JUCO Update: Eligibility, Recruiting, Academics and Transfer Rulings

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Many issues in baseball are still extremely fluid as the baseball community continues to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. Several adjustments have been made since mid-March and with new rulings, more questions arise. Although the NJCAA’s rulings are fairly simple, here is a little more detail and specific information on the current state of JUCO eligibility. 

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Eligibility Rulings

  • Even if a JUCO student-athlete competed in all or most of the institution’s competition dates in the spring of 2020, the student athlete will not be charged a season of competition. 

  • There are no hardship waivers needed in order for student-athletes to have their eligibility reinstated. 

  • Although most NJCAA baseball players participate in a fall season, student athletes will still be reinstated a full year of competition since baseball’s championship is played in the spring.

  • Student-athletes that will graduate with an associates degree in the spring of 2020 are still allowed to return to participate in the 2020-21 season. 

  • The eligibility decisions are for spring sports only. 

Academic Rulings

  • In the past, student-athletes have been required to maintain full-time student status during their competition term. The NJCAA eligibility committee will discuss this issue and look into making proper amendments. This is an issue for student-athletes who will be in their third year of attendance in the 2020-21 academic year that will need a minimal amount of academic hours to graduate in the spring of 2021. 

  • The committee will also look into the possibility of student-athletes participating in dual enrollment. This would allow them to take classes both at the two-year institution in which they are competing for while also being enrolled at another 4 year institution in order to obtain upper-level credit hours to help with transfer credit and percentage towards degree when moving on to a NCAA institution.

NCAA Division 1 academic requirements have made it difficult for third-year junior college student-athletes to transfer in, requiring 60% progress towards degree. Many have combatted this requirement by choosing to enroll part-time in the fall of their 3rd year. This piece is extremely interesting because it would allow third-year and academically advanced second-year student-athletes to make more progression towards meeting NCAA requirements without "wasting" an academic term.

Recruiting Rulings

  • The current restriction on recruiting only pertains to face-to-face recruiting and all off-campus recruiting. Phone calls, text messaging and emails are still permissible.

  • Student-athletes are allowed to sign NJCAA Letters of Intent during the restricted period, provided there is no face-to-face contact.

  • NJCAA member institutions are permitted to host skills camps during this restricted period as long as no 12th graders are involved. Individual states’ Covid-19 policies should be kept in mind. 


  • Student-athletes currently enrolled at a NJCAA member institution are NOT recruitable by other NJCAA institutions even if they have been released. They will become recruitable once the spring semester has ended at their current institution. 

  • The NJCAA Transfer Tracking form has been altered in order to address the Covid-19 stoppage. 

  • NCAA and NAIA progress towards degree have remained the same but extenuating circumstances will be further discussed on a case-by-case/as needed basis.

It looks as if the NJCAA has taken many necessary steps to make sure the true JUCO experience is awarded to each and every spring sport student-athlete that has been affected.



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