Junior Spotlight - DuBois Area C Adam Bankovich

By Jacob Gill
Philadelphia Region Director of Scouting

Adam BankovichAt 5-foot-10, 195-pounds, DuBois Area catcher Adam Bankovich is built like a protypical catcher. He has a mature build with strength throughout, while also exhibiting some flexibility in his lower half. At two PBR events last summer, he showcased solid defensive skills, while having the potential to quicken his already playable pop times (2.01-2.17) by getting the ball out of his glove and into the air faster.

Offensively, Bankovich starts from a square, even stance and takes a short controlled stride. He gets his hands to a good launch position and stays balanced throughout his swing. The right-handed hitter has a chance to hit for some power (87-mph exit velocity) and also showed an ability to let the ball travel and hit to all fields in batting practice.

Bankovich had a strong sophomore season for the Beavers, finishing with a .354 batting average, .500 on-base percentage (with 13 walks vs 9 strikeouts), and a .625 slugging percentage (5 doubles, 1 triple, 2 home runs).

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