Q & A with Henninger HS 2016 LHP Jeff Belge

Name: Jeff Belge
High School: Henninger HS
College Commitment: St. John’s
Position: LHP

PBR New York sat down with 2016 graduate Jeff Belge who attends Henninger HS for a question and answer session.

PBR: Tell me about yourself and your baseball background.

Belge: I'm from Syracuse, NY. I attend Henninger HS and have played varsity baseball there since the eighth grade. I just attended my first showcase early last summer and everything took off from there.

PBR: You committed to St. John’s already as a sophomore. Tell us how you came to that choice this early on?

Belge: Last summer, I visited a number of colleges including Virginia, Vanderbilt, UNC and obviously St John's. I chose St. John's because I loved the campus and people involved with the baseball program. The educational factor played the biggest role and they have a solid program for my intended major. I loved the coaches—(Ed) Blankmeyer, (Corey) Muscara and (Mike) Hampton—and the way they coach and their enthusiasm. Another reason is I love playing baseball in the North as weird as that sounds. To me it is a different kind of baseball up here and I love that.

PBR: Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses as a player.

Belge: Strengths are my fastball. I love going straight at people and attacking them, mental side of the game, and my will to win and succeed no matter what. Weaknesses, I need to develop better/more consistent offspeed pitches, especially a changeup and my command although I have improved on that a lot. I still need to be more consistent with it.

PBR: Who is the top player you will face this year?

Belge: Easily, hands down Scott Blewett from Charles W. Baker.

PBR: Who are the top teams you will face this year?

Belge: Charles W. Baker or Cicero North Syracuse. They are the strongest, but also the most fun to play against.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

Belge: I wear my socks inside out whenever I pitch for good luck.