PBR Georgia Showdown @ LakePoint - 14U/15U Scout Notes

PBR Georgia Staff

The GA Showdown took place this past weekend, June 6th through the 9th. Nearly 90 teams from four age groups (14U-17U)  descended upon LakePoint Sporting Community in Cartersville, GA to compete. Today, we present to you the 14U/15U Scout Blog. The Scout Blog provides insider information and scouting notes from the PBR Scouting Staff during the tournament. Featured in the blog is information unsigned prospects, draft prospects and anything else that is notable. We provide a wide range of information, including player evaluations, velocities, pop times, home to first times and more. Simply put, the GA Showdown Scout Blog is loaded with information.


Alabama Wolf Pack

Deacon Samples, SS/RHP, Vinemont (AL), 2021
6-foot, 135 pound two-way prospect, projectable frame, room for continued physical development. Had a strong outing for the Wolfpack. Stayed on line with mechanics; loose frontside. Fastball sat 79-80,T82; more velocity to come in the future, curveball at 64-65. Also showed impressive feel at the plate.  

Brandon Poole, SS, North Jackson (AL), 2021
5-foot-10, 150 pounds with a strong lower half. Narrow stance with calm tempo with hands. Scap pinch on load. Gets hands extended and looks to drive the ball. Had good barrel control.  Low finish. Had a solid weekend at the plate. In the field, has good actions with a strong arm that was displayed on backhands in the hole.
BigStix Baseball 15U

Nolan Silver, RHP, Ola, 2022
6-foot-2, 145 pounds, an all around athlete. Has a frame that will add size and strength. Athletic arm with high pitchability. Repeatable mechanics. Quick twitch with consistent arm speed with all pitches. Fastball showed well sitting 81-83,T84;threw it with confidence up and down in the zone. 11/5 curveball showed to be an out pitch; threw it low and away to LHH. Sat 70-71.
Black Sox Baseball White

Logan James, RHP, Deshler (AL), 2022
Short thin right handed pitcher. Fastball sat high 70’s, touching 80. His curve added a change of pace at 66 with a spin rate around 1800rpm. Could locate both pitches.

Complete Game 15U

Cedric Cullars. OF/3B, Harlem, 2021
6-foot-2, 185-pound right-handed hitting outfielder and third baseman, physically stands out on the field, strong, athletic frame, room for continued physical development. Offensively, balanced, open setup, high hands load back smoothly, reverse toe tap into a long stride.Gap-to-gap type hitter, uses the whole field, developing consistent pull-side power, present bat speed. Hit a towering HR to LF on Sunday. Defensively, saw time in center field and third base, arm works well enough to stick on left-side of the infield. Follow power bat.

Diamond Academy Legends

Orlando Santiago-Martinez, C, Dalton, 2022
5-foot-9, 160-pound  right-handed hitting catcher, strong, athletic frame. Open setup, short load back, long stride, remains balanced through contact. Present bat speed, quick hands, line drive type hitter with emerging power, profiles as a future gap-to-gap type hitter.  
Trevor Headrick, 3B, Couhulla Creek, 2022
5-foot-7, 150-pound right-handed hitting third baseman, athletic frame, room for added growth and strength. Offensively, balanced setup, hands load back, toe-tap stride. Line drive type hitter who flashes the ability to drive the ball, with continued reps should add consistency and a gap-to-gap approach.

Wesley Shelton, SS, Calhoun, 2022
5-foot-11, 150-pound right-handed hitting middle infielder, projectable build. Balanced approach at the plate, starts with weight loaded back, barrel wraps on load, remains balanced. Offensively, hits out of the leadoff position, line drive type hitter with good barrel control.

Easley Baseball Club 15U - Foster

Seth Garner, RHP, Hardin County (MS), 2022
6-foot-1, 180-pound right-handed pitcher, strong frame. Arm action works long, hides on the back-side, over-the-top slot. Fastball played at 77-80 mph, showed heavy run early on. Changeup played at 67 mph, fade action early. Curveball, 12/6 shape, 71 mph. Stuff had late life early in the game.

Marcus Lee, OF, Central Hill (MS), 2022
5-foot-11, 160-pound athletically built outfielder with strength throughout frame. Offensively, quick twitch, wide setup, hands load back smoothly, little-to-no stride, stays balanced throughout. Hitting out of the three hole, stood out offensively, quick hand speed, present bat speed emerging gap-to-gap type hitter. Ran a 4.40 home to first on a groundout to shortstop.

