Top Prospect Games II: TrackMan Pitching Data

Kyle Campbell
Maryland Scouting Director

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This year's Top Prospect Games II featured 30 players across the Old Line State, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Trackman was used to collect data on each players hitting and pitching throughout the event. TrackMan is used for player evaluation and development by all major league and minor league teams in the US and top NCAA D1 programs. The industry leading technology captures the most comprehensive and accurate ball tracking data during game-play and practice. Below is some of the pitching data recorded from the event across several categories. 

TRACKMAN Pitching Data

Spin Rate: Measures how fast the ball is spinning (reported in rotations per minute). 


When looking at fastball spin rates, coaches and scouts are looking for pitchers that are outside the norm. High spin rate fastball, typically, tend to ride on hitter, creating swing and miss, and playing at the top of the strike zone. Low spin rate guys, typically, are creating some sink on their fastball, or the appearance that the fastball is diving.

The pure spin rate does not tell the whole story on any one pitch. Coaches and scouts are also evaluating spin efficiency and spin direction. They also want to see some consistency, pitch-to-pitch, on the release point.

Average Fastball Spin Rates

- MLB = 2256 rpm
- College = 2148 rpm
- High School = 1977 rpm


Typically bigger spin can mean bigger break, but again on the breaking ball the spin efficiency can play a part. There are also studies that show the speed of the pitch can affect if the spin rate has a chance to take hold and create the break a pitcher is looking for. 

Average Curveball Spin Rates

- MLB = 2582 rpm
- College = 2340 rpm
- High School = 2069 rpm

To learn more about Trackman data and what it all means, click here.

Player Year R/L Peak FB Velo AVG FB Velo AVG FB Spin CB Velo Range AVG CB Spin
Tyler Miles 2021 RHP 87.8 mph 84.2 mph 2032 rpm 78-79 mph 1747 rpm
Alex Seidleck 2021 RHP 82.8 mph 81.8 mph 2228 rpm 72-74 mph 2051 rpm
Keon Burkholder 2021 RHP 83.2 mph 79.2 mph 2016 rpm 69-74 mph 2126 rpm
E.J. Lowry 2023 RHP 81.9 mph 80.5 mph 2143 rpm 70-71 mph 1753 rpm
Griffin Madden 2023 RHP 81.9 mph 80.2 mph 2030 rpm 70-72 mph 2281 rpm
Mitchell Hwang 2023 RHP 79.6 mph 78.5 mph 1989 rpm 63-65 mph 1933 rpm
Aidan Brinsfield 2023 RHP 78.7 mph 76.9 mph 2037 rpm 65-67 mph 2123 rpm
Ryan Jones 2024 RHP 77.3 mph 75.0 mph 1867 rpm 64-67 mph 1712 rpm
Ryan Maxwell 2023 RHP 76.6 mph 73.5 mph 1937 rpm 64-66 mph 1942 rpm
Dylan Bliven 2021 RHP 75.2 mph 73.9 mph 1810 rpm 64-65 mph 1991 rpm
Jack Peyser 2023 RHP 69.7 mph 67.6 mph 1854 rpm N/A N/A
Ryan Cochran 2021 LHP 67.6 mph 64.0 mph 1684 rpm N/A N/A