Top Prospect Leaderboard: Pitcher Velocity

Brett Harrison
Nevada Scouting Director

Las Vegas Ballpark - The Nevada Top Prospect brought together some of the top talent in the state with a two-day event hosted at Las Vegas Ballpark where players where tracked and analyzed by the most advanced technology in the game in Blast Motion and TrackMan. Day 1 of the event featured four groups of prospects updating their metrics during the Pro-Style Workout portion of the event with standout performances riddled throughout the day.

We take a look at the statistical leaderboards from the different metrics tracked at Nevada's premier event of the summer, ranging from Catcher Pop Times to Laser Timed 60 Yard Dash's. As player metrics have more prevalent in the recruiting process, they do not paint the entire picture of the player, but do help separate players who are similar in talent or level of play and track the progress that prospects make over a certain period of time. 

Today, we continue looking at the statistical leaderboard with the Max Fastball Velocity of the Nevada Top Prospect event:

Max fastball VELOCITY

Rank Name State School Class Pos Max FB
1 Reed Schaefer NV Desert Oasis 2021 LHP 91 mph
2 Jaden Harris UT Roy/Ridgeline 2021 RHP 90 mph
^ Jesus M Gonzalez NV Basic Academy 2021 RHP 90 mph
3 Cole Roberts NV Desert Oasis 2021 RHP 89 mph
4 Leighton Mercurius NV Faith Lutheran 2023 OF 88 mph
^ Bryan Green NV Spanish Springs 2021 LHP 88 mph
5 Tyler Avery NV Bishop Gorman 2022 RHP 87 mph
^ Julian Molto-Herrera NV Bishop Gorman 2021 RHP 87 mph
^ Seth McGrath NV Bishop Manogue 2021 3B 87 mph
^ Kamdyn Perry NV Bishop Gorman 2023 RHP 87 mph
^ Noah Tschopp NV Rancho 2022 RHP 87 mph
6 Logan Pruski NV Bishop Manogue 2022 SS 86 mph
^ Payton Riske NV Bishop Gorman 2022 RHP 86 mph
^ Jonathan Merino NV Centennial 2021 RHP 86 mph
^ Jared Stevenson NV McQueen 2021 SS 86 mph
^ Jordan Pace UT Pleasant Grove 2021 RHP 86 mph
7 Callan Scolari NV Bishop Manogue 2023 RHP 85 mph
^ Gavin Moreno NV Spanish Springs 2022 LHP 85 mph
^ Noah Wasano NV Coronado 2022 RHP 85 mph
^ Karl Ralamb NV Faith Lutheran 2022 RHP 85 mph
^ Joey Loubert NV Palo Verde 2021 RHP 85 mph
^ Christian Carnes NV McQueen 2021 RHP 85 mph
^ Luke Metzker NV Bishop Manogue 2022 RHP 85 mph
8 Trey Thomas NV Carson 2022 1B 84 mph
^ Spencer Hatch NV Faith Lutheran 2023 LHP 84 mph
^ Austin Cates NV Coronado 2021 RHP 84 mph
^ Seth Graham Pippin NV Desert Oasis 2023 RHP 84 mph
9 Justin Jose NV Basic Academy 2022 RHP 83 mph
^ Dominic Mercado NV Legacy 2021 RHP 83 mph
10 Will Sullivan NV Bishop Gorman 2023 LHP 82 mph
^ Seth Barden NV Bishop Gorman 2022 RHP 82 mph
^ Casey Kapushy NV Liberty 2023 3B 82 mph