UC Games: The Top 16 Prospect from the Class of 2015

On July 31st and August 1st, PBR Ohio held the inaugural Top Prospect Games at Ohio State. Below, we recap the top 15 prospects in the Class of 2015 from the event.

1. Sam Bordner, RHP/1B, Bloom-Carroll HS, Class of 2015
6-foot-5, 200-pound prospect with big athletic body with physical projection. Two way player who presently projects best as a hurler. Has downward plane with quick arm speed through 3/4 slot. Gets arm extensions with finish. Could enhance balance in delivery as tends to fall off in finish. Fastball velocity ranges 84-86 mph with some late life and more to come. Shows feel for downward plane curveball (68-72 mph). Change is basically straight for now (82 mph). Corner infield type with good range and hands. Ran 7.5 60-yard dash. Uses open stance. Swing is long with some lower body torque. Has power potential but needs to improve swing finish and keep backside load back more consistently.

2. Brad Wilson, RHP/3B, Northridge HS, Class of 2015
6-foot, 210-pound right-handed pitcher. Strong stocky body. Balanced delivery with good arm extensions. Has moderate arm speed through upper 3/4 slot. Good backside finish. Fastball shows some late life, ranging 84-87 mph. Shows two types of breaking balls, slow at 68 mph and harder one at 74-75 mph. Both breakers are slurvy two plane type. Has decent arm action change up with some sink action (71-72 mph).

3. Casey Demko, IF, Bellbrook HS, Class of 2015
6-foot, 155-pound prospect with thin, athletic build. Definite follow as a middle infielder. Registered a 6.91 60-yard dash. Shows advance skills and understanding of the game. Smooth in the field with soft hands and fluid footwork. Needs to continue attacking the baseball and staying aggressive at times. Quick transfer and top velocity of 77 mph across the infield. At the plate, the switch hitter shows balance from both side of the plate. From the right-side, he displays rotational mechanics with a short stride and line drive production. Should improve power potential as his frame fills out. From the left-side, he is a contact, slappy type hitter. Shows plenty of potential, but still needs to work on consistency.

4. Jett Swetland, 3B/RHP, Highland HS, Class of 2015
6-foot-2, 185-pound two-way prospect. Body has physical projection. 7.25 60 yard dash with good arm strength (80 mph) across the diamond. Good bat speed from shoulder trigger. Squares barrel with definite power bat potential. Has good lower half, but needs to improve on balance of swing. Reached top exit velocity of 91 mph off the tee. On the bump, has cross body delivery with moderate arm speed through 3/4 slot. Fastball shows some late life in zone, ranging 83-86 mph. Has makings of off speed. Curve shows some downward bite (73-74 mph). Also uses a cutter that shows some bite (76-77 mph). Changeup is basically straight (77-78 mph).

5. Drew Morrison, LHP/1B, Licking Valley HS, Class of 2015
6-foot-1, 175-pound prospect. Strong bodied hurler. Repeats delivery well with moderate arm speed through 3/4 slot. Shows balance and lower body finish. Good arm extensions. Fastball has heavy action, ranging 82-84 mph with occasional sink. Good off speed pitches. Uses slurvy type curve ball with two plane tilt and good arm action with change that shows sink action as well. Defensively, he is a first base type. Fields around bag well. Makes contact hitter and shows some potential, but likely projects as a pitcher at the next level. Registered a 7.69 60-yard time.

6. Cameron Comer, C/3B, Olentangy Liberty HS, Class of 2015
6-foot, 160-pound prospect with solid frame and strength projection. Has excellent ability with the bat from the left side. Upright stance with high hand trigger. Shows balance in swing. Squares barrel well on ball. Quick into hittting zone with long finish. Shows power loft on pull. Defensively, grades well from third base showing good feet and hands with good arm strength from all angles (81 mph). Behind the plate, has lateral movement and block ability. Accepts ball with 2.0 to 2.04 split time and 77 mph velocity from the crouch. Registered a 7.32 60-yard dash.

7. Joe Vranesic, RHP/3B, Clayton Northmont HS, Class of 2015
6-foot-1, 175-pound potential two-way player with strong athletic frame. Best projects on the hill. Shows some balance in delivery with good arm extensions and lower body torque & finish. Moderate arm speed through upper 3/4 slot. Fastball shows some sink action & heaviness, ranging 83-85 mph. Has some feel of downward tilt curve (69-71 mph) but needs to show more consistency. Has some arm action on change. Runs 7.34 60-yard dash and has some range, feet and hands from corner infield. Solid arm strength. Has wide base as hitter. Quick bat into hit zone (89 mph exit velocity off the tee) with long finish. Has power bat potential.