Tyler Pearson, SS, DeSoto Central (MS), 2022
5-foot-9, 140-pound right-handed hitting shortstop, athletic build. Showcased a solid defensive skill set up the middle, soft hands, smooth footwork and exchanges. Offensively, takes an aggressive approach, went after the first good pitch he saw, swings it athletically.

Ryan Musselwhite, OF, DeSoto Central (MS), 2022
6-foot, 160-pound left-handed hitting outfielder, athletically-built, wide shoulders, projectable frame. Stood out offensively out of the four spot in the lineup. Swings the bat athletically with strength, produces hard contact, gap-to-gap approach.

East Cobb Prime 15U

Corey Barry, SS, East Paulding, 2022
5-foot-9, 140-pound, left-handed hitting middle infielder, projectable frame. Defensively stood out at shortstop, smooth actions, short arm action from multiple arm slots. Offensively, open narrow setup, hands load back, long stride. Present bat speed, showed a middle/pull approach.

Nick Walker, OF, Dutchtown. 2022
5-foot-8, 150-pound right-handed hitting outfielder, strength throughout frame. Balanced setup at the plate, high hands, leg kick timing-trigger, remains balanced. Gap-to-gap type hitter, made hard contact most of the time.

Devon Alleyne, OF, North Springs Charter, 2022
5-foot-9, 160-pound right-handed hitting outfielder, all around athlete. Stood out on the field for his overall athleticism. Moved well in the outfield, tracked baseballs, good range. Offensively, has the makings of a gap-to-gap type hitter with pull-side power, above average feel at the plate.

eXposure 15U Prime

Ollie Akens, RHP, McMinn County (TN), 2022
6-foot-1, 135-pound right-handed pitcher, long, lanky frame, athletic build. Impressed on the mound on Saturday night, long arm action to a ¾ slot, easy effort. Tall and fall, drives front side, works on-line, finishes crossing over, repeats well. Fastball worked 79-82 with late armside run. Curveball, 11/5 shape, depth, 70-73. Has feel around the mound and advanced pitchability for age.
Brody Swader, SS, Dade County (GA), 2022
6-foot, 150-pound left-handed hitting shortstop, projectable frame, athletic build. Hit in the leadoff position, athletic swing, advanced barrel control for age, generated hard line drive contact to all fields. Defensively, good range at short, arm worked athletically from multiple slots. Follow prospect.

Eli Varner, UTL, Anderson County (TN), 2022
6-foot-3, 186-pound, right-handed hitting utility player, projectable build, strength throughout. Offensively, hit in the two-hole, present power at the plate, drives the ball with ease. Follow bat.

Carson Yates, OF/C, Baylor (TN), 2022
6-foot-3, 205-pounds, right-handed hitting outfielder and catcher, strong, athletic build, projects well. Stood out offensively for present bat speed and consistent hard contact.

Georgia Scorpions 2022 Select - Phillips

Hayden Gross, OF, Sonoraville, 2022
5-foot-9, 155-pound left thrower/ right hitter has a lean build with projectable size, Wide balance stance at the plate and keeps his hands back allowing him to spray the ball to all fields. Stays through the zone with bat path.

Andon Lewis, 1B, Calhoun, 2022
6-foot-1, 193-pound right handed hitter with present strength, but has room to grow. Loose hands give him a smooth fluid swing. Line drive contact middle to pull side. Swing features a low finish, exit velocity sat 91-95 off the barrel.

Jonathan Vigoa, C/3B, Rome, 2022
5-foot-11, 160-pound athletic catcher with projected size and strength. Right hand hitter with tall stance. Sees the ball well, allows for good plate discipline. Quick strong hands give good barrel awareness. Swing sees line drive contact to middle of the field. Lots of power potential.

Cooper Yanzetich, MIF, Rockmart, 2022
6-foot, 160-pound lean right handed shortstop. Tight bat path that can get extended and drive the ball. Fluid athletic movements in the field backed by solid fielding fundamentals and quick transfers. Light on his feet in the field, has good range in all directions.


Knoxville Stars

Ethan Simpson, 1B, Alcoa (TN), 2022
6 foot 3 175 pound right handed hitter is still growing into his body. Open stance with high hand set. Rotational swing, with some strength at contact. Has pull side power, taking an inside pitch 337ft with an exit velocity of 90. Shows good athleticism and footwork around first base, with the ability to stretch.

