Georgia Dugout Club Tournament Preview - Week 1

Phil Kerber
Georgia Scouting Director

The first weekend of the  annual Georgia Dugout Club Tournament comes to LakePoint Sports in Emerson, GA on Feb. 19th and 20th. The event brings together 32 schools from across the entire state of Georgia, many of whom are highly regarded for their historical success and present talent. Today, we will preview the eight pods, complete with schools, location, time, and prospects to watch.

The entire event will be livestreamed on PlaySight

Joe Lattanzi Division

Field 9 - Schedule
Date Time School
2/19 4:30 East Paulding vs North Cobb Christian
7:00 No. 3 Houston County vs No. 21 Walton
2/20 11:00 No. 3 Houston County vs North Cobb Christian
1:30 No. 3 Houston County vs East Paulding
4:00 North Cobb Christian vs No. 21 Walton
6:30 East Paulding vs No. 21 Walton
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C Jared Jones (Walton, 2022), C Mattheson Go (North Cobb Christian, 2023)
Outfielders: OF Michael Mullinax (North Cobb Christian, 2024), EJ Lewis (Houston County, 2021), OF/RHP Treyson Hughes (Houston County, 2021), OF/LHP Gage Harrelson (Houston County, 2022), OF Adam Haber (Walton, 2021), OF Jack Story (Walton, 2021), OF Dallas Deas (North Cobb Christian, 2021), OF/INF Dylan Lanier (East Paulding, 2021), OF Gustavo Melgar (North Cobb Christian, 2023)
Infielders: SS Kristian Campbell (Walton, 2021), 3B/OF Drew Burress (Houston County, 2023), 1B/RHP Andrew Dunford (Houston County, 2023), SS/RHP Trent Reddick (East Paulding, 2022), 3B Eli Pilger (Walton, 2021), 1B Barrett Eldridge (Walton, 2022)
Pitchers: RHP Coleman Willis (Houston County, 2021), RHP Brodie Chestnutt (Houston County, 2021), RHP Aiden Moza (North Cobb Christian, 2021), LHP/OF Evan Carter (Walton, 2022), RHP Blake Dean (North Cobb Christian, 2023), RHP Wesley Moore (North Cobb Christian, 2022), LHP Cole McDaniel (East Paulding, 2021), RHP Trent Ringer (Houston County, 2021), RHP Oliver Wood (Walton, 2021), RHP Tyler Camp (East Paulding, 2021), RHP/SS Rodrigo Rodriguez (North Cobb Christian, 2021)

