Florida Insider: More Position Players From Chet Lemons Juice Winter Camp

By Rob Sidwell
Florida Scouting Director

Chet Lemons Juice winter camp was not only full of young middle infielders but also showed some talent in other positions. There were also several young two way talents. The following notes were from the rest of the 2016 class:

+ 3B/RHP Garret Milchin (West Orange HS, 2016) is a 6-foot-4, 175 pound third baseman and pitcher with a young tall loose lean athletic very projectable body. Has loose actions at third base with soft hands and the quick first step needed for that position. Shows plenty of arm strength and the ability to throw from different slots. Loose quick bat with a very good path. Stays inside ball well. Has wiry strength and leverage. Can drive ball to both gaps. Has power now with big power to come when that young body fills out. Ran a 7.1, 60 yard dash. Will be a 2016 draft.

Milchin is also a prospect on the mound. Has a high 3/4 slot with good downward tilt to the fastball and occasional sink. Has a loose easy working arm with a lot of upside. Delivery is in line. Takes ball out in line and lands in line with good extension out front. Fastball is 86-89 and occasionally touches 90. The curveball is 75-77 with 3/4 tilt and good depth. Very good rotation. Has feel for changeup at 81-82 mph. Commands the fastball now and throws secondary stuff for strikes. Stuff will improve with physical maturity. Very high ceiling. This kid will be a Major League prospect as a right handed pitcher and as a third baseman. Son of Mike Milchin, former major league pitcher. 

+ 3B Rigby Paxton  (Lake Brantley HS, 2016) is a 6-foot-3, 180 pound third baseman with a tall lean athletic projectable body and strong lower half. Decent actions at third base with enough arm. Good left handed swing with some power now and more power to come. Has looseness and quickness in his hands with a good path. Stays inside ball and keeps barrel in the zone. Corner bat. Good student. Son of Brad Rigby, former ML pitcher.

+ 1B Bernard Gilot (Apopka HS, 2016) is a 6-foot-1, 230 pound first baseman with a big thick wide strong body. Moves around bag well for big guy but limited to first base. Has good bat strength and bat speed for young guy. Shows average to above average major league power now. Shows power to both gaps with a good path and good approach. Stays inside ball with good hand eye. Is a home schooled kid.

+ 3B/RHP Jordan Morrow  (Olympia HS, 2016) is a 6-foot-2, 175 pound third baseman with a tall loose lean projectable body. Loose actions in infield with good hands and enough arm for third base. Loose bat with quickness in hands and good path. Stays inside ball with gap to gap approach. Can drive ball when he gets extended. Some power now with a lot more to come. Ran a 6.9, 60 yard dash. Very projectable kid with a high ceiling.

On the mound he had a loose easy working arm. Good rhythm in delivery. Fastball was 79-81 mph with late life and deception. Did not throw breaking ball but had feel for changeup. Very projectable arm. More velocity to come.

+ LHP/OF Andrew Baker  (Ridge Community HS, 2016) is a 5-foot-11, 175 pound lefty with a strong athletic body and strong lower half with a wide back. Similar to Tom Gordon. A very athletic two-way talent. Athletic actions in outfield with good instincts. Aggressive routes. Charges balls hard. Good closing speed in the gaps. Plus major league arm strength. Has a short quick stroke with good bat speed and strength. Average major league power now. Ran a 6.8, 60 yard dash.

On the mound he has a very quick arm at a 3/4 slot. Has a drop and drive delivery and lands across his body. Fastball was 86-89 mph with run and reportedly has been up to 92. Slider was 78-79 mph and has 3/4 tilt with depth. A solid average to above average major league pitch. Has feel for the changeup at 81-82 mph. Will be a 2016 draft.

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