PBR MD Limited Series Scout Blog: Part 2

Kyle Campbell
Maryland Scouting Director

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We continue to wrap up our coverage of the PBR Maryland Limited Series fro last weekend at Mount St. Mary's with a look at all the notes our scouts compiled. Today's Scout Blog includes our notes on the following teams: Delmarva Aces 16U South, Rawlings A's Prospects MD Shin, and West Chester Dragons.


DelMarva Aces 16U South

Eugenio Ortiz INF Tallwood 2022
Athletic projectable frame. Sound actions in the field with good feet and athleticism. At the plate, shorter swing with extension through contact and long finish. Shows some potential at the plate with nice rhythm.

Sal Lettieri LHP/1B/OF Tallwood 2021
Athletic frame with some present strength. Shorter, sound arm action throwing from an almost over the top slot. Hides ball well on hitters. Get’s some lower half implementation through release and lands slightly closed. Finishes off to third base side. Shows some arm strength and whip through release. Fastball ranged from 76-78 mph. Breaking ball had 1/7 shape to the pitch that ranged 65-68 mph. Pitched showed gradual break and some depth with potential. At the plate Lettieri had an athletic setup, direct leg lift, and showed balance throughout. Uphill path to the swing with some present pull side power to the swing. Average contact rate, but when he is on time there is definite juice in the swing.

Julian Gonzalez OF Tallwood 2022
Athletic projectable frame with some length. Hits from a taller, slightly open set up with level bat and high hands. Short path at the plate with quick hands and uphill finish. Like the bat speed and athleticism. Shows some quick twitch and confident first step. Covers ground well in the outfield.

Kyle Sparks 1B/P/OF Kempsville 2023
Hits from a tall, narrow set up at the plate. Short load with small leg lift. Shorter path at the plate. Quick hands thru the zone, like to see them loosen up some more as has tendencies to get around baseball. Solid glove at first. Moves feet well with nice actions around the bag.

Frank Engel RHP/C/CIF Grafton 2022
Projectable, durable frame. Long out of separation to short arm action throwing from a high three quarter slot from the right side. Fastball ranged 78-81 mph touching 82 once and 83 mph. Breaking ball had 11/5 shape at 65 mph. Pitches with regular effort. More in the tank on right side. From the left side, shorter clean arm action throwing from a high three quarter. Average lower half implementation. Fastball was straight that ranged from 69-72 mph touching 73 mph. Breaking ball had 1/7 shape with gradual break and ranged 60-62 mph. 

Maison Nance INF Bayside 2023
Lanky projectable frame. Hits from a taller square set up. High hands and some rhythm. Level path at the plate with average bat speed. Shows some pull tendencies in swing, like to see free up more through contact. Load has tendency to get him off balance at times. Nice lateral quickness and footwork defensively. Lets the ball get deep on him on occasion, but shows good hands and clean exchange. Solid fielder with quick release from three quarter slot.

Trevor Selph C Ocean Lakes 2022
Athletic projectable frame. Hits from a slightly closed set up at the plate with hands at shoulder height. Quick load with leg lift that lands slightly open. Short path with barrel that stays in the zone. Average bat speed that should improve as he gets stronger. Like the foundation. Displays solid receiving skills and catch and throw tendencies behind the plate. Handled the pitchers well and showed above average blocking skills.

Ethan Blakeney OF/IF/RHP Bayside 2023
Athletic frame with some twitch. On the mound Blakeney was one of the stronger performers on the weekend. Athletic delivery with some pace. Moves down the mound with level hips and shoulders and lands slightly closed. Short three-quarter arm circle. Fastball sat 79-81 mph throughout and worked to both sides of the plate. Curveball had bigger 11/5 shape and tended to the glove side. At the plate it was consistent contact. Athletic setup with minimal hand load and in line toe tap to stride. Short direct path to the ball with a contact driven swing. Flashed doubles power and worked primarily gap to gap.



Jeremiah Harrington MIF DeMatha Catholic 2023
Athletic body type. Hits from a balanced, slightly open stance at the plate. Quiet leg kick load and stays short to the ball with a more level swing path. Showed some feel for the barrel squaring a few balls up for base hits this weekend. Gap-to-gap line drive type stick with some speed.

Ayden Gonzalez INF DeMatha Catholic 2023
Athletic frame. Hits from a tall, balanced, square stance at the plate. Quick load and short stride. Direct to the ball with a short, compact, level swing. Stays behind the ball well.

Cayden Curry CIF/RHP Kent Island 2023
Athletic frame with some projection. Hits from a taller, athletic, slightly open stance at the plate with hand rhythm. Short stride and stays balanced throughout the swing. Showed quick hands, and fast bat speed through the zone with a more level swing path. Gap-to-gap line drive approach with the ability to use the whole field fairly easily. Bat also showed some pop that projects more with added strength. Also worked some on the mound this weekend. Controlled wind-up and delivery. Creates quick arm speed through release throwing from a high three-quarter slot with light effort. Fastball sat 73-76 mph with slight cut action. Breaking ball was 63-65 mph and change-up sat 67-68 mph.

