Unsigned Senior Showcase: Top Pitching Prospects

By Ryan Quigley
Illinois Scouting Director

The Prep Baseball Report’s final Unsigned Senior Showcase for the 2015 class took place on Sunday January 11th at the Max in McCook, IL. 91 prospects strutted their stuff in front of over 40 collegiate programs in attendance. Over the next several days the PBR Scouting staff will roll out position-by-position rankings of the event, culminating with the Top Ten Overall Prospects from the showcase.

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Yesterday we took a look at the Top Middle Infield Prospects . Today, we’ll take a look at the Top Pitching Prospects, the deepest pool of prospects talent wise at the event. Several prospects took considerable jumps velocity wise from the summer/fall, thus increasing their stock recruiting wise.

Normally, we’ll limit the rankings list for a position at 5-10 players, but 17 arms stood out at this event, one of the deepest Unsigned Senior Showcases we’ve had in recent memory.

South Elgin’s Ryan Weiss stood out more than any other arm thanks to his projectable frame, loose arm, easy delivery, and feel for three pitches. Weiss sat 80-84 back in August at the Unsigned Senior Games, where he ranked as the No. 9 overall prospect. Four short months later Weiss sat 85-86, touching 87 mph with minimal effort. Weiss’ command was the sharpest of any prospect at the event, throwing all three pitches for strikes, and commanding his fastball to both sides of the plate.

Edwardsville’s Tynan Zeller sat 78-81 mph in August at the Central Illinois Open. His lanky frame and short, loose, efficient arm action boded well for a future velocity jump, which landed him as the No. 8 Overall Prospect at the Event. Fast forward four months and like Weiss, Zellers arm speed has improved, with reports of him touching 87 mph. We saw 83-85 mph, but it was free and easy, with command of three pitches. The stuff, the projectable body, and the downhill angle on his fastball all make Zeller quite possibly the best unsigned left-hander in the state of Illinois.

Lake Forest’s Bryan Bund threw the best slider of the event, a sweeping 72-74 mph offering he consistently throws for strikes from a lower arm slot. Bund had previously shown 84-86 mph this winter, and his feel for three pitches impressed.

Belleville East’s Brady Schanuel showed the top fastball velocity of the event, touching 89 mph from a lanky 6-foot-3 frame, with more projection remaining. West Bend West’s Jacob Kopp also touched 89 mph, from a 6-foot-1, 230-pound burly frame. Kopp didn’t play travel baseball due to his high school season being in the summer, so he remains a potential power arm without much wear and tear.

Let’s take a look at the Top Pitching Prospects from this January’s Unsigned Senior Showcase.

Top Pitching Prospects

1. Ryan Weiss, RHP, South Elgin, 2015
Lanky frame, long limbs, long thin legs, 6-foot-4, 185-pound right-handed pitcher, highly projectable frame. Tall and fall delivery, athletic rhythm and balance, easy effort, closed landing, repeats well. Arm action is clean, long arm action, high ¾ slot. Fastball has slight run, controlled the zone well, 85-86 mph, touched 87 mph. Showed improved velocity from the fall (80-84 mph). Curveball has 11/5 plane, sharp action, landed for strikes, good control, 69-71 mph. Changeup has good sink, advanced control and feel for the pitch, 75-76 mph. Weiss showed excellent three pitch feel, high ceiling projects well at the next level, can pound the zone with multiple pitches and change speeds.

2. Tynan Zeller, LHP, Edwardsville, 2015
Very projectable left-handed pitcher, 6-foot-4, 195-pounds, young features, still has room to grow, solid athleticism. Tall and fall delivery, easy effort, good balance throughout, lands slightly closed, keeps everything in line and closed, high front side, athletic finish, can get more extension. Arm action is short, clean, high ¾ slot. Controls fastball at 83-85 mph, good action. Breaking ball has lateral action, sweeps on 2/8 plane, near fastball arm action, 69-71 mph. Changeup is firm at 77-78 mph. Showed feel of three pitches, Zeller is a highly projectable and coveted left-handed pitcher. He’s already seen velocity jumps since the fall and as his frame continues to fill out he could see even more in the future.