Matthew Wrinkle, LHP, Halls (TN), 2021
5-foot-10 165-pound, left handed pitcher’s delivery features a big leg kick and overhead delivery. Has a fluid loose arm. Fastball sat 81-83 with changeup sitting 71 with fade. Fielded his position well with bunts, using similar throwing motion. 

Lawrenceburg Wildcats 15U

Luke Nichols, 3B, Wayne County (TN), 2022
6-foot-1, 180-pound right-handed hitting third baseman, lanky, projectable fame. Stood out offensively in the Lawrenceburg lineup, hitting out of the leadoff spot. A gap-to-gap type hitter, showed off developing pull-side power with a number of long balls to left field. Launched a solo HR with a 93 mph exit velocity, 27 degree launch angle.

Nelson Baseball School 15U

Tanner Hall, C, Harrison, 2022
6-foot, 170 pounds; muscular build. Showed advanced skills behind the plate for NBS. Impressed with his receiving skills; showed the ability to get under low pitch and bring it back up in the zone. Had a plus arm and good accuracy on his catch-and-throw. Young defensive backstop to watch.

QAB Baseball Academy

Logan Bogue, RHP/INF, Habersham Central, 2022
6-foot-2, 175 pounds; two-way prospect. Short arm action, good lower half mechanics, with an over the top release point. Same arm slot between FB and CB. FB sat 81-83, topping at 84. CB showed 12/6 depth ranging between 65 and 66. Well above average spin on CB at 2300rpm proving to be effective all weekend long. Showed good rhythm and displayed confidence along with the ability to throw both pitches for strikes in any count. Athletic frame with much more room to grow, making for an intriguing prospect down the road.

Tristan Nguyen, LHP/1B, Johnson, 2022
A matured 5-foot-10, 185 pounds. Full, circular arm motion. Action is clean throughout. Had some late life on FB, sitting 80-83. Paired FB with a 12/6 breaking ball at 68-70; good shape. Strong pitcher who has good stuff and control of all pitches. Big load in unison with lower half. Swing is quick. Hard to tell where impresses more at.  

Nick Sturm, INF/RHP, West Hall, 2022
6-foot-2, 180 pounds; strong. Showed very well for the second straight week. Hits with slight bend in knees. Gets in front with chest at times. Impressive barrel whip through the zone. Stays through the ball well. Has knack for finding the barrel. Strong actions in the infield.   
Sticks Baseball - Slayton

Grant Hodge, RHP/CIF, Little Rock Catholic (AR), 2022
6-foot-2, 195 pounds. Strong upper-half. Straight up-and-down with lead leg at the plate. Stays back on spin. Hip rotation stood out during AB’s; very active, allowing for plus power to the gaps. Has great bat speed. Really impressed on the mound; heavy fastball with run and sink showed at 83-85,T86. Showed an occasional CH at 72. The breaking ball was the pitch that stood out for Hodge. Looked to have two different shapes, as one was more of a traditional CB and another showed some sharper bite as it became slurvey; 67-68.
Colton Sims, 3B/OF/RHP, Russellville (AR), 2022
Arkansas commit. 6-foot-1, 155 pounds. Athletic, quick-twitch player. Upright stance with shoulder-width separation between legs. Good timing with front foot; comes towards pitcher. Has a very balanced, level swing. Good approach and battles with two strikes. Superior hitter from the left-side.

Jordan Kelly, 3B, North Little Rock (AR), 2022
5-foot-11, 150 pounds; skinny frame. Plays at a high level at third base. Shows smooth actions and reliable hands. Feet work well in short approach to ball. At the plate, has level plane with bat path; barrel flattens out early. Has an athletic swing that works freely.

Tripp Landers, OF, Clinton (AR), 2023
5-foot-9, 165 pounds. Young body that will surely add size and strength. Very advanced offensive set for his age. Steady tempo, multi-level load. Stays on time well. Does not get cheated at the plate. Has advanced hand speed and looked to drive the ball, pull-side. Looks to be a premier ‘23 in the state of Arkansas.

Team Elite - American

Cannon Whatley, SS/RHP, Colquitt, 2022
5-foot-10, 155-pound two-way prospect, saw time in the middle infield and on the mound. Athletically built, strong lower half, will add more size and strength. Offensively, takes a balanced approach, looks to make line drive contact up the middle, barrel works level through zone. On the mound showed an athletic delivery, ¾ slot. Fastball sat mostly 81 mph, dropped slot on curveball and changeup. 

