9.13 KCMO Prospect ID: Player Analysis

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

On Saturday, September 13, Prep Baseball Report-Missouri held the KCMO Prospect ID at Rockhurst University.  Below are the scouting reports for all participants in all positions.  Many were evaluated in multiple positions.  The reports below indicate all positions.  Participants are listed in alphabetical order.

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Jordan Clarkin (Raymore-Peculiar, 2016)
Clarkin is a 5-foot-11 165-pound catcher/outfielder.  In the outfield, Clarkin has a positional velo of 85 MPH with an over-the-top release; clean hand-to-glove transfer, mostly accurate throws; has aggressive actions to the ball.  Behind the plate, Clarkin has pop times between 2.09 and 2.15; clean exchange; 77 MPH positional velo; mostly accurate throws.  At the plate, he showed a quick back and smooth load; good contact during batting practice; pull power; and athletic set up; 80 MPH exit velo. He ran a 7.56 60 and a 4.82 home-to-first.

River Croft (Belton, 2018)
Croft is a slender 5-foot-5 135-pound catcher/outfielder.  Behind the plate, Croft has pop times in the 2.56 to 2.88 range; long arm action; clean exchange.  In the outfield, he has a positional velo of 60 MPH; high ¾ release; somewhat accurate throws.  At the plate Croft has a balanced set up; uses a line drive approach; smooth load; 81 MPH exit velo; runs a 8.66 60 and 5.2 home-to-first. 

Michael Davis III (University  Academy, 2016)
Davis is an athletic 6-foot 170-pound SS/3B. Defesively, he has a 78 MPH positional velo, clean exchange, fluid footwork, mostly accurate throws.  At the plate, he has an exit velo of 84 MPH, gap-to-gap approach, quick bat speed; level bat path and smooth load..  He runs a 7.41 60 and a 4.75 home-to-first.

Aaron Easley (Liberty, 2016)
Easley is a strong 6-foot-1 205-pound catcher/firstbasebman.  Behind the plate, Easley has pop times between 2.28 and 2.44; positional velo of 68 MPH; clean exchange; accurate throws.  On the infield he has a clean exchange, 70 MPH positional velo, accurate throws; fluid footwork. At the plate, he posted a 79 exit velo, good contact during batting practice; level path with gap-to-gap approach. He ran a 7.72 60 and a 4.72 home-to-first.

Tony Maggio (St. James, 2019)
Maggio is a 5-foot-4 125-pound 3B/RHP.  On the infield, Maggio has 67 MPH positional velocity; quick exchange and release; fluid footwork,; mostly accurate throws.  On the mound, Maggio has a high ¾ release, ability to work both sides of plate; above average arm speed; throws with regular effort; fastball in the 65-67 range; cutter at 60-63 with 11-to-5 shape, change up at 60-61.  At the plate, Maggio  has 67 MPH exit velo; level path with line drive approach; big hand load.  He runs a 8.25 60 and 5.22 home-to-first.  Player to watch in the 2019 class.

Matthew Mefford (Platte County, 2015)
Mefford is a 5-foot-10 155-pound OF/2B.  In the outfield, Mefford posted a 79 MPH positional velocity; over-the-top release; somewhat accurate throws; plays through the ball, aggressive actions to the ball; clean hand-to-glove exchange.  On the infield, Mefford has 79 MPH positional velo, quick feet, clean exchange; accurate throws.  At the plate, Mefford has a simple, repeatable swing mechanics; line drive approach to both gaps; level bat path; smooth load; exit velo of 79 MPH.  He runs a 7.46 60 and a 4.53 home-to-first.

Spencer Prichard (Blue Springs South, 2016)
Prichard is a physical 6-foot 200-pound C/1B.  Prichard has pop times in the 1.96-2.12 range; accurate throws; clean exchange; quick release; 70 MPH positional velo.  At the plate; Prichard has a slightly open stance; uses all fields; pull power; smooth load; quick bat.  He runs a 7.72 60 and a 4.92 home-to-first.

John Pumphrey (Lee’s Summit, 2015)
Pumphrey is a 5-foot-9 165-pound RHP/3B.  On the mound Pumphrey showed a fastball at 73-76 MPH; throws for a strike; slight run; high ¾ release, stays inline, average arm speed; curveball at 56-68 MPH with 12-to-6 shape; cutter at 71-73 MPH; change at 65-68; slight sink.  On the infield, Pumphrey has a positional velo of 76 MPH; mostly accurate throws; clean exchange; fluid foot work; mostly accurate throws.  At the plate, Pumphrey has athletic set up; slightly open; hand load; pull approach; good bat speed; exit velo of 79 MPH; runs a 8.40 60 and 5.20 home-to-first.

Matt Russell (Staley, 2017)
Russell is a sturdy, projectable 6-foot-2 180-pound RHP.  Russell throws with regular effort; quick arm speed; slightly uphill in shoulders; fastball at 80-82 MPH with slight run; high ¾ release; curveball at 65-68 MPH; 12-to-5 shape; late break; slider at 68-70 MPH; fastball arm speed; 10-to-4 shape.  Player to watch in 2017 class.

John Shecut (Bishop Miege (KS), 2016)
Shecut is a 6-foot-170-pound OF/1B.  At 1B Schecut has a positional velocity of 72 MPH; accurate throws; clean exchange; fluid footwork.  In the Outfield he has a 72 MPH positional velo; mostly accurate throws; plays through the ball; over-the-top release;  At the plate, he has a minimal stride, loads hands; works inside ball; gap-to-gap approach; level bat path; 72 MPH exit velo; runs a 7.47 60 and 5.16 home-to-first.

Kellen Sojka (Blue Springs South, 2016)
Sojka is a lean 6-foot-1 160-pound left-handed hitting 2B/MIF. On the infield, Sojka has a positional velocity at 70 MPH; mostly accurate throws; high ¾ release; quick release.  At the plate, Sojka has an athletic set-up; 84 MPH exit velo; slight dive with front foot; line-drive approach to pull side; path is a bit uphill.  He runs a 7.59 60 and gets down the line in 4.66.  Sojka has improved times and velocities since last event.

Brian Taylor Jr (Raytown, 2015)
Taylor is an athletic 5-foot-9 168-pound SS. Taylor’s top velocity was 71 MPH; high ¾ release; accurate throws, clean exchange; fluid footwork.  At the plate, Taylor has simple, repeatable swing mechanics; athletic set-up; smooth load; minimal stride; pull approach; exit velocity of 78 MPH; 7.50 60 and home-to-first time of 4.75

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