3. Jacob Kopp, RHP, West Bend West, 2015
Thick bodied, 6-foot-1, 230-pound right-handed pitcher with a solid lower half. Delivery works online, excellent balance, keeps head up and eyes level throughout; slight coil at top of balance point with slight open toed landing and athletic finish. Arm action is quick and loose, works with a short stroke and high ¾ slot. Fastball has slight tail in the zone, found the zone regularly good control, occasionally misses up and arm side, ranged 85-89 mph, showed the ability to maintain velocity from the stretch. Curveball worked on 11/5 plane, showed good short action, mostly 71 mph, touched 74, good control, well above average pitch, potential for power curveball. Excellent feel for changeup, sinking action, 76-81 mph, showed advanced control of the pitch, deceptive arm action. Kopp showed a well above average three pitch mix with feel for all three and the ability to consistently pound the zone. Has mature build but fresh arm, like his projection to throw harder as he gets more innings under his belt.

4. Brady Schanuel, RHP, Belleville East, 2015
Prototypical pitchers frame, long legs, long and thin, broad shouldered, can carry plenty of additional strength, excellent physical projectability, 6-foot-3, 185-pound right-handed pitcher. Delivery has some tall and fall tendencies, toe lift to balance position, lacks load over rubber, can get more out of lower half, open toe landing. Arm action is long and loose, slight wrist wrap, high ¾ slot, quick arm. Fastball showed slight running action, comes out of hand easily, sat 87-89 mph. Curveball had gradual 12/6 action, 70-72 mph. Changeup is mostly straight, showed feel of the zone, solid control, 77-80 mph.

5. Bryan Bund, LHP, Lake Forest, 2015
6-foot-3, 185-pound left-handed pitcher, average build, some length. Committed to Eastern Illinois shortly after the Unsigned Senior Showcase. Upright delivery, slight tilt and topple style, stretch only. Short loose arm action, high ¾ arm slot. Fastball showed slight run, worked at 82-84 mph, stayed around the zone. Breaking ball had sweeping action, 2/8 plane, showed excellent control, able to drop in for strikes. 72-74 mph. Changeup has cut action, fastball arm speed, 76-78 mph. Bund has good projection and stays around the zone with all three of his pitches. We’ve previously seen Bund up to 86 mph this winter.

6. Christian Kimble, 3B/RHP, Jersey, 2015
6-foot-2, 220-pound left-handed hitting two-way player, large body, thick build, mature, good athleticism. Left-handed hitter, slightly open stance, loads hands back and up into slot, slight leg lift stride. Bat speed present, strong pull side pop, strong swing. 89 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively at third base showed nimble feet to play the position, hands worked well, soft. Short arm action, high ¾ arm slot, accurate arm across the diamond, showed carry at 82 mph across. On the mound reached 87 mph, sat 85-86 mph. High ¾ arm slot, long arm action with slight wrap, drop and drive style pitcher, up tempo. Breaking ball had slurve type action, 11/5, 70-73 mph. Changeup showed some sink, good control, 79-82 mph.

7. Jonathan Keane, RHP/3B, Brookfield Central (WI), 2015
6-foot, 160-pound athletic right-handed hitting RHP/3B impressed as one of the top two-way talents at the Unsigned Senior Showcase. Hits from a balanced setup, hands load smoothly, high back elbow setup, short stride, quiet simple approach, average bat speed, sprays the ball from gap-to-gap, 86 mph exit velocity off the tee. Defensively, threw 78 mph across the diamond from loose, high ¾ slot with accuracy, average hands fielding. On the mound, fastball sat 82-84 mph from the windup from long, loose, high ¾ arm slot, high leg kick out of the windup, elevates front side, lands square in line with home plate, athletic finish. Slider sat 72-76 mph from windup for strikes, late breaking, 10/4 shape. 73-74 mph changeup flashed cutting action. Fastball drops to 80-83 from stretch, fails to load over the rubber as well as in windup, cuts down leg kick, tuck and go approach, slider also lost some power at 70-71 mph, athletic to make adjustments.

8.  Luke Thomka, RHP, Muskego, 2015
Barrel chested, strong build, thick lower half, wide shouldered, 6-foot, 200-pound right-handed pitcher. Drop and drive style delivery, slight pause on way down from balance point, can get more load out of lower half, works online with regular effort. Arm action is short and quick, high ¾ to over the top slot. Fastball is mostly straight, four seam action, occasional heavy feel, 84-86 mph, touched 87 mph. Curveball has 12/6 shape, hard downward action, 70-71 mph, showed feel for the pitch. Straight changeup, showed control, 80-81 mph, firm pitch. Thomka has a quick arm with some deception, developing his lower half into delivery could see added improvements.

