CCCBCA JUCO Sophomore Showcase (CA)

Ryan Ozella & Blaine Clemmens
NorCal Staff


American River College, Sacramento, CA - After catching the Big 8 Bash yesterday we followed it up with the Sophomore Showcase at American River College. Almost 100 players from all the different conferences came together with two games and showcase styled pre-game including batting practice. Here's a look at the talent who stood out to us during the event. 

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LHP Tyler Stultz - Ohlone
6-2, 175. Tall and narrow with very compact effort, H-3/4 arm; delivery is violent with head movement and high front knee helping pitches play up. FB 86-89 with run setting up hard wide bending slurve (73-75); flashed split with armside tumble 83-84. Grabbed 2Ks using both SLV and FB. 

RHP Paul Ferrari - Skyline
6-4, 185. Pounded zone with slow, tall and fall delivery working the hands up and down over average knee. Full swinging 3/4 release created lots of weak contact showing rhythm and tempo on the mound. FB 84-87 locating well glove side. CHG 78 short bottom looking like FB. Frame could still take on some strength and build up velocity as Spring approaches. 

RHP Clayton Hall - Merced
6-1, 205. Athletic projectable frame showing lean strength. Shallow arm swing timed up with leg lift from quick, athletic delivery; intentional effort with scap-loading 3/4 release point in strong arm. FB 88-91 through the zone actions, SLD 73-74 cross plate actions with long running break was strong and effective leading to weak contact and K. 

RHP TJ Smith - Sacramento City
6-1, 190. Stretch only outing showing compact quick swing to H-3/4 almost over the top styled release; finishes strong over closed front side. Effectively wild in the outing; 2 BB, K, and weak pop up. FB 87-88 running through the zone. CB 73-76 over hand tight spinning 12/6; long and tight break. Looks like he’s just working into season shape and could be adding velocity as he works into Spring. Closer type stuff. 

RHP Carlo Lopiccolo - San Mateo
6-0, 170. Starter build and athleticism with looseness in the arm. Leadoff single stranded with weak ground ball followed by 4 Ks with his CB. Quick 3/4 arm from tall high front knee tuck. FB 86-88 T90 locating both sides of the plate knowing how to attack inner half of the plate. CB 76-80 long with late break in continuous 12/6 shape; flashed sharper one when going lower in zone. 

RHP Josh Cerejo - Los Medanos
6-3, 215. Athletic build using wide leg swing to high front knee; loose, quick, 3/4 arm from full swing. Pitched with tempo and attacking attitude showing the profile to be a starter at the next level. FB 88-89 working through top of zone. SLD 75-76 with 10/4 break; late, small depth to miss barrels and ability to manipulate the break. Lots of weak popups with up/down sequencing. 

RHP Chandler Giles - San Joaquin Delta
6-2, 200. Medium full build with a strong lower half; athletic delivery with wide step to wide lifting high front knee. Full swing arm to M-3/4 release point coming out of shoulder with life at the plate. FB 88-90 cutting glove side. Pitched effectively wild with the FB, showing only one Cutter like SLD at 82. Live FB and arm that can keep improving into Spring. 

RHP Ryan Platero - Monterey Peninsula
6-1, 175. Athletic build showing ability to have starter profile. Pauses at the top of tall and fall delivery; controlled, easy effort for scap-loading 3/4 release. Showed three pitch mix locating FB well (87-89 T90) with sweeping SLD (75-76) and straight CHG (81). Struck out 3 on the FB and got weak contact to finish the outing. 

RHP Darren Jansen - Fresno City College
6-5, 250. XL Frame, strong and full build. Very compact H-3/4 quick arm working with extension over short stride. Big FB (87-88, 90) locating down in the zone and SLD (80-81) showing late dart under barrels. Showed ability to control the ball attacking the plate striking out 2 and inducing weak contact. 


C Danny Gamez - Reedley
6-1, 210 Physical, strong wide build showed strength in swing during BP working deep into gaps from balanced swing; bat was quick from even hands. Arm behind the plate was strong and matched up well with footwork (2.04-2.15) showing projectable catching skills. Squared up a FB in game for a deep F8 and drew a walk. 

C Robert Najar - Gavilan
5-10, 190. Athletic, width in the shoulders and fit lower half; used athleticism behind plate and showed quick release matched with some arm strength (2.09-2.12 Pop). Moved well laterally and showed solid blocking skills. Barrel has some length leading to swing and miss, but showed projection during BP working the ball through the middle of the field. Catching skills can carry profile. 

C Steven Grizzle - West Valley
6-1, 205. Physical and strong build with current muscle and quick bursting actions. Showed easy lift at the plate during BP with carry to the gaps; during games led to swing and miss. Defense was consistently solid with strong blocking skills beating balls and above-average arm (2.01-2.09 Pop); got a runner in game with strong throw for easy tag (2.05). Power/arm/defense combo looks like a chance for more projection.