8. Aaron Mowery, RHP/IF, Marysville HS, Class of 2015
5-foot-8, 160-pound two-way prospect. Two-way player with baseball skills. Undersized, but exceptional stuff on the mound. Good delivery with deception. Has quick arm speed through 3/4 to low 3/4. Aggressive with fastball; shows lots of arm side run ranging 85-87 mph. Has feel of slurvy type breaking ball with bite, throws to both sides (71-73 mph). In the field, he has the arm strength (78 mph) to play short, but likely projects as a second base type. Shows good feet and hands with good arm strength. Ran 7.21 60 yard-dash. Hits from open stance with some upper cut. Needs to improve finish.

9. Tyler Johnson, RHP, Olentangy Orange HS, Class of 2015
6-foot, 160-pound right-handed pitching prospect with thin, lanky frame. Uses quick tempo to delivery. Throws from a ¾ to high ¾ arm slot with quick arm action. Fastball sits 84-87 with good arm side run. Can be erratic at times. Delivery requires some effort. Curveball sits 68-69 mph with good 11/5 break. Tends to show it by cuffing in his back arm action. Also uses a 71 mph slider with more one plane movement. Definite follow in 2015 class.

10. Zane Collins, LHP/OF, Ben Logan HS, Class of 2015 
5-foot-11, 170-pound prospect. Projects well at the next level on the mound. Has some physical projection with moderate arm speed through 3/4 arm slot. Cross body delivery with some deception in middle point of delivery. Gets good arm extensions and lower half torque with finish. Shows some occasional sink action on 82-84 fastball along with good off speed. Curve shows downward tilt with some depth (69-71 mph) and good arm action on change (74 mph). Registered a 7.59 60-yard dash. In the field, shows decent actions with 77 mph velocity from the outfield. Throws have some carry. Contact type hitter from the left side with good bat speed (80 mph exit velocity off the tee).

12. Ty Shoaff, LHP/1B, Walsh Jesuit HS, Class of 2015
6-foot-1, 225-pound left-handed pitching prospect. Stocky bodied pitcher that projects best at next level on the mound. Good balanced delivery with downward tilt plane to the plate. Upper 3/4 arm slot with moderate arm speed. Good extensions and finish. Fastball shows some cut action, ranging 82-84 mph. Showed a hard and a slow breaking ball. One has slurvy action (72-73 mph) while slow curve had some downward spin at 66-67 mph. Moves well around first base. Shows top velocity of 76 mph across the infield. At the plate, shows some power potential. Needs to better incorporate his lower half. 

13. Jeremiah Johnson, 1B/OF, Moeller HS, Class of 2015
5-foot-11, 205-pound prospect. Offers good offensive potential at the next level. Hits from wide base. Shows bat speed into zone with long finish. Squares barrel on ball with line drive pop to all fields. Shows some approach at this stage of his development. Swing could improve with lower half consistency. Reached top exit velocity of 89 mph off the tee. Registered a 7.28 60-yard dash. Moves well around the bag with above average defensive skills.

14. Roger Danison, OF, Bloom Carroll HS, Class of 2015
6-foot-1, 165-pound outfielder. Good prospect for the next level. Body has physical projection. Good raw skills. Ran 7.1 60-yard time with arm strength (80 mph) and carry from corner outfield. His bat is his best tool. Upright stance with solid shoulder trigger from the left side. Very good bat speed into zone with long finish. Reached a top exit velocity of 91 mph off the tee. Squares bat barrel on ball with future power potential. Gets good lower half torque with finish.

15. Logan Giddings, 1B/OF/RHP, Pickerington North, Class of 2015
6-foot-1, 175-pound athletic prospect with physical projection. Shows defensive versatility as first baseman and corner outfield guy. Shows good arm strength (82 mph) at both positions. Bat is main key. Potential middle of the order bat from the left side. Uses open stance. Squares front side well with quick bat speed into zone. Gets lower body torque with excellent two hand swing finish. Definite power bat potential. Also shows well on the mound. Fastball sits 80-82 mph with good arm action. Curveball is main out pitch at 70-71 mph. Changeup sits at 74-75 and shows some run to it. Older brother (Cale) plays at Akron. 

16. Josh Rogers, RHP, Bellbrook HS, Class of 2015
6-foot-4, 195-pound righty. Excellent physical projection. Stands tall. Good repeatable delivery with quick arm action through up 3/4 slot. Good arm extension with lower half finish. Easy arm action. Aggressive with fastball, showing some arm side run ranging 83-85 mph. Also possesses good two plane curve with some depth (71-73 mph). Definite follow with size, arm action, and present stuff.