Leader Board: Fall 2020 TrackMan Breaking Ball Leaders

Brandon Hall
Executive Director of Scouting, PBR NC

PBR ran a number of events in the fall of 2020, allowing players to update their metrics, while compiling video for their PBR Profiles.  With over 900 college coaches and universities subscribed, players with full profiles are able to be searched based on their individual information, and the stats they have posted.

The leader board from the fall of 2020 begins on August 15, running through the rest of the year.  All of the stats compiled have been verified by a PBR scout in attendance.

Below is the list of events considered for the Fall of 2020 Leader Board:


pitching Leaders powered by Trackman - Breaking BAlls


Top Curveballs

Curveball - Average Spin Rate
High spin rate on a breaking ball can lend itself to the overall movement on the pitch.  There are many factors that can contribute to above average curveballs, but most of the top breaking balls have a high spin rate.

Rank Name State School Class Pos Spin Rate (avg)
1 Ryan Clarke NC Community School of Davidson 2023 SS 2499 rpm
2 Caleb Cockerham NC West Forsyth 2021 OF 2494 rpm
3 Trent McBurnett NC Southern Lee County 2022 SS 2487 rpm


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