Quick Hitters: East Coast Clippers Position Players

Matt Payne
Director of Scouting, PBR of NC

PBR Scouts were on hand at Ting Park in Holly Springs, NC to conduct a full Scout Day workout with the East Coast Clippers.  The Clippers have teams throughout the high school age ranges, most making their home in the Triangle area.  The Scout Day saw players from 2021, 2022, and 2023 graduating classes.

A Scout Day with PBR consists of a full workout.  Position players will run a laser timed 60, followed by offensive and defensive workouts.  The offensive workout, with live BP, had TrackMan running, tracking ball flight analytics off the bat.  Defensively, players worked out from their primary positions with PBR Scouts collecting metrics and information for a full evaluation.  The workout is filmed for each player and their video will be posted to the PBR Player Profiles.  Pitchers were able to throw controlled bullpens, again with TrackMan collecting information from ball flight.

Below we take a look at some of the position players who stood out during the pro-style workout. 

CLICK HERE to see the full roster of Clippers attending, as well as the statistics pulled from the event.

 By the Numbers:

  • 21 Clippers took part in the workout
  • 4 players ran under a 7.20 in the laser timed 60
  • 7 pitchers threw
  • 89 mph was the top fastball
  • 3 arms worked at 83 or better
  • 103 mph was the top exit velocity during BP
  • 7 hitters posted an exit velocity of 90 mph or higher
  • 11 hitters were at 88mph or higher with their exit velocity

Quick Hitters-Position Players 


Jack Boyles, SS/3B, 2022  - Short, balanced swing with consistent barrels during BP. Lined balls to both gaps with the ball coming hard off his barrel. Above average hands on the infield. 

Alec DeMartino, OF, 2021  -  UNC Wilmington commit. Loose swing with bat speed and strength present. Barrel stays through the zone. Lots of loud contact with the ball carrying off his bat. 

Thomas Martinez, 2B/3B, 2021  -  Lots of line drives during his BP rounds. Barrel is short to the ball and stays through the zone. Loose swing with room to add strength to his frame. 

Luke Morton, 2B/SS, 2021  -  Athletic, projectable frame. Line drive approach with his barrel working short to the ball and flat through the zone. Solid actions on the infield. 

Colin Scoggins, 3B/1B, 2021  -  Made lots of hard contact during BP. Hands are quick with a direct barrel path. Barrel stays through the zone with extension out front. Exit velocity up to 93 mph during BP.  

Jimmyll Williams, 3B/2B, 2023  -  Balanced swing driving the ball to both gaps while using wood. Hands are quick with his barrel getting extension through the middle of the field. Quick, accurate arm on the infield. 

Hinson Willson, RHP/1B, 2021  -  Frame stands out at 6-foot-6, 225-pounds. Swing is loose with above average bat speed. Has pop driving the ball through the middle of the field. Top exit velocity recorded by Trackman at 103 mph. 

Chris Moon, SS/OF, 2022  -  Relaxed in the box. Short swing with better than average feel for his barrel. Hands have quickness using a line drive approach.