NYS Games: An Open Letter to Players and Parents

PBR-NY Staff

Players / Parents, 

We are inside one week of what we hope to be one of the greatest experiences for your student athletic career, when it comes to exposure baseball. We take great pride in this event and feel that we have all of our "bases" covered with 35+ staff in place over the three day span. 

Below you will find useful links along with a time line of what to expect starting next Monday.
Everything is subject to change 

NYS Games: June 25th Check-in / Workout Schedule
NYS Games: Team Rosters
NYS Games: Game Schedule
NYS Games: Pitching Match-ups
NYS Games: Venues/Directions

For the schedule, rosters, game schedule and pitching matchups, turn your phone horizontal to view properly.

Player Check In: All position players will check in at the tent between the main baseball field and the Binghamton University Soccer Complex (behind the RF bullpen). All check in times are slotted 45 minutes prior to the defensive workout (link above). T-shirt and hat will be assigned, all players receive a head shot there.

Pitcher Only Check-in:
 Pitcher only check in on June 26th or June 27th need to be done at Binghamton University 1hr 45 minutes prior to your scheduled game to allow for head shot and travel to your respective field. If playing at BU, 90 minutes prior. If you go directly to your field we will not have your jersey/hat. 

Day 1 Order:
- Check in/Head Shot/Stretch/Throw
- Full Defensive workout at Soccer Complex (Turf). Video, measurable stats will all be taken here. Walk to main field after workout.
- Brief 5 minute defensive workout on main field (Team 1, then Team 2)
- When Team 1 finishes defense, flips in the cage. Then Team 2. This will continue through team 16. (follow the schedule online) ** We added this in as an EXTRA quick opportunity for colleges to see some fast defense without having to move back and forth from the AUX field and main field ** 
- Batting Practice rounds (Team 1, then Team 2). Both teams stay to complete shagging. 
- Travel to Union-Endicott HS - Football Field (Clubhouse Rd, Endicott, NY)
- First team to arrive will get their Exit Velocities and then run 60, 2nd team to arrive will run 60's first. We are not able to run 60's on a NCAA D1 Campus, thus the reason for traveling off-site. 
NOTE: Metal spikes are allowed at BU Soccer Complex and BU Baseball Field, rubber spikes or turfs at Union-Endicott Football Field. ** Bring sneakers in case **
Pitchers: Please come fully rested, that should go without saying. Throwing extensively on Saturday and Sunday prior will generally effect your performance on Tuesday or Wednesday. We don't RETRACT numbers, we report them. 

Uniforms: We provide one Shirt and Hat, everyone please wear WHITE pants and a BLACK/DARK belt (Let's look professional in front of these coaches and pro scouts)

Game Rules: These games are very scripted by us based on a committee we formed over the years, made up of college coaches and our staff. 

Here's what you need to know:

+ Pitcher Only will face 12 batters (3 innings)**
+ Dual Pitchers will face 4/8 batters (based on our needs)
+ Half innings will always be 4 batters, regardless of outs
+ Innings will always have ONE out, always.
+ Each team plays three-nine inning games
+ Rosters are filled with 2-3 players at each position
+ Rosters should rotate as evenly as possible
+ There will be one running lineup, last hitter leads off next game
+ You can wear metal spikes, but bring other options
+ Play every play 110%, that should go without saying

** Weather ** 
Although we can't control the weather we do have several plans in place in case of inclement weather. Stay tuned with our social media outlets in order to get the most up-to-date info regarding the NYS Games. 

New York Staff.