Colorado Preseason All-State: Catcher Analysis

Mike Anderson
Colorado Scouting Director

The PBR Colorado Preseason All-State took place on March 8th at Double Angel Ballpark. Nearly 50 prospects were in attendance, many of whom still remain uncommitted. 

Today we continue continue our post-event analysis by taking a look at the catchers in attendance. 

Sorted Alphabetically.

Tony Castonguay C / 3B / Grandview , CO / 2020

Positional Profile: C/3B

Body: 6'0" 205

Run: 7.18 60

Hit: Switch Hitter, only hit RHH in this event. Shoulder width stance with attacking simple leg lift to stride Minimal load with lower/upper half. Arm angles are maintained.

Momentum generated by front. Hands are explosive with quickness and strength. Exit Velo 95. Path has lift and follow through is extended to one hand. Middle of the field to slight pull approach. Hands stay inside on FB IN.

Power: Projectable Power. Very good Development path

Arm: Catcher Velo 74. Very quick arm with shortened backside arc. O/T release with carry and accuracy. Pop: 1.83-1.88 consistent

Arm: INF Velo: 84

Defense: Catcher: Athletic Soft Firm hands Hips loose, sits a bit high. Demonstrated tools to develop as 3B/1B or Corner OF positions.

Misc Evaluated in practice and showcase settings. Tony demonstrated intensity for game and great energy for the game. Baseball junkie.

Dawson DeMier C / 3B / Rock Canyon, CO / 2021

Positional Profile: C/3B

Body: 6’4” 180

Run: 7.23

Hit: RHH Slightly open stance Shoulder width and upright. Sway to load with light toe tap for stride. 50/50 distribution at launch. Arm angles extend, bat head behind head. Swing has some length and strength to it. Exit Velo 89  Demonstrated consistent timing and solid middle of the field contact, with some pull tendency.

 Power:  Would benefit with rear side lower half acceleration as he continues to develop  

Arm: Catcher Velo 69 Accurate throws to 2B.   Creates good base. High ¾ release

Defense: Rushed through transition on throws, Set is high and feet narrow. Ball gets deep to body with receiving  skills. Has athletic movements to develop C skills.

Harrison Dempsey C / OF / Mountain Vista , CO / 2021

Positional Profile: C/OF

Body: 5’11  165

Run: 6.98

Hit: RHH  Shoulder width base, small leg lift to stride.  Minimal rhythm movements with hands for load, consistent.  Arm angles create some length. Back knee engages rear side acceleration early, creates good torso acceleration into hands.  Good Bat speed creating Exit Velo 86. Approach was middle of the field with slight pull side tendency

Power: Some demonstrated power to pull side  

Arm: Catcher Velo 73 Solid base with short backside arc, slight retraction on throws  Pop times 2.08-2.09

Defense:  Gained ground on throws, was upright in position.  Feet positioned at angle.

Cashel Dugger C / 2B / Valor Christian, CO / 2023

Positional Profile: C/2B

Body: 5’8” 140

Run: 8.32

Hit: LHH  Slightly open stance, consistent low leg lift to stride.  Rear side stays stacked. Great balance. Creates very good rear side acceleration.  Minimal movement on load of hands, creates direct/short path to ball. Extended 1 hand follow-through  Displayed a pure LHH swing with line drive tendencies.  Middle of Field approach, he found his path on variety of pitch locations.  Will be great follow as he matures, gains strength. Exit Velo 72

Power Would project Cashel as a Gap to Gap doubles hitter.  Will hit for AVG at all levels

Arm: C Velo 63 Good fundamentals.  Shortened and quick arc on rear side.  Quick arm 2.22 Best Pop Time Accurate arm, will develop

Defense: Great footwork and hands on transfer.  Good transition up and through throw. 

Quiet and clean receiving skills.  Shows target, good glove rotation and firm stick.

Greg Garza SS / C / University , CO / 2022

Positional Profile: SS/C

Body:  5’8” 170 

Run: 7.78 60

Hit: RHH  Open shoulder width stance, Stride is in line.  Good Rhythm with sway back to load. Minimal movement with hands, arm angles are maintained.  Hands high that create a short and “to it through it’ path. Very good bat speed and with extended finish. Demonstrated solid contact and a middle of the field approach.  Hands stayed inside FB in Exit Velo 86

 Power:  Gap to Gap at this point, can see ability to hit selected pitches for power in the future  

 Arm: Catcher Velo 72  Quick short arc as catcher and Inf.  Some tail on high ¾ release

Inf Defense:  Inf Velo 70   Demonstrated athleticism at both C/SS.  Still developing Inf Skill set. Hands played through ball with quick catch to release. 

 Catcher Defense:  Backside high in set up, sway of body to get around pitch with hands. Soft and firm hands, good understanding of framing pitch

Justin Gines C / RHP / Horizon, CO / 2022

Positional Profile: C/RHP

Body: 5’10” 175

Run: 8.16

Hit: RHH  Rhythm sway to load, slight coil and leg lift to stride.  Stride in line and consistent. Gets to a stacked position.  Hands stacked to rear side, bat head is upright. Direct path to ball with a middle of the field approach. Small lift to finish.  Lots of timing and rhythm moving parts. Really like how his hands work. Exit Velo 83

Power: Has the strength and good hands to development power.  

