Many players shine at PBR Unsigned Senior event

The Prep Baseball Report’s Unsigned Senior Showcase on Jan. 16 featured an impressive list of prospects, many of whom elevated their status as players to pay close attention to in the coming months. From top to bottom, the overall talent at the Max-McCook Athletic & Exposition Center was strong. Especially the pitchers. Seven of the 16 pitchers at the event were 85-plus, while others were equally as impressive.

A look at the top performers at the event:

Jack Rogalla, RHP, Oak Park-River Forest HS: The 6-foot-1, 185-pound right-hander is one of the best-kept secrets in the state. We’re suspecting that after his performance he won’t be under the radar for much longer. As the top pitcher at the event, Rogalla showed little effort in delivering 85-87 mph fastballs with arm-side run, coupled with a 74-75 changeup with excellent fade. His 75 mph slider is a solid pitch as well. Rogalla showed that he should be one of the more coveted unsigned seniors in the state.

Steven Giannoni, C, Whitney Young HS: The 6-foot-2, 180-pound Giannoni showed that he is one of the best all-around catchers in the state. He displayed impressive top pop times of 1.91, 1.92 and 1.94 with throws on the bag, and solid arm strength (78 mph). Giannoni was also one of the top hitters at the event, demonstrating polished swing mechanics with power potential. Runs well for a catcher (7.39 60), too, and is a top-level student (31 ACT).

Pat Guinane, 3B/RHP, Glenbrook South HS: The 6-foot, 175-pound Guinane is a strong-bodied athlete who has all the tools to be a top-level third baseman. As the top defensive infielder at the event, Guinane demonstrated impressive arm strength (83 mph) across the infield, to go along with quick hands and feet. At the plate he showed a relaxed hitting approach with bat speed and power to all fields. On the mound, Guinane topped out at 85 mph along with a sharp-biting 78 mph slider.

Matt Lynch, RHP, St. Ignatius HS: The 6-foot-1, 175-pound right-hander opened eyes with an impressive bullpen session. With funk in his delivery, Lynch hides the ball exceptionally well, making his 86-88 mph fastball that much more difficult to pick up. He showed good hand acceleration, as his fastball had late life. He also demonstrated feel for a 77-78 mph slider and changeup.

Dylan Rheault, RHP, Glenbard South HS: Completely unknown heading into the event, the 6-foot-8, 210-pound right-hander made a big name for himself, not only because of his size, but because of his long and loose arm action. Rheault topped out at 86 mph, smooth and easy. He also showed a sharp, late-breaking 68-70 mph curveball and feel for a changeup. With added strength, no doubt Rheault will be throwing much harder in the future.

Jake Ingold, 3B, Chatham Glenwood HS: This powerfully built 5-foot-10, 200-pound third baseman can flat-out rake. Ingold was the event’s top hitter, as he showed a quick and explosive swing with a relaxed and balanced plate approach and power to all fields. Ingold was also strong at third base, where demonstrated good hands, decisive lateral movements and solid arm strength across the field. Ingold was a big reason why Glenwood finished runner-up in Class 3A last season.

Andrew Arenson, 1B, Naperville North HS: At 6-foot-6, 230 pounds, Arenson is an imposing specimen. Despite his size, he is incredibly agile and graceful in movement. Arenson ran an impressive 7.04 60, and showed excellent footwork and soft hands at first base. He is a top-level defensive first baseman. At the plate, he has power potential from the right side (he is a left-handed thrower).

Jeffrey Johnson, RHP, Warren Township HS: The athletically built 6-foot-2, 185-pound right-hander features a big 12-to-6 curveball (68-70 mph) and sat at 84-85 mph with his fastball. With his frame and arm speed, he should see a velocity spike, too.

Tyler Brown, OF/LHP, Joliet Township HS: A well-rounded player, Brown does everything on the field solidly.  The 5-foot-7, 140-pound Brown has an incredibly smooth, mechanically sound, balanced left-handed swing at the plate. He allows the ball to travel deep in the zone and drives the ball to all fields. Defensively, he has a solid arm (82 mph) with good carry on his throws. On the mound, he commands three pitches for strikes, including a 78-80 mph fastball and a plus changeup.

Sean Brennan, OF/RHP, St. Ignatius HS: Brennan is a long, athletically built 6-foot-3, 175-pound prospect with arm strength and considerable upside. In the outfield he moves fluidly and had good carry on his 85-mph throws. On the mound, Brennan featured a loose, whippy arm; he topped out at 83 mph with, it seems, a lot more in the tank. An excellent student (30 ACT), he also ran a 7.25 60.

Jeremy Wilson, RHP, Morton West HS: The 6-foot-1, 195-pound right-hander has been winning varsity games since his sophomore year. At the event, he showed exactly why: his 84-85 mph has life and late movement and his breaking ball has tight two-plane break. Wilson has a quick arm and good mound presence.