Julian Mock Division

Field 10 - Schedule
Date Time School
2/19 4:30 No. 6 Blessed Trinity vs No. 2 North Paulding
  7:00 No. 5 Carrollton vs Locust Grove
2/20 11:00 Locust Grove
vs No. 2 North Paulding
  1:30 Locust Grove
vs No. 6 Blessed Trinity
  4:00 No. 2 North Paulding vs No. 5 Carrollton
  6:30 No. 6 Blessed Trinity
vs No. 5 Carrollton
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C Bear Madliak (Carrollton, 2021), C Grayson Taylor (North Paulding, 2022), C Hayden Grier (Blessed Trinity, 2021), C Isaiah Zepeda-Felix (Locust Grove, 2021)
Outfielders: OF/LHP Eli Runyan (Carrollton, 2021), OF Evan Bilson (Blessed Trinity, 2021), OF/RHP Chris Cole (North Paulding, 2021), OF Tucker Sullivan (Carrollton, 2021), OF Matt McCaffrey (Blessed Trinity, 2022), OF Justice Haynes (Blessed Trinity, 2023), OF Cooper Milford (Blessed Trinity, 2023)
Infielders: SS Parker Willis (Carrollton, 2021), SS Michael Mitchler (Blessed Trinity, 2021), 3B/RHP Logan Lynch (North Paulding, 2021), DH/1B Tysen Benford (North Paulding, 2022), 1B/OF Chael Sullivan (Carrollton, 2021), 1B/OF Max Puckett (Blessed Trinity, 2022), 2B Ben Hamacher (Blessed Trinity, 2022), 2B Matt Turner (Blessed Trinity, 2021), 1B Caleb Mitchell (Locust Grove, 2021)
Pitchers: RHP DJ Radtke (Blessed Trinity, 2021), RHP Samuel Simpson (Carrollton, 2021), RHP/SS Mitchell Heer (North Paulding, 2021), LHP Jake Hembree (North Paulding, 2023), RHP Jake Lankie (Blessed Trinity, 2023), RHP Connor Crisp (Locust Grove, 2023), RHP/INF Bransen Powell (Locust Grove, 2023) LHP Colton Cosper (Carrollton, 2021), LHP/1B Dylan Rhadans (North Paulding, 2021), RHP Charlie Siegel (North Paulding, 2022), RHP Joseph Chambers (Blessed Trinity, 2021), RHP Jack McDermott (Blessed Trinity, 2021), RHP Jackson Seng (Blessed Trinity, 2021), RHP Hunter Sanders (North Paulding, 2022), UTL Chaz Hickman (Carrollton, 2021), LHP Eli Crawford (Locust Grove, 2021), LHP/OF Tyrus Cobb (Locust Grove, 2022), RHP/INF Andrew Cedano (Locust Grove, 2023), RHP/INF Brendan Sargent (Locust Grove, 2021)

EE “Red” Whitsett Division

Field 11 - Schedule
Date Time School
2/19 4:30 No. 8 Allatoona vs St. Pius X
  7:00 Savannah Christian vs Redan
2/20 11:00 Savannah Christian
vs No. 8 Allatoona
  1:30 Savannah Christian
vs St. Pius X
  4:00 Redan vs No. 8 Allatoona
  6:30 Redan vs St. Pius X
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C Brett Blomquist (Allatoona, 2021), C/RHP Daegan Strickland (Savannah Christian, 2023), C/INF Adriel Martinez (Redan, 2023)
Outfielders: OF Jason Avila (Redan, 2022), OF Jack Herring (St. Pius X, 2021) OF Hayden Soley (Allatoona, 2021), OF Frankie Maloof (St. Pius X, 2021), OF/LHP Matt Navarro (St. Pius X, 2022), OF Braden Schuman (Savannah Chrisitan, 2021), OF/LHP Ely Brown (Savannah Christian, 2023), OF Justin Whitening (Redan, 2021), OF/LHP Terence Sales (Redan, 2021)
Infielders: 3B/RHP William Mosley (Allatoona, 2022), 1B/RHP TJ Witherspoon (Redan, 2022), SS Addrian McNeal SS/2B Taylor Shultz (Allatoona, 2022), SS Ben Crawley (Allatoona, 2021), 1B/C Aidan Jolley (Allatoona, 2022), MIF/OF Jackson McElvy (Allatoona, 2022), 1B/RHP Finn Shaw (St. Pius X, 2021), SS Devin Portee (St. Pius X, 2022), 1B/RHP Trevor Zimmerman (St. Pius X, 2022), 1B/RHP Cooper George (Savannah Christian, 2021). 3B/2B Niko Laing (Savannah Christian, 2021), INF/RHP Trent Lanier (Savannah Chrisitan, 2023), SS Eyon Everett (Redan, 2022), INF/RHP Derek Peoples (Redan, 2024)
Pitchers: RHP Logan McGuire (Allatoona, 2021), RHP/INF Will Tippett (St. Pius X, 2022) LHP Fisher Paulsen (Allatoona, 2021), LHP/1B Hunter Paulsen (Allatoona, 2021), RHP/OF/3B Ethan Sutton (Allatoona, 2023), RHP Riley Gaskins (Allatoona, 2022), RHP Landon Perkins (Allatoona, 2022), RHP Agyei Quinichett (St. Pius X, 2022), RHP/3B Tazwell Butler (St. Pius X, 2021), RHP/SS Joey White (Savannah Christian, 2021), RHP/INF D'Anthony Marks (Redan, 2022)