Arm: Catcher Velo:  64 Good Base to throw from.  Quick arm and very accurate 2.08-2.19

Defense:  Big Body moves well behind the dish.  Good Footwork and position to throw. Will benefit with added agility and strength of arm.  Hips ok, will benefit with flexibility program. Desire to catch!

River Jackson C / SS / University, CO / 2022

Positional Profile: C/SS

Body: 5’7”  155

Run: 7.08

Hit: RHH Minimal movement to Load, gets to stacked position.  Repeatable and consistent lower half. Creates a strong rear side acceleration, with slight upper body retraction.  Good timing and rhythm to ball. Hands high to load, slight length in front arm. Good direct path to ball with quick hands.  Exit Velo 91 Demonstrated Gap to Gap tendencies.  

Power:  Compact hitter with strength, can see potential for pop in future

Arm: INF Velo 71  Catcher Velo 76  Arm works great at SS and C.  Shortened arc with good arm speed to quick release  Pop: 1.89-1.90

Defense:  Plays SS and Catches in HS. Athleticism shows.  Demonstrated good actions SS with glove and feet.  Good lateral movements. C: Good Energy, Good Hands, has the tools for development behind the plate.  As 2022, will be fun to watch his development in his skills.

Aiden Mallrich C / 2B / Liberty, CO / 2021

Positional Profile: C/2B

Body: 5’9” 155

Run: 7.36  60

Hit: RHH  Shoulder width stance with crouch, quicken low lift stride.  Weight distributed to front side at swing, has balance. Back knee engages early to start rear side acceleration.  Minimal movement with hands with some length, bat head is upright. Quick load, hands drop through path. Aiden demonstrated solid contact and middle of the field approach. Exit Velo 80 

Power:  Would project Aiden to be a hitter of AVG with Middle of the field 1B/2B’s type hitter

Arm: Catcher Velo 70  Quick repeatable backside arc. Momentum towards 3B with feet. Pop Time: 2.22-2.24

Defense:  Very quick feet and creates quick transition.  Gets upright and would benefit by gaining ground to 2B.  Receiving still developing, showed great energy.


Krece Papierski C / 2B / Moffat, CO / 2021

Positional Profile: C/2B

Body: 6’1”  175

Run: 6.93

Hit: RHH Wide base,with slight hip coil and small leg lift to stride.  Hands are simply with torso load and arm angles maintained. Very good bat speed.  Path has lift. Follow through is high with 2 hand grip. Aggressive approach with slight pull tendency.  Strong lower half linear movements, rolls over front foot Exit Velo 90

Power: Attacking style and ability to sync lower half gives Krece opportunity for power as his strength continues to develop

Arm: Catcher  Velo: 72 Short arc with O/T release. Would benefit by creating solid foundation on throws, off balance at times  Pop Time 2.00-2.10

Defense:  Strong soft hands with quiet and clean receiving mechanics.  Very good hands! Gets upright on throws to 2B. Good energy as catcher

Malakai Purvis C / 3B / Smoky Hill, CO / 2021

Positional Profile: C/2B

Body: 5’140”

Run: 7.49

Hit: RHH  Squared feet with sway to load.  Leg lift to stride, slightly open. 50/50 weight distribution when ready to launch.  Uses lower half and creates good rear side acceleration to contact. Momentum to 3rd base side.  Rhythm in hands and has some arm bar prior to load. Tends to open and tendencies to the pull side with contact.  Exit Velo 74

Power:  See Malakai as 1B/2B as he continues to develop his strength.

Arm: Catcher Velo: 74  Extended longer arc on back side.  Pop 2.38 Best 

Defense:  Agile with good set up.  Momentum to throw pulls to 3B side.  Hands and athleticism show in receiving skills   Malakai will benefit with added strength. Still developing behind dish

Reese Randell C / 1B / Dakota Ridge, CO / 2021

Positional Profile: C/1B

Body: 5’9” 160

Run: 7.54  60

Hit: RHH Upright wide stance with a rhythm bat wag. Aggressive stride with slight lift, gets to front side early before launch. Hands have movement, gets to a power load position with bat at tilt.  Path has some length, Long to Long with one hand release. Generates good bat speed and demonstrated solid contact. Exit Velo 83. Approach was middle of the field.

Power:  Has some length and lift in swing, can see potential as strength and bat quickness improves for power

Arm: Catcher Velo: 70  Quick arm with short arc on back side, easy follow through.  Creates good base, athlete Pop: 2.22-.2.27

Defense: Quick feet, gains ground towards 2B  Good Exchange. Demonstrated athleticism and good feel for receiving.

Andrew Syverson C / 2B / Holy Family , CO / 2022

Positional Profile: C/2B

Body: 5’9” 150

Run: 7.28 60

Hit: RHH  Wide stance with slight lift to stride. Sway to stacked position, knee engages early for rear side acceleration. 50/50 weight distribution and balanced at launch.  Arm angles maintained, hands have minimal movement. Bat head behind head. Some length to path, has bad speed. Demonstrated great contact and strength in event round.Exit Velo 87.   

Power Would project Andrew to be Gap to Gap doubles type hitter

Arm: C Velo: 70  Great body position for throwing.  Short quick arc and quick arm speed  Pop times 2.0-2.02 Accurate

Defense:  Loose hips, Exchange is quick and fluid.  Feet are athletic and gain ground to 2B. Demonstrated good athleticism