Robert Wendt, OF/RHP, St. Charles East HS: Wendt was the top defensive outfielder at the event, as he showed impressive arm strength (87 mph) with excellent carry, and he moved fluidly. On the mound, the 5-foot-9 right-hander topped out at 84 mph. Wendt also showed a balanced swing at the plate and ran a 7.17 60.

Tom Hooker, OF, Crystal Lake Central HS: The 6-foot, 170-pound left-handed hitting outfielder ran an event-best 6.96 60, and his athleticism also translated in the outfield. Hooker also demonstrated solid arm strength and has a balanced, line drive-producing swing at the plate.

Matthew Price, RHP, Penn HS (Indiana): The 6-foot-2, 185-pound right-hander has a quick arm and good feel for three pitches. His fastball topped at 85 mph, sitting at 83-84, while his 72-74 mph breaking ball was tight and sharp. He works downhill and located all his pitches.

Drew Kornak, RHP, Hinsdale Central HS: At 6-foot-5, 195 pounds, Kornak is an athletically built right-hander whose arm works free and easily. Kornak’s fastball topped out at 83 mph with, it seems, more in the tank. Kornak also showed a 70 mph changeup and a curveball.

Matt Risdon, C, Mundelein HS: Risdon is a top-level receiver, as he demonstrated extremely soft hands, an advanced blocking ability and good footwork. An accurate thrower, his 2.09 pop times were all on the bag. At the plate, Risdon has a quiet, mechanically sound and balanced line drive-producing swing.

Jeffrey Paulson, 1B, Plainfield North HS: The 5-foot-10, 165-pound first baseman can flat-out swing it from the right side. Paulson showed an advanced plate approach, as he hammered line drives to all fields. Relaxed and balanced, he demonstrated quick hands and allows the ball to travel deep in the zone. At first base, he has top-level hands and footwork around the base.

Kendall Paluch, RHP, Joliet Catholic Academy HS: The 5-foot-10, 165-pound right-hander really knows how to pitch. As a junior, he posted an 11-2 record for the Class 3A state champion Hilltoppers. At the event, he showed excellent feel and command of three pitches. His 68-69 mph curveball is tight with sharp two-plane break, while his 80-81 mph fastball and changeup had good movement.

Derek Schwab, LHP, Galesburg HS: The 6-foot-2, 185-p und left-hander showcased clean mechanics, easy arm action, and an 80-81 mph fastball with arm-side run. He also showed good feel for his changeup, which registered at 69-71 mph.

Zach Alleman, OF, Hinsdale Central HS: The 5-foot-11, 165-pound outfielder was one of the top overall athletes at the event. A standout player on the football team, Alleman ran a 7.03 60, and his athleticism also showed in the outfield, as he moved with fluidity and purpose. At the plate, he demonstrated a balanced swing with quick hands. Also a top-level student: 31 ACT.

Mike Phillipp, C, Lyons Township HS: The 5-foot-11, 170-pound catcher was one of the top hitters at the event. He showcased a quick, balanced and mechanically sound swing that produced line drives all over the field. An athletic catcher, Phillip ran a 7.19 60 and his top pop time was 2.06.

Mark Kasper, OF, De La Salle HS: A hard-nosed athlete, Kasper is a physically strong 5-foot-9, 185-pound outfielder who was also the football team’s standout running back. Kasper showed solid arm strength from the outfield (83 mph) with a good feel for the position. At the plate he demonstrated quick hands and the ability to drive the ball. Ran a 7.25 60.

Michael Pittman, OF, Springfield HS: This 6-foot, 205-pound outfielder is a strong-bodied athlete who showcased raw pull power potential from the right side. Pittman demonstrated an aggressive hitting approach and impressive bat speed. He also showed a solid arm from the outfield (81 mph) and he ran a 7.25 60.

Dawson Montfort, 1B, Harrisburg HS: Extremely strong and powerful, Montfort is a physically mature 6-foot-1, 225-pound right-handed hitting first baseman. Montfort has natural power, as he showed during the high school season when he hit 7 homers with 47 RBI. He also showed good feet around the bag with soft hands. Also a standout linebacker and fullback on the football team.

Andrew Godbold, OF/1B, Oak Park-River Forest HS: At 6-foot-3, 220 pounds, Godbold is a strong-bodied athlete who possesses natural power and considerable upside. He showed solid hands at the plate and moves with athletic purpose. Also a standout basketball player.

Jason Dombek, MIF/OF, Schaumburg HS: A versatile athlete, the 5-foot-9, 165-pound Dombek can play both middle infield positions and the outfield adeptly. A solid athlete with quick feet, Dombek ran a 7.18 60.

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