9. Brady Anderson, RHP, Gillespie, 2015
5-foot-8, 170-pound stocky and athletic RHP impressed with solid three pitch mix and arm speed. Works from a long, high ¾ arm slot, drop-and-drive type delivery, loads over the rubber with lower half, some effort to delivery, stride direction is in line with home plate, lands slightly closed spinning off at times towards first base side. Fastball ranged from 83-85 mph, mostly at 85 for strikes with sink and late finish through the zone. 72-75 mph slider flashed swing and miss potential, late, lateral break, 10/4 plane. Also showed feel for a 75-78 mph changeup with fading action. Anderson could be a late inning weapon at the next level with aggressive delivery and feel for swing-miss secondary offerings.  

10.  Trevor Dallio, LHP, Lincoln-Way West, 2015
5-foot-11, 165-pound left-handed pitcher makes up for lack of high level velocity with ability to command three pitches from multiple arm angles. 80-81 mph fastball delivered from ¾ arm slot, high back elbow when hands break, good rhythm to hand bump, toe down at balance point, lands in line with home plate. Lands 64-65 mph breaking ball with 2/8 sweeping shape for strike. 69-71 mph changeup displayed fading action to arm side. Drops down sidearm by bending at waist, adds to deception and movement, but doesn’t lose much velocity. Fastball sat at 78 mph from lower slot, breaking ball stayed the same, with more lateral shape. Dallio could be extremely frustrating on left-handed hitters due to his breaking ball from multiple angles and feel for three pitches.

11. Chris Atwood, LHP, Oak Park-River Forest, 2015
Long-limbed, lanky frame, thinner build, has projectability in body, 6-foot-3, 185-pound left-handed pitcher. Delivery works slightly across body, deliberate mechanical finish. Arm action is loose, high ¾ slot, slight wrist wrap, works downhill, lacks conviction. Fastball flashed slight cut action, 80-81 mph. Curveball has 1/7 shape, 66-69 mph. Changeup also flashed cut action, 72-73 mph, slight decelerated arm action.

12. John Riordan, 3B/RHP, St. Laurence, 2015
5-foot-11, 180-pound right-handed hitting 3B/RHP was one of the top two-way talents at the Unsigned Senior Showcase. Riordan hits from an open setup, short stride, hands load smoothly, short, level bat path gets extension, fluid rhythm, line drives to right-center field during batting practice with 88 mph exit velocity off the tee. Defensively, threw 79 mph across the diamond from short, loose, high ¾ arm slot with accuracy and carry, soft hands fielding, fluid footwork, clean exchanges, ran a 7.5 60. On the mound, showed feel for three pitches, highlighted by an 81-83 mph fastball with arm side run and a late breaking 66-69 mph curveball with occasional 12/6 shape. Also flashed a 74-75 mph changeup with fade to his arm side. Repeats delivery well, short, high ¾ arm slot, regular effort, slight drop-and-drive, shoulders stay level throughout delivery, lands slightly closed at foot strike.

13. Carter Hayden, RHP, Alton, 2015
5-foot-10, 160-pound RHP sat 83-85 mph from long, loose, high ¾ arm slot, coils lower half over the rubber, stride direction stays in line towards home plate. Struggled to command fastball, plenty of life and run to his arm side. 68-70 mph knuckle curveball flashed sharp 11/5 shape, missed down consistently. 68-69 mph palm ball was located better from the stretch. Ran a 7.76 60, threw 84 mph from the outfield with carry, did not hit at the event.

14. John Hughes, RHP, Alton Marquette Catholic, 2015
6-foot-2, 205-pound right-handed pitcher, solid pitchers build, big hands and long fingers. Delivery is clean and easy, repeatable, tall and fall, works online with squared landing. Arm action works with a long draw, high ¾ arm slot. Fastball showed running action, occasional sink, 83-84 mph. Curveball has 11/5 shape, 65-69 mph. Changeup looked to be best secondary pitch, good feel, firm, 76-79 mph, sinking action, fastball arm speed. Hughes projects well and has an easy demeanor on the mound, solid pitchability.