C Alex Schroeder - Folsom Lake
6-4, 225. XL large and full, thick frame. Showed projection with big power and big arm behind the plate. Wide low base at the plate with upward swing showing strength in the frame; back hip got through it against mid-80’s for a 2B down the LF line and deep F8. Arm is strong showing the ability to fire the ball to 2nd (2.0-2.10 pop); receiving and blocking has space to improve. Frame that could make some jumps with firming up. 


1B Griffin Selby - Cosumnes River
6-3, 230. Physical build with strength in the bat fitting the corner 1B profile. Gets the barrel through the zone from upward arc showing power during batting practice to the pullside; long F7 and F8 squaring the ball up. Has some lateral movement at 1st and could help his infielders with a good target at 1st. 

2B Joey Dani - Sacramento City
5-9, 165. Athletic, high waist wiry strength frame with aggressive hacks at the plate; compact swing showed bat speed and ability to recognize pitches early. Spray line drive bat fitting past the middle of the lineup and looking to turn it over. Defense was solid at 2nd with quick release on the turn and the actions to move around the field tracking the ball down. 

SS PJ Raines - Santa Rosa
5-10, 170. Athletic, shorter frame with strength in it; defensive actions were consistently good playing with flash using the glove to grab the ball off the dirt. Compact arm fits in the middle of the diamond playing average in games. Hands stay inside the baseball looking to work the opposite field picking up a hit during the games; chance to fit leadoff position. 

SS Peter Mendazona - Feather River
6-0, 175. Medium, full frame with quick actions at SS. Showed great ability to catch the ball and get rid of it to 1st with accurate firm throws; footwork was solid staying below the ball. Solid swing getting through zone with flat path; squared up ball to LF before 1B to RF. 

SS Anthony Pomilia - Marin
6-1, 180. Long athletic build with some length in legs. Agile and mobile playing with strong defensive actions at SS during the games and flashing skills during pre-game. The arm plays with compact action being firm. Direct hands from high hands set up allow for barrel to spray balls over the infield; chance for some more as frame adds more strength. Had a solid game during Big 8 Bash as well. 

3B Justin Torres - San Mateo
5-10, 180. Medium full build with strength in lower half. L/R profile showed extra base power with compact lifting swing; when he keep barrel control ball jumps to gaps flashing pullside power. Agile feet with good range able to cut balls off; good reactions and bounce at position. Arm plays average keeping it firm across the diamond; can let it loose, having some take off when not staying on top. Multiple view this summer where bat has been good.  

3B Chase Thatcher - Sierra
6-0, 195. Athletic and strong build showing agility for the hot corner; physicality in the frame. Stays behind the baseball well at the dish working upwards with direct hands; gap-to-gap bat that could keep adding lift for more power. Defensively showed athleticism with skills that can keep developing at the position; glove played high working better to glove side where athleticism shows. 


OF Dan Sayer - Sacramento City
5-7, 160. Firm and wiry strength in the small, athletic build. Quick twitch and instant energy that fits in the middle of the OF. Barrel has some length upwards during BP showing best when being more direct to the baseball; showed off the speed with jailbreak 1B on infield grounder (4.13 H-1st). Easy range in CF and an above-average arm for CF. 

OF Dario Gomez - San Joaquin Delta
5-8, 175. Medium, full frame with current muscular strength; quick feet get to full speed within first couple steps showing closing speed in OF and on the bases. Balanced at the plate showing a quick bat and the ability to lift line drives to the pull side. Strong arm that plays average in the corners and better in CF where his burst comes in for closing speed. Played well during the Big 8 Bash as well. 

OF Cole Gabrielson - San Mateo
6-0, 175. Athletic, lean muscle build with burst for middle of the OF. Wide balanced stance with high hands showing quick turns; best swings allow him to keep hands inside the baseball. Used the barrel well picking up two hits to the RCF gap (1 GB, 1 Line Drive); easy athleticism shows up around bases and looking to steal bases. Arm is solid average, pushing more keeping throws online to bases. 

OF Andrew Valdez - Sequoias
6-0, 200. Strong full medium build showing burst and the ability to swing it. Handsy swing getting the backside through the zone on way to 3B into RCF; staying on FB away and keeping barrel through the zone with strength. Easy controlled stride (4.84T); speed fits in LF where arm can be consistent to cut men. 

OF Shane Wallace - Canada
5-10, 180. L/R profile fitting well in the corners with ability to range and track the ball off the bat. Arm has quick release with good game strength and accuracy; 1st step reactions using the speed well. Compact bat able to drive ball both sides of the field flashing some whip of barrel. 

OF Jordan Lew-Gibbons - Laney
5-9, 155. Medium, athletic build with strength in upper half. Showed a flat compact bat with ability to turn around high 80’s velocity; hard single into OF during games. Bat showed well during BP as well with line drives to OF. Arm has short swing in OF with ability to get ball out of hands on a line to bases. Flashed some coverage in the OF in game. 

OF Brett Garber - Cosumnes River
6-2, 175. Strong and full frame with long muscles. Barrel has in game quickness squaring up two good high-80’s FB one for a ground-rule double and another for a deep F9 (4.57T). Moved well in the OF and decent range; arm can keep improving to help find a position. If hitting can be as consistent as he showed during BP and games, should make interesting follow. 

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