Peach State Games: Top Power Potential

Blake Davis
State Director, Georgia

Peach State Games coverage continues with the power bats. We had Prospects that showed strong power potential both in terms of present and future. Power is usually the last tool to come in a prospects career, and these guys all show enough strength, leverage and bat-speed to reach impact type power.  

Top Power Potential


Reid Fagerstrom RHP / 3B / Northgate , GA / 2020

This kids game is predicated on power, both on the mound and at the plate. He does it by using a high leg kick to load and generates good bat-speed through the zone. His power is to the pull side and when he is on time, he has the potential to make loud contact, as he sent some balls screaming into the gaps. He showed plenty of strength by posting an exit velocity of 91 at the Peach State Games. As Fagerstrom learns to let the ball get deep Fagerstrom could develop even more power and a better all fields approach. Love the way he swings the bat and its hard to teach intent and he has plenty of that.



Justin Robinson 1B / 3B / Arlington Christian, GA / 2019

Robinson is a big kid who has a really good idea at the plate.  He shows present pop to the pull side now and has feel for his zone. He showed the highest exit velocity at the Peach State Games with a 92 mph exit velocity. Robinson's power exists mostly at the bottom of the zone, and understands he has good leverage when he drops his bat-head, as he drove some balls down with big on-line carry to deep left-field. On balls down he really gets his lower half involved and that is where most of his strength is at this time. Would like to see him show a little more rhythm in his hands to help him get started earlier and punish balls that are elevated. He is a big kid, but could stand to get even stronger in his upper body. Those two things combined will go a long way to help in crushing mistakes left up




Cooper Doughman C / 1B / Troup County, GA / 2019

Doughman is another big kid who uses his pull side leverage well. He showed a good exit velocity at 90 mph and crushed some balls pull side during batting practice. He showed the ability to punish the baseball pull side. As Doughman lets the ball get deeper, he has a chance to develop more all fields power. One thing I would like to see, is him to start to getting stronger in his upper body. You have to be a strong man to launch balls up in the zone and Doughman is blessed with the frame to carry that kind of strength.





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