Inside the Rankings: Top 10 Class of 2021 RHP

Jared Carrier
Scouting Director

With our latest rankings release for the 2021 class we decided to dive in deeper with a breakdown of the top 10 in each position, starting with RHP.

Class of 2021 Rankings Release

Top 10 RHP / CLass of 2021

Chris Sleeper RHP / Rush Henrietta, NY / 2021

Quick Hit: Broad shouldered, durable arm who can sink and run his FB in the mid to upper 80's. Slider has late tilt. 

First Glimpse: Summer 2018 in a tournament. Impressed both on mound and at 3B.

Breakout Performance: 2019 Future Games 

The Future: The West Virginia commit has touched 90 MPH, a couple more clicks in the velocity department and his name gets tossed around in the 2021 draft.


Roman Kimball RHP / New Hartford, NY / 2021

Quick Hit: Lean, athletic build with an ultra quick arm out in front. Has progressed from a low 80's arm to 90-91 MPH in just over a year's time.

First Glimpse: Fall of 2018 at the Western NY ASG where he showed his athleticism up the middle as well as working low 80's on the mound.

Breakout Performance: 2019 Call to the Hall ProCase in Cooperstown.

The Future: The Notre Dame commit has shown steady velocity gains with no sign letting up as the arm speed and body frame can handle it. Slider is much improved and has a chance to be a 3 pitch guy. If velocity and secondary stuff continue to trend upward, he'll be thrust into the 2021 draft talk.


Jack Sullivan RHP / Carmel, NY / 2021

Quick Hit:
 Wiry athleticism with a low 3/4 arm slot. Works mid to upper 80's with movement and a strong arsenal of secondary offerings.

First Glimpse: Preseason All-State - Downstate (February 2019). Came out gunning at 85-86 MPH with feel for breaking stuff.

Breakout Performance: 2019 NYS Games.

The Future: The UCONN commit has impressed every time out (3 events and a tournament from Feb 2019-August 2019). Similar to Kimball there is more in the tank and is another player that could project into the draft conversation.


Carson Cotugno RHP / Amsterdam, NY / 2021

Quick Hit:
 Highly projectable frame with a long, loose arm path. High ceiling as he flashed an effortless 88-89 MPH at the 2019 Future Games with a late darting slider.

First Glimpse: June 2018 where he worked 80-81 MPH.

Breakout Performance: 2019 NYS Games.

The Future: The Wake Forest Commit has a huge upside. His 6-foot-1 180 pound build features long levers with a low stress delivery. Long term starter profile and if slider becomes a consistent weapon, it will serve as a plus secondary offering and out pitch. 


Justine Rodriguez RHP / George Washington, NY / 2021

Quick Hit:
 Slight build, fast arm with plenty of room to develop physically and with secondary offerings. Works in the 89-91 MPH range, can flash a 92/93.

First Glimpse: 2018 HS Spring Scout Blog. George Washington vs. Walton. Worked 81-84 with more of a slurvy breaking ball.

Breakout Performance: June 2019 Team Citius Workout.

The Future: The Florida International commit checks in at 5-foot-10 165 pounds with serious arm whip. Slider was much improved this past fall at Metro Scout Day along with an uptick in velocity. A huge summer awaits the NYC righty.


Gage Ziehl RHP / Penfield, NY / 2021

Quick Hit:
 Strong build; barrel chested with an above average slider. FB consistently sits in the upper 80's. 

First Glimpse: Fall 2017 at the Western NY ASG. Showed offensive prowess and command of FB at 80 MPH.

Breakout Performance: 2018 Preseason All-State - WNY.

The Future: The Miami commit has been a Western NY workhorse as he's one of the top offensive players in the state. It will be interesting to see what the time off does for him this summer, we expect a bump in velocity and possibly entering himself into draft consideration for 2021.


Owen Wendell-Braly RHP / Millbrook Prep, NY / 2021

Quick Hit:
 Power pitcher's build at 6-foot-3 175+ pounds. Works downhill with big, over the top CB. Up to 89 at the NYS Games last June.

First Glimpse: ENY ASG; Fall 2018. Was up to 83 but lacked feel/command.

Breakout Performance: 2019 NYS Games.

The Future: Top ranked uncommitted player in the state. Projects as starter with 3 pitch offerings and plus frame. Methodical on the mound and can carry a game plan.



Carlos Peguero RHP / Gregorio Luperon, NY / 2021

Quick Hit: Most physical frame in the top 10 at 6-foot-3 200 pounds. Up to 91 MPH this past  fall; high 3/4 slot. 

First Glimpse: Metro Scout Day; Fall 2019. Up to 91 in indoor bullpen setting.

Breakout Performance: Metro Scout Day.

The Future: The NYC public schooler will have plenty of eyes on his schedule this summer. Expect after a big summer of being thrown into the draft discussion.


Brian Hart RHP / Benjamin N. Cardozo, NY / 2021

Quick Hit:
 Compact, athletic frame at 5-foot-9 155 pounds with a quick arm up to 89 MPH with some serious arm side life to his 2S, complemented with a late action, mid 70's slider.

First Glimpse: Tri-State Open; Feb 2020.

Breakout Performance: Tri-State Open.

The Future: The NYC Public School arm was our biggest breakout performer this past winter. Registered for the 2020 NYS Games in Cortland, look for a large pack of coaches behind the backstop when he toes the rubber. 


Jean Ortiz Melendez RHP / Citius Prep , NY / 2021

Quick Hit:
 Slight frame similar to Rodriguez. The re-classed 2020 NYC product uses a short arm action with late acceleration. Was up to 89 MPH this past preseason.

First Glimpse: Preseason All-State - Downstate II; February 2020.

Breakout Performance: Preseason All-State - Downstate II

The Future: The uncommitted righty will have quite a following this summer once game play resumes. 



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