Colorado Preseason All-State: Pitcher Analysis

Mike Anderson
Colorado Scouting Director

The PBR Colorado Preseason All-State took place on March 8th at Double Angel Ballpark. Nearly 50 prospects were in attendance, many of whom still remain uncommitted. 

Over the last week, we have released reports on all of the position players. Today, we conclude our position-by-position break down by taking a look at the pitchers in attendance. 

Be sure to stay tuned later this week by the Top Overall Prospects from the event. 

Sorted Alphabetically.

Finley Bates SS / 3B / Douglas County, CO / 2023

5’8”  145 Comfortable with attacking style.  Side Step into pivot. High leg kick with coil.  Tall to fall delivery with strong drive from backside. Creates good torso rotation with glove side leverage.  High ¾ release with max effort. Arc is short with full clean follow through. Quick arm. FB 78-80 consistent strikes with some ASR.  CB 67-69 demonstrated SL 2 plane movement and in strike zone. No Change in arm speed CH 71 Threw Strikes, Change Speeds, Great Tempo...Confident.  Would consider Finley a Top Prospect in the 2023 Class.   Past Jr Future Games participant.

Patrick Boland RHP / 1B / Mountain Vista, CO / 2022

6’3”  195 Middle of the rubber squared up stance. Extended side step to pivot.  High leg kick to drop/drive delivery. Deliberate movements. Stride is in line with open toe.  Short arc to backside, high ¾ release. Great focus to zone, consistent rhythm. FB 78 Improvements to the zone!   CB 59 Can benefit with quicker arm speed CH 69. Great enthusiasm for game. Patrick is still refining his skill sets. Demonstrated gradual improvements. 

Mitch Haythorn RHP / 1B / Eaton , CO / 2024

5’10’ 170   Small rocker step to side transitions to pivot.  Right side of the rubber. Very high balanced leg lift.  Hands go over head and back to high position. Tall to Fall delivery with a slight lean.  Stride is in line. Long quick arc on backside, clears head to a high ¾ release. Uses glove side leverage well.  Has slight retraction on front foot landing. FB 75-77 located with some run SL 65 Great feel and location. 2 planes  CH 69 excellent feel and arm speed     A nice surprise from Mitch as a confident and comfortable 2024.  SL has ++potential. Very Projectable. Top 2024 Follow.

Zachary Horwith RHP / SS / Douglas County, CO / 2021

6’0”  165 Starts in middle of rubber, big side step with adjustment of pivot to right side or mound.   Consistent. Leg lift with coil to dip/drive delivery. Some retraction of lower half Slightly closed, toe open.  Hands over head, backside arc is long and extended. High ¾ release. Very good glove side leverage creates a good torso rotation.  Rotation and follow through to 1B side. Aggressive delivery. FB 82-85 Minimal movement for strikes SL/CB 73 Very good feel with 2 plane downward break.  CH 70 Good arm speed and feel Great tempo and attack. Can refine and with potential to grow. 

Hunter Gotschall OF / RHP / Calhan , CO / 2023

5’10” 165 Middle of the mound, Side step to pivot. High leg lift with a coil and hands high. Leg kick and drop drive momentum to plate. Stride foot is slightly closed with an open toe. Arm has medium arc, very high ¾ release. Good side leverage and pull is average. Max effort and attack Demonstrates strong arm. FB 82-83 Good movement and in the zone. CB 64-66  Very good feel for pitch. Had 12/6 action. CH 72 Attacking arm speed  Hunter is one of the top 2023 talents in the 2023 Class.  High Ceiling with raw talent to develop.

Tommy Marsh 3B / RHP / Cherry Creek, CO / 2023

6’0”  180 Strong lower half build.  Wide base in the middle of the rubber, side step to pivot shifts to right side.  Hands are high, Long arc. Leg lift to high balanced position. Up/Down/extend front leg to delivery.  Stride foot in line toe open. Good front side leverage. FB 80-82 Straight and for strikes. SL/CB 68  More O/T than FB, good rotation with great potential CH 74 Good attacking arm speed Has a chance as he refines and grows to be a power arm with power off speed. Strength is evident. Top 2023 Follow. 

Ethan McCormick SS / RHP / Riverdale Ridge , CO / 2022

5-7, 150 lbs, Developing 2022.  Consistent Step and Pivot into balanced Lift. High Knee and slight coil.  Up Down Extend pattern with open front foot on landing. High ¾ release point with regular effort.  Rotation of torso and glove side leverage can improve. Stays in lane through delivery. FB 71-74 ¾ delivery  produced limited FB movement. CB 60-61 Stayed down in zone CH 65 Good consistent arm speed. Delivery stayed consistent in stretch. 