Dawson Coe, 1B/LHP, Colquitt County, 2022
6-foot-1, 188-pound right-handed hitting, two-way prospect, physical prospect, strength throughout frame, still physically developing. Open setup, leg kick timing trigger, high hands drop on load, remains balanced. Gap-to-gap type hitter, drives the ball, made consistent hard contact all weekend, just tapping into the power of his frame.
Riley King, LHP, Gordon Lee, 2021
5-foot-10, 160-pound left-handed pitcher, athletic frame. Short arm action, hides the ball well on the back-side, high ¾ slot, easy effort. Fastball topped out at 81 mph, commanded around the zone. Tight slider, showed feel for the pitch. Good pitchability.

Titans Baseball 15U Blue

Trent Reddick, RHP, East Paulding, 2021
Currently ranked No. 87 in Georgia’s Class of 2021. 6-foot, 155-pound right-handed pitcher, highly athletic prospect. Am works clean and loose, shows on the back-side, quick arm speed, high ¾ slot, easy effort. Tall and fall delivery, smooth rhythm, works on-line, lands square finishes crossing over. Attacked with fastball, sat 85-87, touched 88 and 89 with, running action, dialed back at-times to 83-85. Slider, downer action, tight spin, 74 mph. High follow uncommitted arm. 
Aidan Moza, RHP, North Cobb Christian, 2021
6 foot 165 pound slim framed right handed pitcher that will continue to fill out. 3/4 arm slot. Mixed three pitches very well. Fastball sat 83-85 touches 87. Changeup lives around 75 with solid fade. Curveball is a sharp 12/6 around 70-72.

USA Prime

Ashton Odak, SS, Denmark, 2023
6-foot, 150-pound right-handed hitting shortstop, athletically built with a long, lanky frame. Playing up in age, held his own. Stood out for his overall game. Defensively, showed range up the middle, fields the position athletically, puts his body out there. Arm played loosely with more arm strength to come. Offensively, line drive type hitter with barrel control, uses the whole field.  

Watch List
Team Rawlings - Wiltz: Herdon Hunter, Jacob Gentry


43 Rays - 14U

Cooper Phillips, C, West Limestone (AL), 2023
5-foot-11, 180 pounds; thick, physical player. Calm, controlled stance with a presence. Simple load that picks up tempo as pitch comes in. Has raw power potential that will continue to develop with age. In the field, showed the ability to make the great play with a diving catch to his backhand. Strong hands at 3B with plus actions. Good instincts.

eXposure 14U Prime

Caleb Hampton, OF, Baylor (TN), 2023
5-foot-11, 170 pounds. Mature, strong frame. Showed strong forearms and upper body throughout the weekend. Hits from a slightly open stance. Medium-sized leg kick. Barrel stays flat on load. Possesses pull-side pop; drove fastball up in the zone to deep LF. A superior athlete who shows the potential to play all over the field.

Georgia Bombers (Reynolds)

Evan Ivester, SS/RHP, Athens Christian, 2023
6-foot-1, 160 pounds; long, athletic build. Plays both sides of the ball equally well. Loose limbed actions at shortstop. Gains ground with feet towards first, above average arm strength across the infield. Gap-to-gap power at the plate. Gets to power position; good timing. Drives ball well to all fields. Player to watch in the future at Athens Christian.

Jase Peoples, SS/C/RHP, Athens Christian, 2024
5-foot-10, 155 pounds. Very strong skill set for age. Has ability to play catcher and infield at a high level. Behind the plate, shows advanced blocking skills. Raw catch and throw that will continue to develop with more reps. Smooth actions in the infield. Reliable, confident defender. Swings the bat with good barrel control. Solid base and free swing.

SWA Storm

Ethan Robinson, RHP, Donelson Christian (TN), 2023
6-foot-3, 180 pounds; projectable frame. Elite-level arm in his class. Easy, loose arm. Gets good extension on his FB at 6’9” upon release. FB sat 87-90,T91 in the early innings. Had late life and a spin rate of 1690-1780rpm. Changeup had sink low in the zone at 71mph; extension of 7’3”. Flashed CB that is continuing to develop as his third pitch. Threw it at 70-71mph.

Watch List
43 Rays: Colin Patterson, Jake Parker
Georgia Bombers: Cannon Duncan, Jackson Abernathy, Ridley Ivester, Jaques Walker

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