Maryland Mailbag: January 30th

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Director of Scouting
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Every week, PBR Maryland holds an interactive chat through Twitter with our followers. Our goal is to be accessible. This is your chance to take advantage of our expertise. Ask questions to Jerry Shank, Maryland Scouting Director, about the recruiting process, upcoming high school season, specific prospects, PBR events, or anything else that may be on your mind.

We would like to thank all who participated, we enjoy bringing you knowledge and expertise on players and programs in your area.

We will be answering questions on either Tuesday or Wednesday, stay tuned.

5 of the top questions from the Ask.FM Q&A Session on January 20th

As a right handed pitcher, how hard do you typically have to throw to get noticed as a junior?
--Its not all about velocity. There are other variables that play into it. How does the arm work? What body type? Is there room for growth? Does he have a frame to build into? These are questions that coaches have in their mind that play factors into recruitment of underclassmen. Velocity does play a bit of a factor, but even a young player that is throwing 88mph as a junior will be looked at with those questions in mind. They have to look inside a crystal ball every time they look at an underclassmen.

What 60 time should a high school junior outfielder have?

--I think a good starting point is anything 7.0 or below. Usually if you are higher than that, you need to be pretty offensive. There is still plenty of value for those who may not have the best top end speed and can change direction very well with good instincts. I have seen plenty of 7.0 60's play like a 6.7 because of their awareness and reaction time. I have also seen 6.6 runners play like they are over a 7.0.

Can a RHP with low velocity as a junior be noticed by college scouts?
--As we have stated before, it is more than just velocity with underclassmen. How the arm works, size, and frame are other attributes that coaches are looking at. Velocity does give an idea, but if some of these attributes are on your side, it can help.

Any side arm talent in MD?

--Right now the best side arm talent we know is already committed: Stephen Schoch going to App State. I am sure there are more side arm talents in the state we just haven't had the opportunity to identify them yet. Think you should be considered in this convo? Let us know and get out to one of our events:

How does a potential prospect know when a college coach is truly interested? Are questionnaires a good start to interest?
--Questionnaires are a good way to start. I would say that true interest is when coaches being contacting you via email or over the phone and begin to have conversations with the player. Recruiting is all about creating relationships between the coach and player. When that starts to happen you will know that there is some interest there from the coach and or program.

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