Q & A with Vestal HS IF/RHP Michael Osinski

Name: Michael Osinski
High School: Vestal HS
College Commitment: Longwood
Position: IF/RHP

The Prep Baseball Report New York sat down with Vestal HS IF/RHP Michael Osinski for a question and answer session.

PBR: Tell me what you did to prepare for the 2014 upcoming season?

Osinski: I worked harder than I ever had to prepare for this upcoming high school season. I prepared for this upcoming season by doing a lot more agility and explosive training. The past few seasons I just lifted and I didn't focus on the speed and agility side of baseball.

PBR: What are the pro scouts saying?

Osinski: The scouts are saying they like the tools that I have and that I have a projectable frame in which I could put on 20-30 pounds. Also a few years down the road they are projecting me to be a corner outfielder.

PBR: Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses as a ballplayer.

Osinski: Probably my biggest strength is my speed and arm. Over the past year I really focused on getting faster and gaining arm strength throwing the ball across the diamond. A weakness in my game would be my swing not staying consistent through a full season.

PBR: Who is the top player you will face this year? Top team?

Osinski: The top player we will face this spring is Zach Sullivan from Corning. Corning is going to be the top team we face this spring. They return a full squad and should be a very tough matchup for us.

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