Spotlight: Uncommitted 2022 Tucker McDonogh

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Tucker McDonough

Class of 2022 / SS

Player Information

  • Graduating Class: 2022
  • Primary Position: SS
    Secondary Position: OF
  • High School: Severna Park
    State: MD
  • Summer Team: Maryland Monarchs
  • Height: 5-9
    Weight: 145lbs
  • Bat/Throw: S/R


INF Velo
Exit Velo
INF Velo
Exit Velo

Scouting Report


Preseason All-State Session III

Positional Profile: SS/OF
Body: 5’9”, 145 pounds. Athletic
Hit: RHH/LHH. Hits from a balanced, open stance from the left side. Quick load and small stride. Short to the ball with a level swing path and stays behind the ball well. Generates some lower half involvement and bat speed through the zone. Finishes swing with one hand. Hits from a balanced, slightly open stance from the right side. Medium-sized leg kick load with nice hand separation. Showed quick hands and bat speed though the zone from the right side swinging with more intent. Stronger lower half involvement, good extension through contact and a hard two-handed finish. Gap-to-gap line drive approach from both sides. 
Power: 85 mph exit velocity from the tee. More power present from the right side of the plate. Gap-to-gap pop with more developing. 
Arm: RH. INF - 72 mph. Throws with shorter arm action from a low three-quarter slot. 
Defense: Works through the ball fielding it out in front of his body. Moves well with quick footwork and showed good range. Clean exchanges, smooth double play feeds, and ability to change arm angles depending on the type of play.
Run: 4.21 home-to-first time.


MD Winter Update

Athletic body type and 5’9’’, 145 pound frame with room to grow and fill out. Switch hitter. Hits from a balanced, open stance with a wide base from the right side. Smooth back load creating nice hand separation. Short to the ball with a compact level swing. Showed quick hands and bat speed through the zone. Stays behind the ball well with strong lower half involvement and gets good extension past contact. Finishes swing strong with two hands. Starts with a more exaggerated open stance with same wide base from the left side. Swing is quick, compact, and level to the ball; fairly similar to the right side. Recorded an 81 mph exit velocity and showed a really nice middle of the field, gap-to-gap line drive approach from both sides with more power from the right side.


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