Dylan Pyle RHP / 1B / Boulder, CO / 2021

6’1 195   Threw from the stretch. Gets to balanced position with slight coil in lift.  Drop and drive delivery. Stride is in line with an open toe.  Has push through momentum with into stride. Clears head. High ¾ release.  Max effort. Creates good torso rotation with glove side leverage. FB 82-83 showed minimal movement, good in the zone  CB 74 Good downward action, more O/T release. CH 78 Well done, good arm speed and attacking. Dylan has strong lower half. Arm works.  Can see potential to make Velo jump as he refines and develops more.

Maxwell Randis RHP / 1B / Lewis-Palmer, CO / 2022

5’10”  165 Slight front step to get to pivot.  Leg lift with coil. Dip to drive delivery to a slightly closed stride.  Clean arc to a high ¾ release. Average effort and minimal glove sider leverage and torso rotation. Tendency to pull to 1B side.   FB 76-77 Great job in the zone, strike thrower. FB had some run. CB 61-62 Gradual break, in zone, good arm speed CH 60 Slows arm. Pounded the zone, displayed good tempo.

Spencer Rathbun RHP / 3B / Rock Canyon, CO / 2024

6’1”  185 Threw from the stretch.  Leg lift to balanced position with slight twist.  Tall to all delivery. Long extended arc on backside.  Good side leverage and pull is minimal. Arm has clean and extended follow through, body falls to 1B side.  FB 70-72 mostly straight CB 58 had a gradual break CH slows arm speed. Spencer is a long levered 2024 refining and developing daily.  His body and athleticism would dictate a follow. Good Ceiling.

JT Shank 1B / 3B / Rock Canyon, CO / 2023

5’10”  165 Middle of mound, Side step to pivot, good rhythm to lift, slight coil.  Tall to Fall with good extension. Easy effort. Open toe to land. In good power position, uses glove side leverage and creates good torso rotation.  Clean and full follow through with arm. Some retraction during delivery. FB 77-78, In zone with some run. CB 66 More O/T release, has SL qualities. Maintained mechanics and velocity while in stretch. Great tempo and in the zone consistently. Top Prospect at LHH. Great potential on the mound as well.  

Izaak Siefken RHP / SS / Holy Family, CO / 2021

6’0” 175  Small side step transitions to minimal pivot.  High balanced leg lift with great coil, slight kick out to delivery.  Quick backside arc to high ¾ release with good follow through. Has some push through momentum with lead leg to slight retraction.  Good glove side leverage creates good torso rotation. FB 88-89 Attacking effort with ASR. SL  76 Confident in pitch, 2 plane pitch with good downward movement.  CB 72 OT release with good 11/6 break. CH 81 Good feel. In Zone with 4 Pitches

Izaak’s performance in the Preseason All-State event firmly positions him as one of the Top Prospects in Colorado 2021 Class.  Wide shouldered and strong build, he has high ceiling. He created a repeatable delivery with great tempo and rhythm.

Max Stanley RHP / 1B / Legend, CO / 2023

5’10”  165 Confident movements and refined.  Side step transitions to pivot. High balanced leg lift with controlled coil.  Toe down. Strong athletic position. Kick out stride to delivery with open toe landing.  Demonstrates push throw momentum with lead leg. Long arc, but quick arm and extended lead follow through.  High ¾ release. Glove side creates very good torso rotation. FB 82-83 Avg movement and in the zone. CB 67  Good late break and feel for strike zone. CH 72 Great feel of pitch and arm speed was good. Great Tempo High Ceiling. Would consider Max a Top Follow in the Colorado 2023 Class.

Max Weiser RHP / SS / George Washington/Denver Academy of Torah, CO / 2021

6’3” 190   Big Body Potential.  Starts in middle rubber, Side step to pivot. Controlled leg lift to balance. Up/Down with paused kick to delivery. Unique and Consistent. In line stride with open toe Very long backside arc.  Follow through is loose and extended.Max effort.  Minimal Glove side leverage to pull, falls to 1B side.  FB 81-82 with some run. CB 65 has more of SL look 10/4 with gradual break. CH 71 + arm speed, still developing Max is loaded with potential, size, athleticism and good measurables to refine.

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