Maryland Most Viewed Profiles of 2020: 26-50

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2020 will forever be know as one of the most unique times of our lives. Yet with all the change, there was still baseball played and players from around the country making the most of a situation and taking every opportunity to get out and be seen.

We highlight the most viewed profiles of the year. Just like it sounds, this countdown consists of the most clicked profiles of the year from January 1 to the start of our countdown.

Maryland Most Viewed Profiles of 2020

We now take a look at those players who just missed outside the top 25 of our most viewed.

(click on each player to view their profile)

Matt Archibald
Jake Becker

Josh Braxton
Conner Breitenbach
Carson Brown
Lorenzo Carrier
Travis Garnett
James Gladden
Alex Greene
Aden Hill
Demetri Jamison

Mason Levin
Massimo Liuzzo
Kyle Matheny
Ethan McNally
James Michel
Joseph McMannis
Mason Morris
Josh Moylan
Todd Mozoki

Ripken Reese
Brock Rose
Brett Seils
Noah Tabaie
Isaac Upole