2021 Team Preview - South Beauregard High School

Alex Armand
Louisiana Scouting Director

High School: South Beauregard High School

Classification: LHSAA Class 3A (District 4)

Head Coach: Jeremy Deville

Team Strengths: Pitching and Defense

Team Weaknesses: Hitting (Power)


Top Returning Players

- 2021 LHP Rett Bowman (Louisiana College Commit)

- 2021 RHP/SS Britton Coleman

- 2021 C Charles Keith (Louisiana College Commit)

- 2021 OF Alec McCain


Players to Know (2022 Class)

-2022 Bryce Jensen


Players to Know (2023 Class)

-2023 INF/RHP Carter Caraway


Players to Know (2024 Class)

-2024 RHP Jace Duhon


Team Summary

The Golden Knights have had a successful run of postseason appearances over the last few years, with appearances in the state championship game in 2016, 2017, and 2019; and won the 2017 LHSAA Class 3A State Championship over district rival Iowa High School.  Pitching has lead the way for the program's success, as South Beauregard has previously produced highly touted prospects on the mound in RHP Nick Lee and LHP Logan Savoy.  The 2021 team will be lead by southpaw Rett Bowman.  The Louisiana College Commit sports a three pitch mix that he can command of FB, SL, CH, with his FB sitting 83-85 mph.  2021 Britton Coleman will also be a key piece in the Golden Knights rotation.  The RHP also sports a 3 pitch mix of FB, CUT, CH, with his FB sitting 83-84 mph.  Complementing their pitching will be a solid defense that will see Coleman playing SS.  2021 C Charles Keith (Louisiana College Commit) will handle the staff and 2021 Alec McCain provides the team with a leader in the OF.  Underclassmen, such as 2022 Bryce Jensen, 2023 Carter Caraway, and 2024 Jace Duhon, will also be key pieces of the puzzle for the team heading into 2021.  Although Coach Deville's squad won't necessarily put up eye-popping numbers in the power department, they will be very good and very well-coached at baserunning, bunting, and being relentless at the plate.  District 4-3A looks to be another strong district with the likes of Iowa, Jennings, St. Louis, Westlake, and South Beauregard all in the mix.  Behind solid starting pitching and defense, the Golden Knights could be making another trip to the LHSAA Class 3A State Tournament.