Unsigned Senior Showcase: Pitchers Analysis

By Blake Hibler

Scouting Director, PBR Indiana 

On Saturday, February 1st, PBR Indiana hosted the winter Unsigned Senior Showcase at Indiana Wesleyan University.  Thirteen pitchers in all threw at the event, with nine of those arms topping out at 80 mph or better. 

Garrett Phelps, RHP, Crawfordsville HS, 2014: Phelps is a 6-foot-1 220 pound righty that possesses a strong lower half and wide shoulders. Phelps threw what seemed to be two different bullpens. The first Phelps sat 84-85. The second pen started on what was supposed to be his last pitch which touched 89. Phelps looked more loose and showed good arm speed on his fastball throwing his next 4 pitches at 87 or better. Phelps best off-speed offering was a sharp breaking ball. While it was inconsistent he did show a couple plus breaking balls. Phelps is one of the hardest throwing unsigned seniors left on the board. 

Tyler Beck, RHP, SB St Joesphs HS, 2014: Beck recently committed to Purdue University. Beck is a 6-foot-1 185 pound, wide shouldered righty. Beck is fairly effortless in all actions and tops out at 86. Beck shows an advanced ability to pitch. All three pitches are on the verge of being good college pitches. Beck threw a late sweeping slider at 77mph that will consistently get hitters out. He also showcased a slighty above average change up with run topping out at 79mph. 

Colin Marsh, RHP, Heritage Christian HS, 2014: Marsh missed time last year with an injury but Marsh was able to show he is one of the top unsigned seniors in the state at the event. The senior topped out at 87 and sat 84-86. The 6-foot-1 175 pound righty showed above average arm speed and threw from a high ¾ slot. The righty showed effort in his delivery and landed open. The fastball heavy was heavy with run in the strike zone. Marsh’s best pitch was a sharp breaking ball that topped out at 72, at times it was a plus pitch. Marsh was able to consistently throw it for a strike. Marsh also showcased a 72-74 change up that he was able to keep down in the zone.  

Chandler Cardenas, RHP, Bishop Noll HS, 2014: Cardenas is a 6-foot-2 218 pound right handed pitcher. Cardenas throws from the stretch and possesses a high ¾ slot. The delivery shows some choppiness but the arm action is short with some quickness allowing Cardenas to top out at 84mph at the event. Cardenas breaking ball showed 11/5 action with a gradual break at 63-68mph. Cardenas also showed a changeup with some fade. Cardenas needs to maintain arm speed on off speed offerings.  

Andre Gard, RHP, U of D Jesuit HS (MI), 2014: Gard is a 5-foot-11 180 pound right handed pitcher. Gard throws from a ¾ arm slot with average arm speed topping out at 82. Gard pitches on one plane and lands closed and in line. Gard flashed a big sweeping breaking ball but was inconsistent. The breaking ball topped out at 72. Gard also showed arm side run on his 75mph change up. 

Braydan Luce, RHP, Avon HS, 2014: Luce is a 5-foot-11 175 pound lanky righty. Luce uses a quick arm action to top out at 82 with a heavy fastball.  The delivery has some corkiness in it and he predominantly throws from the stretch.  All pitches show late life. The breaking ball on occasion backs up on him and tops out at 68. Luce also showed a change up with arm side run and decent arm speed that topped out at 73. 

Martin Underwood, RHP, Greenwood HS, 2014: Underwood is a 5-foot-11 155 pound righty that projects more as a bullpen guy/hitter. Underwood throws over the top with average arm speed, topping out at 81. Mechanically, Underwood works with a high leg kick and an inconsistent posture. Underwood’s off speed was inconsistent but he did flash a power breaking ball and a change up with potential arm side run. The breaking ball topped at 68 while the change up was 73-75.

Tavis Rattray, RHP, Delta HS, 2014: Rattray is a lanky 6-foot-2 180 pound RHP with a quick arm. He throws from a high ¾ slot and shows a head snap within his delivery. The fastball was straight and topped out at 81mph. He threw a splitter at 67-69mph, that was inconsistent and also showed a slider with early break at 73. 

Cameron Pferrer, RHP,  Carmel HS, 2017: Pferrer is an interesting 2017 prospect. He is a 5-foot-9, 155 pound righty with a whippy arm action. The righty throws from a high ¾ slot with a long arm swing. The delivery still needs to be refined, but the freshman has a lot of upside and topped out at 80mph. Pferrer threw an 11/5 shaped slider with a gradual break that topped out at 66. Pferrer also showed an average changeup that topped out at 71mph. 

Scottie Clark, RHP, Elkhart Memorial, 2015: Clark is a lanky 6-foot-2, 180 pound RHP. Clark throws from a high ¾ with average arm speed. The delivery is slow with a slight inward turn. Clark showcased a fastball with slight run at 77-79mph. Clark also threw a change up and a curve ball that are still developing. The breaking ball was 71-73mph and the changeup was 65-69mph. 

Ethan Smith, RHP, Jefferson HS, 2014: Smith is a 6-foot 160 pound right handed pitcher with a high ¾ arm slot. Smith possesses average arm strength, topping out at 78. Mechanically Smith remains balanced, and works in a good line. Smith threw four pitches including two breaking balls. The slider top out at 70 and had more bite to it. While the curve back was an 11/5 shape with early break, topped out at 66. Smith also showcased a 64-66 change up. 

Caleb Keehner, RHP, Covenant Christian HS, 2014: Keehner is a 6-foot 160 pound lanky RHP. Keehner throws from a low ¾ slot, average arm speed, with a long arm action. Keehner shows rhythm and some balance in his delivery. Keehner’s best pitch is a 2 seem fastball that shows plus run. His fastball tops out at 78mph. Keehner also showed an average breaking ball at 63-66mph. Keehner’s fourth pitch was a change up with arm side run at 68-69mph. Keehner was consistently in the strike zone. 

Michael Sadowski, RHP, U of D Jesuit HS (MI), 2014: Sadowski is a lanky 6-foot-1 170 pound righty that topped out at 76mph. Sadowski throws from multiple arm slots. Sadowski was able to throw all pitches from both slots making him interesting.  Sadowski was more impressive from the side arm slot. The right was able to drop down and consistently throw strikes with multiple pitches. The breaking ball was 58-63mph while the slider was 73mph. He also showcased a developing change up that was 64-67mph. 

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