Jim Luck Division

Field 12 - Schedule
Date Time School
2/19 4:30 Kennesaw Mountain vs Sequoyah
  7:00 Union Grove vs West Hall
2/20 11:00 Union Grove
vs Kennesaw Mountain
  1:30 Union Grove
vs Sequoyah
  4:00 West Hall
vs Kennesaw Mountain
  6:30 West Hall
vs Sequoyah
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C Dominic Elam (Union Grove, 2022)
Outfielders: OF Will Fincher (Kennesaw Mountain, 2022), OF Ty Moores (Sequoyah, 2023), OF Kenskey Thomas (Sequoyah, 2022), OF/LHP Cam Suto (Union Grove, 2021)
Infielders: 1B/RHP CJ Whaley (Kennesaw Mountain, 2021), SS Eliud Poventud (Kennesaw Mountain, 2023), SS Owen Spruell (Union Grove, 2021), 3B/RHP Derek Kent (Union Grove, 2021), 3B/RHP KJ Clarington (Union Grove, 2023), INF/RHP Kyle Murphy (West Hall, 2021), 3B Nick Sturm (West Hall, 2022)
Pitchers: RHP Dylan Dietz (Kennesaw Mountain, 2022), LHP Ryder Moye (Sequoyah, 2022), LHP TJ Murphy (Sequoyah, 2021), RHP Braden Simms (West Hall, 2021), RHP/OF Carson Huber (Union Grove, 2021), RHP Ryan Hutchison (Union Grove, 2021)

Bud Theodocian Division

Field 13 - Schedule
Date Time School
2/19 4:30 No. 12 Pope vs Creekview
  7:00 Walnut Grove vs Whitewater
2/20 11:00 Walnut Grove vs Creekview
  1:30 Walnut Grove vs No. 12 Pope
  4:00 Creekview vs Whitewater
  6:30 No. 12 Pope vs Whitewater
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C Jackson Hvizdak (Pope, 2021), C/1B Connor Faulkner (Whitewater, 2021), C Chris Bruchanan (Whitewater, 2021), C Mason Hicks (Creekview, 2022), C/OF Grant Anderson (Creekview, 2021)
Outfielders: OF James Tibbs (Pope, 2021), OF/RHP Quinn Kerce (Pope, 2021), OF/LHP Dawson Campbell (Pope, 2022), OF Javon Compton (Whitewater, 2021)
Infielders: 3B/1B Coby Wilkerson (Walnut Grove, 2021), INF/RHP Riley Frost (Pope, 2021), INF Miguel Fernandez (Pope, 2021), INF Fabian Guillen (Pope, 2021), INF Matt Anthony (Pope, 2021), 1B/OF/LHP Cody McGill (Pope, 2022), INF/RHP Carson Kerce (Pope, 2023), INF/C Kent Schmidt (Pope, 2023), SS Braxton Brooks (Walnut Grove, 2023)
Pitchers: RHP Heath Clevenger (Creekview, 2021), LHP/1B Peyton Cariaco (Pope, 2021), RHP Jake Garner (Whitewater, 2021), RHP Jim Lauson Walls (Whitewater, 2021), LHP Ben Keating (Pope, 2021), RHP Jack Butler (Pope, 2022), LHP Noah Brown (Walnut Grove, 2021), RHP Owen Morgan (Walnut Grove, 2021), RHP Austen Millians (Whitewater, 2021)