15. Chris Robinson, RHP, Edwardsville, 2015
6-foot-2, 180-pound right-handed pitcher, athletic build, projectable frame, lean. Tall and fall delivery, regular effort, works with tempo in good direction, athletic finish. Arm action is loose, slight stab, quick arm, high ¾ slot. Fastball is mostly straight, four seam, showed control of the zone, sat 83-84 mph. Slider has 11/5 shape, slurvish feel, 65-68 mph, dropped in for strikes. Showed feel for a straight changeup, 75-77 mph. Robinson has good projection and feel for three pitches.

16. Danny Ahern, RHP, Glenbrook North, 2015
Lanky frame, 6-foot-2, 175-pound right-handed pitcher, projectable build. Works directionally, high front side, mechanical finish. Arm action is long, high ¾ slot. Fastball sat 82-84 mph, showed control, small tail. Showed two breaking balls, curveball sat 70-72 mph, controlled the pitch. Slider showed short quick action, lateral movement, better of the two breaking balls, 75-77 mph. Changeup had feel, 70-73 mph.

17. Michael Powers, RHP, Benet, 2015
6-foot-1, 170-pound lanky RHP sat 81-83 mph from a long, loose, high ¾ arm slot. Toe down at balance point, lower half stays in line with home plate, lands slightly closed at foot strike, shoulders stay level throughout delivery. 63-66 mph curveball had 10/4 shape, more lateral break. Changeup was best secondary offering at 72-74 mph displaying sinking action thrown for strikes. Powers pounded the lower half of the strike zone with his fastball, and showed a feel for three pitches.

Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Ethan Arrigo, SS/RHP, Bishop McNamara, 2015
5-foot-10, 165-pound right-handed hitting RHP/SS hits from a tall setup, leg kick stride straight up and down, hands load back, upper half gets rotational, doesn’t use legs in swing, up the middle approach, 83 mph exit velocity off the tee. Defensively, threw 77 mph across the diamond from long, high ¾ arm slot with some accuracy. Ran a 7.46 60. On the mound, fastball sat 76-78 mph from long, varied arm slot (high ¾ and dropping down to ¾), wraps throwing hand slightly behind back, shoulders close off at balance point, stay level in delivery, lands in line with home plate. Drops arm angle on 63-65 mph breaking ball with gradual break, backs up at times. 67-69 mph changeup shows sinking action, also thrown from a lower slot.

Armando Cornejo, RHP, Jones College Prep, 2015
5-foot-10, 152-pound RHP utilizes a side-arm delivery to deliver 73-76 mph fastballs. Regular effort, bends at the waist at balance point to achieve lower slot, arm swing is short, foot stays below knee at balance point, compact, stays in line with home plate with stride direction. Curveball and slider both delivered in the 65-66 mph range with sweeping action, not much differential between pitches. Also threw a 72-73 mph change.

Jason Cross, RHP, New Berlin, 2015
6-foot-2, 180-pound right-handed pitcher. Tall and fall delivery with effort, stretch only, can get more out of lower half. Arm plays from a high ¾ slot. Fastball is mostly straight, 78-80 mph, stayed around the zone. Changeup sinks at 70-72 mph, solid feel, showed the ability to throw for strikes. Cutter sat 71-73 mph, touched 74 mph, slight action.

Garret Davis, OF/LHP, Geneva, 2015
5-foot-11, 160-pound left-handed hitting OF/LHP hits from an open stance, hands start back, stay back in loading, short stride, short, level, compact path, up the middle approach, hit several line drives from gap-to-gap, one of the more impressive round of BP at the showcase, 79 mph exit velocity off the tee. Defensively, threw 77 mph from the outfield from long, loose, athletic, high ¾ arm action with carry, average hands fielding the baseball, plays through the baseball. Ran a 7.03 60, has run 6.88 at a past PBR event. On the mound fastball sits 74-76 mph from clean, high ¾ arm slot, simple, tall-and-fall repeatable delivery, toe down at balance point, could add to aggressiveness. 68-71 mph breaking ball showed gradual break, 71-72 mph changeup displayed cutting action.

