the gaps during both BP rounds and will certainly be a name on everyone’s radar this year with his upside on the mound as well.

Andrew Purcell C / 3B / Urbana, MD / 2023

Purcell had one of the most impressive BP showings at the event. He possesses a strong, solid 5’9”, 195 pound frame with athleticism and brute power. He hits with a balanced approach and an elongated stride with quick hands through contact. The ball comes off the bat really well with impressive strength and power to the pull side, registering a 92 mph exit velocity per TrackMan. The catch and release is quick behind the dish with accurate throws to second base that showed some carry and 2.04 - 2.20 pop times.

Matthew Roche 3B / 1B / Churchill, MD / 2022

The strength and power from Roche is impressive and his 6’0”, 180 pound frame is projectable with even more room to fill out. He hits with excellent balance at the dish, staying behind the ball well with quick barrel whip through the zone and solid extension through and past contact. The swing is powerful with a really nice middle of the field approach and present strength to the pull side, registering a 94 mph exit velocity per TrackMan. He showed athletic and clean actions in the infield and one of the quickest home to first times with a 4.28.

Evan Shultz LHP / OF / Oakdale, MD / 2023

Athletic 5’11’’, 155 pound lefty. Pitched exclusively from the stretch with some cross-body action in the delivery. Arm action is short and throws from a mid three-quarter slot with light effort. Struggled at times with control but flashed a decent fastball - slider mix. Fastball was up to 77 mph and sat 74-76 mph with arm-side run and slider showed more 1/7 shape at 66-68 mph and with 2143 spin per TrackMan.

Ashton Siwald C / SS / Queen Anne's, MD / 2023

Really like the athleticism Siwald showed throughout the workout. Versatile defender with the ability to play infield, outfield, and catch. Moves very well in the infield with fluid actions and a quick release. Consistent middle of the field line drive approach at the plate. Stays short and compact through contact with a quiet load and nice balance. Recorded an 87.05 mph exit velocity per TrackMan and was also one of the quickest runners at the event with a 4.25 home-to-first time.

Ryan Smolen 1B / 3B / DeMatha Catholic, MD / 2021

Really strong 5’11’’, 200 pound frame. Was one of the more impressive players at the event at the plate with present power. Recorded a 91.09 mph exit velocity per TrackMan and also showed above average hand speed (23.50) and bat speed (73.80) per Blast Motion. The swing is easy through the zone as he gets the barrel on plane early and uphill through contact. Really nice middle of the field, gap-to-gap approach. Fundamentally sound also in the field with clean actions around the bag at first.

Jackson Strzelczyk SS / RHP / South Carroll, MD / 2023

Athletic 5’8”, 145 pound frame. Short, compact stroke at the dish with a slightly uphill swing path and a two handed finish. Stays on the ball well with a solid gap to gap line drive approach. Consistently peppered the middle of the field during BP, keeping his hands inside the ball and covering the plate with ease. Registered an 87 mph top exit velocity. Feet were active in the infield, showing solid range side to side and accurate throws to the bag. Was also 69-72 mph on the bump with a big over hand curveball at 55-56 mph and a changeup that showed some late fade at 62-64 mph.

Brayden Stutzman RHP / 3B / South Carroll, MD / 2022

Athletic 5’11’’, 170 pound frame with some more room to grow. Was an interesting arm to watch as he really flashed a solid three pitch mix. Throws with a full arm circle from a low three-quarter slot with fairly easy effort. Worked the fastball to both sides of the plate and stayed down in the zone at 79-81 mph with 2218 spin per TrackMan. Off-speed command is still developing but shows flashes that it has potential. Slider sat 73-75 with multiple shapes and change-up showed really nice fade at 72-74 mph.

Beck Urofsky 3B / RHP / Bethesda-Chevy Chase, MD / 2022

Big, strong, athletic 6’2”, 200 pound frame. Really like the athleticism and strength shown from Urofsky in every aspect of his game. The swing is fluid and powerful through contact with an uphill bat bath. The approach is balanced with controlled aggression through the zone, utilizing quick hand speed (22.40) and fast bat speed (70.40) per Blast Motion. The ball explodes off the bat consistently into the gaps and alleys, registering an impressive 97 mph exit velocity per TrackMan. Showed quick feet at the shortstop position and solid range side to side with soft hands and fluid, clean actions.



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