The Best of 2020: No. 6 Top Story

Brandon Hall
Executive Director of Scouting, PBR NC

Prep Baseball Report is committed to bringing the news of amateur baseball to our readers and subscribers.  Throughout the year PBR's staff will report on players, teams, events, tournaments, the draft, and general baseball news.  With the setup of PBR being a "boots on the ground" approach, with scouts in states and territories, allowing the ability to skew reports and news to the readers of that area.  Below we take a look at some of the top stories of 2020, based on web site views and social media popularity.


NO. 6 TOP STORY OF 2020 -- Leader Boards


With all of the information collected from PBR Scouts, throughout any season, coaches and scouts have had multiple ways to filter players and search for potential needs, or just to compare and contrast players.  As advanced analytics were added for 2020, with TrackMan and Blast Motion specifically, more and more data was flowing into PBR and individual player profiles.  As the website interface has continued to advance, PBR was able to share more in-depth leader boards with all of the accrued statistical information.

As these leader boards were released, after different events, tournaments, and seasons, more and more viewers were seen flocking to the leader board stories.  With the uptick in viewership for these stories, PBR continued to build more and more leader boards.  The leader boards have ranged from workout stats, TrackMan numbers, and tournament leaders.  As we transition into 2021, look for more leader boards to be built, especially within the PBR Tournament functionality, allowing fans, coaches, players, and scouts even more access to players.


A Glimpse at the 2020 Leader Boards