Jack Donahue, 3B/RHP, Marshfield (WI), 2015
6-foot, 210-pound two-way player, strong build, solid lower half. Offensively hits from a tall setup, short stride, drops hands at load. Path works uphill, lifts with occasional pop, 77 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively showed arm strength across the diamond, high ¾ slot, regular arm action, 78 mph across diamond. On the mound arm action is similar, delivery is online. Fastball is mostly straight, 80-81 mph, touched 82 mph. Slider sat 68-72 mph, backup action. Changeup has good feel, straight change, showed good control, 70-73 mph, occasionally flashed sink.

Joshua Jones, RHP, Morgan Park, 2015
5-foot-10, 150-pound right-handed pitcher sat 72-75 mph with fastball from long, high ¾ arm slot, long takeaway once breaking high. Swings lower half open early, lands with toe open. Slows arm on 52-55 mph curveball. Also threw a 58-60 mph changeup.

Kevin Lochner, 3B/OF/RHP, Niles West, 2015
6-foot, 170-pound lanky left-handed hitting 3B/OF/RHP hits from an open setup, straight up and down leg kick, long, level bat path, 79 mph exit velocity off the tee. Defensively, threw 78 mph across the diamond from third base from short, high ¾ arm slot. Impressed more in the outfield from longer arm slot, 78 mph from outfield. Ran a 7.28 60. On the mound, fastball ranged from 74-80 mph from long, high ¾ arm slot, separates hands high, regular effort, also threw a 10/4 shaped breaking ball, lateral break, 64-68 mph range, 65-69 mph knuckle ball with some vertical drop.

Enrique Manzano, MIF/RHP, Solorio, 2015
5-foot-9, 175-pound left-handed hitting MIF/RHP hits from a balanced, crouch setup, long leg kick stride, hits off front foot at times, aggressive swing, above average 84 mph exit velocity. Defensively, impressed at shortstop with arm strength (79 mph across the diamond) with carry across the diamond from short, high ¾ arm slot. Shows average hands fielding the baseball, average foot speed/lateral quickness attacking the baseball. Ran a 7.39 60. On the mound, fastball sat 77-79 mph from long, loose, high ¾ arm slot. Threw strikes with all three pitches. 63-65 mph curveball has lateral shape and hangs at times, but lands for strikes. 70-71 mph split showed occasional hard downward action.

Murrell Martin, RHP/OF, Morgan Park, 2015
6-foot, 170-pound athletic built, fast-twitch RHP/OF ranked No. 259 in Illinois, hits from a balanced, athletic setup, short stride, above average bat speed, flat path, weak top hand in finish, 76 mph exit velocity. Defensively, impressed with plus arm strength and carry from the outfield, 92 mph from long, loose, high ¾ arm slot. On the mound, Martin’s arm strength from the outfield currently doesn’t transfer as he doesn’t incorporate lower half aggressiveness in his delivery. Fastball sat 79-82 mph from quick, loose, high ¾ slot, but it’s all arm. Lands closed at foot strike, shoulders work laterally, cuts off finish. Also showed a 68-70 mph curveball that was better from the stretch. 72-76 mph occasionally flashed plus sinking action. Martin is intriguing on the mound with a high ceiling if he can incorporate the aggressiveness of his crow hop throws into his pitching delivery.

Jake Morgan, LHP/1B, Lincoln-Way Central, 2015
6-foot-1, 200-pound left-handed two-way player. Offensively hits from a balanced stance, drops hands at load, short stride, path works uphill. 71 mph exit velocity from the tee, up the middle of the field approach. Defensively arm plays at 71 mph across the diamond, short arm action, ¾ slot. On the mound delivery has regular effort, high ¾ slot, short arm action. Showed control of fastball, 76-78 mph. Curveball has 1/7 shape, loose action, 68-69 mph. Changeup stayed arm side, 72-73 mph. Showed the ability to throw strikes with three pitches.

Alonso Ocon, OF/RHP, Solorio, 2015
5-foot-10, 145-pound right-handed hitting OF/RHP hit from an open setup, short stride, turns front toe to load lower half, gets foot down early, opposite field tendencies, contact orientated approach, 72 mph exit velocity. Threw 75 mph from the outfield from short, high ¾ arm slot. Ran a 7.45 60. On the mound, fastball sat 70-72 mph from same arm slot, easy effort in delivery, toe up at balance point, short stride. Gets on the side of 60-61 mph curveball, 66-67 mph changeup flashed sinking action.