Rob English Division

Field 14 - Schedule
Date Time School
2/19 4:30 Cambridge vs North Springs
  7:00 Fellowship Christian vs Banks County
2/20 11:00 Banks County
vs North Springs
  1:30 Banks County
vs Cambridge
  4:00 Fellowship Christian
vs North Springs
  6:30 Fellowship Christian
vs Cambridge
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C Daniel Jackson (North Springs, 2023), C/RHP Matson Grose (Fellowship Christian, 2021),
Outfielders: OF/LHP Buck Olson (North Springs, 2021), OF Mitch Cohen (North Springs, 2021), OF Ryan Grayson (North Springs, 2021), OF Garrett Hauenstein (Fellowship Christian, 2021), OF Cooper Davidson (Fellowship Christian, 2023)
Infielders: SS David Bishop (Fellowship Christian, 2021), SS Jayden Carbonell-Smith (Cambridge, 2021), 3B Jake Streeter (North Springs, 2022), 3B Alex Moelter (Cambridge, 2022), SS Ross Reynolds (North Springs, 2021), INF Simon Gersten (North Springs, 2021), SS/RHP Ty Burchett (Banks County, 2021), INF Jonathan Moon (Banks County, 2021), INF Carson Phillips (Fellowship Christian, 2021), INF/OF Luke Schmidt (Fellowship Christian, 2021), UTL Jack Rickheim (Fellowship Christian, 2023)
Pitchers: RHP Zach Harris (Cambridge, 2022), RHP/OF Tripp Williams (Banks County, 2022), RHP/OF Garrett Moody (Cambridge, 2023), RHP/1B Dylan Reid (North Springs, 2022), RHP Andrew Frank (North Springs, 2021), RHP Nolan Hill (Banks County, 2021)

John DeVore Division

Field 15 - Schedule
Date Time School
2/19 4:30 Dunwoody vs Harrison
  7:00 Newnan vs Woodward Academy
2/20 11:00 Harrison vs Dunwoody
  1:30 Harrison vs Newnan
  4:00 Woodward Academy vs Dunwoody
  6:30 Woodward Academy vs Newnan
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C Gabriel Hernandez (Dunwoody, 2021), C/RHP Mark Gallups (Woodward Academy, 2021)
Outfielders: OF Jett Lovett (Newnan, 2021), OF Tyler Neely (Woodward Academy, 2021), OF Elgin Bennett (Woodward Academy, 2022), OF Nicholas Allen (Woodward Academy, 2023), OF Preston Booth (Harrison, 2022), OF Connor Haynes (Dunwoody, 2022)
Infielders: SS Chandler Pollard (Woodard Academy, 2022), 3B/RHP Chasin Cash (Newnan, 2022), SS/3B Michael Maginnis (Newnan, 2021), SS Braxton Bullard (Harrison, 2021), 1B Davis LeDoyen (Dunwoody, 2021), SS Griffin Sorrow (Woodward Academy, 2023)
Pitchers: RHP/SS Bowen Mitchell (Harrison, 2021), RHP John Raines (Harrison, 2021), RHP Tate Strickland (Harrison, 2024), RHP/1B Reece Rosen (Dunwoody, 2021), RHP/3B Banks Snellings (Woodward Academy, 2021)

Harry Lloyd Division

Field 16 - Schedule
Date Time School
2/19 4:30 Sprayberry vs Chattahoochee
  7:00 Troup vs Campbell
2/20 11:00 Troup vs Sprayberry
  1:30 Troup vs Chattahoochee
  4:00 Campbell vs Sprayberry
  6:30 Campbell vs Chattahoochee
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C Scott Mudler (Chattahoochee, 2021), C Colton Webb (Troup, 2021)
Outfielders: OF Austin Wright (Sprayberry, 2021)
Infielders: SS/RHP Michael Braswell (Campbell, 2021), 1B/RHP Alex Karst (Campbell, 2023), INF Garrett DeHart (Campbell, 2022), INF/RHP Michael Herrmann (Campbell, 2021), SS KK Towe (Sprayberry, 2022), 3B Reed Morris (Troup, 2023), SS Devon Murphy (Troup, 2023)
Pitchers: LHP Andrew Herrmann (Campbell, 2021), LHP/1B Ryan Gold (Campbell, 2023), RHP/C Ryan Cross (Sprayberry, 2021)

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