Top 10 Most Viewed Profiles of 2015: No. 3 Randy Bednar

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By Jerry Shank
Maryland Scouting Director

Over the next 10 days we are going to countdown the 2015 calendar year with a look at the top ten viewed profiles of 2015. After drilling down into our google analytics we have compiled a list of the ten most visited profiles by you the reader in 2015.

No. 3 Randy Bednar

Randy BednarAnother talent of the 2017 class, Bednar is an athletic specimen that quietly continues to impress throughout the year. From the outfield, he shows 6.7 speed and an electric arm from centerfield for the Landon School. Couple that with his power at the plate and line drive hitting ability from the right side and you have reason to like Bednar from the positional side. On the mound Bednar has shown growth this 2015, pitching up to 87 mph and a breaking ball with shape and potential this spring. This summer the lefty thrower has reportedly been closer to 90 mph.

Bednar was ranked No. 1 in the 2017 heading into the summer and has only moved to No. 2 with the emergence of Jeremy Arocho. Currently Bednar sits at No. 113 in the PBR overall ranks and is committed to the University of Maryland. He is another talented junior class member of the Old Line State and will be one to watch for the 2017 draft.

The video of Bednar is of him pitching in the IAC championship in May.

Top Ten Most Viewed Profiles of 2015

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