Christian Gamez SS/C/OF/RHP Calvert Hall 2023
Strong, athletic frame. Hits from a balanced, slightly open stance at the plate. Early toe-tap load with stride. Creates some hand separation in load and stays short to the ball with quick hands and bat speed through the zone. Really does a nice job of staying on the ball through contact. Showed strong lower half involvement in the swing helping to produce the power that was evident all weekend. Solid gap-to-gap line drive approach all weekend with the ability to drive the ball to the alleys for extra base-hits. Also came into pitch this weekend. Slightly up-tempo wind-up and leg kick to a compact balance position. Smooth stride down the mound throwing with long arm action from a high three-quarter slot with easy effort. Featured a fastball that sat 73-76 mph touching 78 mph, 11/5 breaking ball at 67-68 mph and 62-64 mph knuckleball.

Adrian Gonzalez 1B Chespeake-AA 2023
Strong, solid body type. Hits from a balanced, square stance at the plate with some rhythm. Quick load with hand separation, short stride and stays short to the ball with quick hands and bat speed through the zone. Compact swing with pop and gap-to-gap line drive approach. Squared up a couple balls over the course of the weekend working back up the middle primarily.

Ryan Lawrence OF/RHP St. Michaels 2023
Athletic frame with some projection. Came up with the game-winning hit in one of the team’s ball games this weekend. Hits from a balanced, square stance with a wide base. Small leg kick load and short stride. Compact swing with a more level path. Sat 75-77 mph touching 79 mph on the fastball and mixed in a 63-66 mph split-finger. Struggled to find control at times. Full arm circle and over the top delivery.

Diego Carrion MIF Atholton 2023
Athletic body type. Showed the ability to pick it in the infield with solid arm strength. Plays loose with active feet and quick, clean exchanges. Line drive approach at the plate, squared a couple balls up but overall not much to show for it.

Joel Ayers C/MIF DeMatha Catholic 2023
Athletic frame with some projection. Hits from a balanced, square stance from the left side of the plate. Short, quick load and small stride. Stays behind the ball well and whips the barrel through the zone. Swing showed a more level path with a tendency to get slightly uphill.

Darin Kuskie RHP/INF Damascus 2023
Athletic body type. Controlled side-step wind-up and high leg kick into a tall balance position. Clean hand separation throwing with long arm action from a high three-quarter slot with easy effort. Repeatable delivery working downhill and in-line with the plate. Gets over the front side some with a slightly upright finish. Fastball sat 75-79 mph and touched 80 mph. Breaking ball was 64-65 mph and change-up ranged 70-73 mph.

Sean Williams RHP Severna Park 2024
Projectable frame. Side-step wind-up and leg kick to a compact balance position. Smooth stride down the mound landing in-line with the plate. Throws with long, loose arm action from a high three-quarter slot. Fastball sat 76-80 mph and breaking ball was 66-68 mph.



Alex Kuehn SS/RHP Coatesville 2022
Long lanky frame with plenty of projection to it. Side-step delivery from the stretch with average leg kick. Down to out lower half with some intent to gain ground downhill. Athletic arm action throwing from a three-quarter slot. Creates quick arm speed while pitching with light effort. Ball comes out well out of hand that gets on hitters quickly. More in the tank as he progresses. Fastball ranged from 78-81 mph on the bump and breaking ball ranged from 64-66 mph.

Walker Holman OF/RHP West Chester East 2023
Athletic strong frame. Gets into lower half in stance, slightly closed off with double tap load to hitting position. Hands are high in stance and really hovers over the plate with some rhythm. Has a level path at the plate with some bat speed. Barrel gets ahead at times, showing some pull tendencies. Has ability to use whole field, can get steep to the ball when working other way.  There is some strength in the swing and shows potential at the plate. Short arm action on the bump, fastball ranged from 74-76 mph, topping out at 77 mph. Change up had sink to the pitch at 69 mph.

Nick Cugino 2B/RHP West Chester Henderson 2023
Projectable frame. Shorter arm action throwing from a high three quarter slot. Works down to out with lower half and gets average lower involvement. Fastball has some arm side run to the pitch at 74-76 mph. Hits from taller slightly open set up. Low leg lift that gets square in load to hitting position. Level path at the plate with average bat speed with the barrel

Skylar Smith OF Malvern Prep 2025
Projectable frame with advanced strength and athleticism for age. Hits from a taller set up with some rhythm in hands and load. Hands are direct to the baseball and show some extension through contact. Liked how they worked at the plate. Some bat speed is present already as well as hand strength with an ability to drive the ball. Got out of balance at times, but overall showed a good lower half. Very good foundation for this young talent in the 2025 class with a bright future.

Nate Wooters 1B/LHP Rustin 2022
Imposing frame at the plate with some present strength. Hits from a square set up with high hands and bat on shoulder. Level path with average bat speed, barrel stays in zone. Shows strength to the pull side, which can get him in trouble at times as he can pull off the ball some.