Q&A with Brad Archer, a RHP/3B from Lebanon HS

At the Midwest Future Games, the best players from six states met to play in a weekend of top level competiton in front of over seventy D1 coaches and MLB Scouts. With many of the players, we knew what to expect, but when we get the surprise performance from a player, it really opens our eyes. RHP Brad Archer from Lebanon HS was one of those surprises.

Archer had been to numerous PBR showcases to show he had the ability to be a part of Team Missouri, and was always right on the edge. The projectable 6-foot, 150-pound Archer showed atthe Future Games that he is no longer onthe edge and proved to be a player on the rise, impressing by sitting 86-88-mph with s sharp breaking ball.

We recently caught up with Archer to get his thoughts on the Future Games and his baseball career to this point.

PBR: Talk a little about your experience at the Midwest Future Games.

Archer: My overall experience at the games was great. I was really impressed with how good every team was from top to bottom. I was especially impressed with how strong Team Missouri was overall. I got the chance to hit against some of the best pitching I have seen and I also got the chance to pitch to some of the best hitters as well.


PBR: What is your biggest strength as a player?

Archer: Probably my fast ball, 2-seam and 4-seam. My 2-seam can run in the width of the plate when I throw it correctly. That really produces a lot of ground balls and keeps my pitch count down.


PBR: What aspect of your game do you believe needs the most improvement?

Archer: Without a doubt, my off speed deliveries. My curve ball has a really late and sharp break, but I need better control of it. I need to be able to throw it in any count, not just when I am ahead. This is very high on my priority list for this off season.


PBR: What are your expectations for the recruiting process?

Archer: At this point, I don’t really know what to expect during the recruiting process. This is all really new to me. Since the Midwest Futures Games, there are a lot of schools showing interest in me, so I sure there will be some school visits coming up.



PBR: What type of program would you like to play at? What is most important to you: Caliber of program, coaching staff, academics, etc…?

Archer: One of the biggest points for me is to play at a program where I can connect with the coaches. I want a coaching staff that I can enjoy being around but at the same time can also motivate and push me to always be better.

PBR: What schools are you most interested in right now, and why?

Archer: Right now I would say Mizzou, Missouri State, and Arkansas. That’s because all three are very good D1 schools and are all close to home. I’m sure as the recruiting process moves forward that this list will expand.


PBR: What were your personal goals for the 2012 season and were they met? Goals for the 2013 season?

Archer: My goal for 2012 was to be in the starting varsity rotation. Not only was I in the rotation all year, but as the season progressed, I moved into the number one position.

For 2013, the team goals are to win the Ozark Conference and win districts. As for me personally, I want to keep my ERA at 1.00 or below and have a batting average against at .150 or less. If I can do that, it will really help the team meet our goals.


PBR: What team do you play for in the summer?

Archer: Last year I played for my school team and also went to a couple of showcases. Next summer, I plan to play for the Midwest Nationals.


PBR: Who is the toughest pitcher/hitter that you have faced?

Archer: The toughest hitters I faced this year were Spencer Johnson and Andrew Kendrick. Parkview was really loaded in hitting this year.

I guess lucky for me though, I didn’t have to pitch against Team Missouri at the Midwest Futures Games.


PBR: What is your fondest memory or highlight from your 2012 baseball season (High School or Summer)? 

Archer: Throwing a no hitter during summer ball and playing for Team Missouri at the Futures Games.


PBR: What is your most memorable moment in baseball so far in your life?

Archer: I have so many great memories of baseball, it is very hard to narrow it down to just one. A couple of the to would be making it to the Cal Ripken World Series and winning the USSSA State tournament.

PBR: What are your thoughts on the implementation of BBCOR bats from both a hitting and pitching perspective?

Archer: I really like the new bats. As a hitter, if you square up the ball, there isn’t much difference. As a pitcher, it makes it harder for a batter to beat you when they have a poor at bat. It really allows the pitcher and hitter to both come with their best stuff and the best man wins.

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