Inaugural Kansas Class of 2024 Rankings

Andy Urban
OK/MO/KS Executive Scouting Director

The PBR Kansas 2024 Class Rankings have been released after a baseball packed spring, summer, and fall for these young athletes. Through loaded events and talent rich tournaments at our new Creekside facility and Lakepoint where many KS teams traveled to compete, we were able to get our eyes on more prospects more times than ever before. We have trimmed down the list from well over 100 KS prospects we have seen to the top 75 for this initial rankings. We will aggressively adjust and expand this list as we get more looks and more data on the 2024 players in the state. Check out the complete 75 top prospect rankings HERE.  If you haven't checked out our rankings process, you can read more about it, here. Below is an in-depth look at the top 10 prospects in the initial rankings. 


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Top 10

Blake O'Brien OF / RHP / St. Thomas Aquinas, KS / 2024

The 5-foot-11, 160-pound two-way prospect shows the highest degree of current physical ability, skill set, and projection in the class. On the mound the right-hander works from 81-83 and touches 84, holding velo through many of the games we got to see him in this year, including the Jr. Future Games where he was dominant. O'Brian pairs his fastball is an above average curveball and changeup. Offensively, the right-handed hitters shows advanced barrel control with doubles pop (87 mph exit velo) produced by a short swing with rhythm throughout. Defensively, O'Brian is a skilled outfielder who takes clean routes with his 7.28 speed to the ball and makes throws with carry and accuracy at 86 mph. 

Cameron Carter OF / LHP / Olathe West, KS / 2024

The most projectable athlete in the class to this point, Carter stands at 6-foot-1, 165-pounds with quick-twitch athleticism in his long limbs and tons of room to add size and strength. Offensively, the left-handed hitter shows a rhythmic swing with lots of rhythm throughout before using an arm-bar load to leverage balls to all fields (84 mph exit velo). Carter puts pressure on the defensive every time the ball is in play with his elite 6.70 speed. Carter shows athleticism in the outfield along with a strong arm at 85 mph that he also shows off on the mound. The left-hander sits 80-81 with some arm side run and much more velo to come as he adds strength. 

Griffin Allen RHP / OF / Blue Valley North, KS / 2024

Another advanced two-way athlete, the 5-foot-9 150-pound pitcher/outfielder currently shines brightest on the mound. The right-hander repeats his delivery exceptionally well for his age, controlling his motion early and exploding late with effort. Allen has done nothing but dominate on the mound when we have seen him, including tossing multiple complete game shutouts at Creekside. An elite strike thrower with three pitches, Allen features a riding fastball at 80-84 to go along with an advanced curveball and changeup. Offensively, Allen produces more power than would be expected out of his frame, showing a clean and simple swing and exit velos up to 85 mph. Runs a 7.09 and shows a strong arm at 84 mph from the outfield.

Brooks Jones LHP / OF / Lawrence, KS / 2024

A physically impressive 6-foot-1, 185-pound and broad shouldered athlete, Jones could end up being the biggest arm in the class. Though we have only seen him offensively, multiple trusted sources tout Jones as one of the top arms in the Midwest. Already reportedly flashing mid-80s fastball velos Jones has an incredibly high celling. A prospect to follow.  

Blake Neis 3B / RHP / Mill Valley, KS / 2024

One of the strongest players in the class at 6-foot, 190-pounds, Neis is a presence in the batters box and a power threat using a short and simple swing with barrel strength (84 mph exit velo). Defensively, Neis moves well for his size and shows clean footwork and soft hands that should allow him to stick at third base for the foreseeable future. The right-hander also shows his arm strength on the mound posting mid-80s velo. 

Alec Kanakares C / RHP / St. Thomas Aquinas , KS / 2024

The top primary catcher in the class, Kanakares stands 5-foot-9, 160-pounds with quick-twitch athleticism. Already showing advanced low 2.05-2.12 showcase pop times with accuracy, Kanakares shows above average receiving and blocking as well. A rare runner behind the dish, Kanakares has posted a 6.78 60. Offensively, the right-handed hitter shows a quiet and simple swing with excellent extension through the ball after a moderate and controlled leg kick. 


Jack Jones 1B / 3B / SME, KS / 2024

Jones shows a physically advanced 6-foot-2, 190-pound frame with strength throughout and room to add more. The switch hitter shows pop from both sides of the dish. Though we have not got to see Jones much up close and personal this year, many reports tout the switch hitter as the most productive offensively player in the state.

Patrick White OF / LHP / Blue Valley Northwest, KS / 2024

A 6-foot, 170-pound left/left athlete with present strength and room to add more. In the box, the left-handed hitter shows rhythm in his hands before using a controlled reverse toe-tap load and launching his hands on a flat path to contact. Produces exit velos of 84 mph off the tee and shows doubles pop to both gaps in BP. The he shows best with the bat currently, White can also run his fastball into the upper 70s. White can also track balls in the outfielder showing off a 6.98 60 and a 78 mph arm from the outfield. 

Noah McCombs 3B / RHP / Olathe South, KS / 2024

Arguably one of the top power bat in the class currently, McCombs projects to continue to develop as a deep threat at 6-foot-2, 175-pound frame. A pretty right-handed swing the rhythm in his hands as he stands open. Uses excellent rhythm and timing with a controlled leg lift and efficient hand launch to produce impressive pop and lift for his age (89 mph exit velo). It is much to early to say which corner of the infield McCombs will end up playing, but he will be driving in runs either way. McCombs shows his feel for his big frame on the mound as well, throwing strikes and running his fastball up to 78 mph. 

Isaac Stanley LHP / OF / St. James Academy, KS / 2024

A still developing 5-foot-8, 135-pound frame, Stanley makes the top 10 with what he can already do on the mound from the left-side with so much growth potential. On the mound, Stanley shows a clean and repeatable delivery with a clean, loose, and fluid arm action with quickness coming through a 3/4-slot. Stanley produces fastball at 75-77 mph with heavy and consistent sink and run. Stanley also shows his athleticism  in the outfield with a 7.07 60. 

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