Anthony Politano, RHP, Stagg, 2015
6-foot, 250-pound right-handed pitcher. Delivery shows some direction, open toed landing, can load lower half better, arm works from a high ¾ slot. Fastball sat 72-73 mph, touched 75 mph. Changeup had slight fading action, 66-68 mph. Curveball ranged 63-66 mph, some 12/6 action.

Owen Reith, RHP, Barrington, 2015
Lanky frame, 6-foot-4, 175-pound right-handed pitcher. Delivery works with a toe up to leg swing lower half, lands with open toe. Regular arm action, high ¾ arm slot. Fastball is mostly straight, sits 74-75 mph. Curveball has rolling action, 59-61 mph. Changeup has slight arm side action, 64-68 mph, decelerated arm action.

Lucas Robbins, RHP/1B, Manteno, 2015
Thick build with strength, 6-foot, 220-pound right-handed two-way player. On the mound delivery showed some effort, longer arm action, over the top slot. Fastball topped out at 82 mph, sat 78-81 mph. Curveball has 12/6 plane, gradual action, threw it for strikes, 63-64 mph. Changeup has slight sink, 70-73 mph. Offensively hits from a closed stance, short stride, slight leg kick. Muscular swing, pull side approach, longer path, lifts the baseball, occasional pull side pop. 75 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively used a long arm action across the diamond, 79 mph.

Ryne Sack, RHP, Indian Trail (WI), 2015
5-foot-10, 160-pound right-handed pitcher works from a short, high ¾ arm slot, tall-and-fall delivery, regular effort and rhythm, fails to load lower half over the rubber from the stretch. Fastball sat 76-77 mph with arm side run. 64-67 mph curveball flashed slurve shape, slows arm on 66-68 mph sinking changeup.

Jason Stricklin, RHP, Lincoln-Way Central, 2015
6-foot-3, 190-pound right-handed pitcher. Drop and drive style delivery, quick moving parts, hands move forward to separate. Arm action has some length, high ¾ slot. Fastball showed sinking action, 80-82 mph. Curveball has gradual action, occasionally backs up, 66-67 mph. Threw a straight change at 75-77 mph and a splitter ranging 72-77 mph.

Matt Trouten, RHP, Moline, 2015
5-foot-11, 190-pound right-handed pitcher. Works exclusively from the stretch, works online with squared landing. Arm action is short, high ¾ slot. Fastball sat 80-82 mph, topped out at 83 mph. Curveball has 11/5 shape, gradual action, showed the ability to land for strikes. Changeup has some sink, down in the zone, decelerated arm action, 69-72 mph.

Trever Turley, RHP, Sacred Heart-Griffin, 2015
5-foot-10, 185-pound RHP sat 74-76 mph touching 77 with his fastball from a high ¾ arm slot, foot stays under knee at balance point, turns back to home plate, shoulders closed, regular effort in delivery, utilizes a slide step from the stretch. 58-61 mph curveball flashed occasional 12/6 shape, also threw a sinking 64-68 mph changeup.

Brandon Viken, SS/OF/RHP, Seneca, 2015
5-foot-10, 160-pound right-handed hitting SS/RHP hits from a wide base, open setup, leg kick stride, uphill bat path, hits off back side, up the middle approach, 73 mph exit velocity off the tee. Defensively, impressed more in the outfield throwing 78 mph from a short, high ¾ arm slot with some accuracy. Threw 73 mph across the diamond from shortstop from the same arm slot, stays back on the baseball. Ran a 7.27 60. On the mound, fastball sat 73-75 mph, 62-65 mph curveball flashed occasional 12/6 shape thrown for strikes. Short leg lift/tuck over the rubber to balance point, also showed a fading 66-68 mph changeup.

Jackson Yundt, RHP, Arrowhead (WI), 2015
5-foot-11, 170-pound right-handed pitcher worked from 72-75 mph with his fastball, touching 77 mph from short, high ¾ arm slot, toe up at balance point, lower half stride direction in line with home plate, lands slightly closed at foot strike, spinning off. 62-65 mph curveball flashed 10/4 shape, changeup more of a two-seam fastball with sink thrown at 72-74 mph.

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