The Best of 2020: No. 3 Top Story

Brandon Hall
Executive Director of Scouting, PBR NC

Prep Baseball Report is committed to bringing the news of amateur baseball to our readers and subscribers.  Throughout the year PBR's staff will report on players, teams, events, tournaments, the draft, and general baseball news.  With the setup of PBR being a "boots on the ground" approach, with scouts in states and territories, allowing the ability to skew reports and news to the readers of that area.  Below we take a look at some of the top stories of 2020, based on web site views and social media popularity.


NO. 3 TOP STORY OF 2020 -- Scout Blogs


The purpose of Prep Baseball Report is to share accurate information on high school players across the country with college coaches and scouts.  In doing so, PBR is also sharing info with players, allowing them to gather a type of self-evaluation, based on stats, notes, information, and video.

In North Carolina, a team of PBR scouts, with backgrounds in college coaching and professional scouting, criss-cross the state to see as many players as possible.  Players may attend PBR events or tournaments, or may be at a high school game or practice.  PBR's team of scouts are constantly working to keep the over 900 college coaches and scouts that subscribe, ahead of their peers.

When a PBR scout attends an outside event, meaning a game or workout that PBR is not hosting, the scout may write a Scout Blog, highlighting any collected stats and giving coaches and scouts some feel for the player's ability and future potential.  Many of the blogs will include radar readings, spin rates, run times, or pop times.  They could include video as well.

With all of that information posted in a one stop shop, PBR Scout Blogs have become a must read article.  Below are some samplings of scout blogs from the recent 2020 seasons.


2020 Fall Scout Blog


2020 High School Scout Blog