Colorado Class of 2023 Rankings

Mike Anderson
Colorado Scouting Director

PBR Colorado is excited to announce the new 2023 Colorado Rankings.

This Class of 2023 continues to demonstrate Colorado’s strength of steady development.  In this year of challenging Covid environments, we see great advancement for a class yet to play a high school game.  Summer and Fall seasons have put this group on an upward trajectory.

Our #1 ranked player is Max Stanley, RHP, Legend (Co Yard Dogs) and Wichita State commit.  #2 Finley Bates, SS, Douglas County (Co Yard Dogs)  #3 and #4 come from Eaton HS and Slammers Howard, Tate Smith, RHP and Walker Martin, SS/OF.  

PBR Colorado has used valued  PBR Staff, Scouts, Past and Current HS Coaches and Past and Current Club Coaches as resources to update and add to this list.  Our Top 50 list is the result of highly successful PBR events, games, and scouting throughout the state. We will aggressively adjust and expand this list as we get more looks and more data on the 2023 players in the state. 

PBR Colorado is thankful and appreciative for your unprecedented participation  in our 2020 events. 

Here we go. PBR Colorado 2023 Rankings with an in-depth look at the top 10 prospects in the rankings:

Max Stanley RHP / 1B / Legend, CO / 2023

5’10”  165  Confident movements and refined.  Side step transitions to pivot.  High balanced leg lift with controlled coil.  Toe down.  Strong athletic position.  Kick out stride to delivery with open toe landing.  Demonstrates push throw momentum with lead leg.  Long arc, but quick arm and extended lead follow through.  High ¾  release.  Glove side creates very good torso rotation.  FB  82-83 Avg movement and in the zone. CB  67  Good late break and feel for strike zone.  CH 72  Great feel of pitch and arm speed was good.  Great Tempo High Ceiling   Would consider Max a Top Follow in the Colorado 2023 Class.  Committed to Wichita State



Finley Bates SS / 3B / Douglas County, CO / 2023

Loves the Game. Grinder.  Hit: RHH, Wide base, double touch hanging stride that allows for maximum separation and the ability to get to a powerful launch position.  Demonstrates good rhythm and is smooth to the contact point.  Attacks the ball with hand speed and lower body acceleration.  Consistent, hard contact with top hand release and sound approach.  Power is generated due to a solid lower half and will increase with maturity and physical growth, currently gap power with potential for positive growth in this area. Exit Velocity: 86
Defense: Infield. Sound approach from infield at a variety of angles.  Solid footwork allows him to use his arm strength. Quick arm speed and soft hands allow him to field balls out in front, active hands creates good glove position.  Solid fundamentals and athleticism allow Finley to be one of the premier players in his class. Arm Velocity; 87



Tate Smith RHP / 1B / Eaton, CO / 2023

 6’5” 202 Confident Body Language. Side step transitions to pivot foot. Waist high leg lift with toe down. Balanced. Tall to Fall delivery. Extended stride to open toe with good push through on stride landing. Release point High 3⁄4 Good glove side leverage and creates good torso rotation with slight momentum to glove side. Arm ease on follow through. FB 85-86 in event...have seen at 87. Plus movement and ASR sink! SL 74 continues to improve, in zone with good arm speed. CH 79-80 Great feel and plus rotation, some downward action. Tate is a TOP 2023 in the State of Colorado. Has continued to improve. Has made increases in Velo. Ceiling is very high. 



Walker Martin SS / 3B / Eaton , CO / 2023

HitLHH   Pure LH Swing.  Minimal movements in load.  Hands stay quiet.  Lower half is controlled to small stride.  Attacking hands and aggressive punishing style hitter.  Controlled then explodes.  Hands are excellent with quickness and strength.  Path is direct and downward.  Has ability to go oppo with confidence.  Has made big jump in attacking inside half.  Ability to hit it where it is pitched.  Hands stay in FB in.  Exceptional rotational acceleration to balance. Power He is developing strength and it is showing up with pop to oppo and pull side.  More to come.  Walker is one of the top hitters in the state at any level.  Would consider Walker a top National Prospect 
ArmInf Velo 76  OF Velo 80   Good mechanics of the arm.  Has carry as a SS and OFDefense:  Developing MIF/SS.   Has made BIG progress as SS.  Great athleticism and shows plus lateral movements.  Back hand is good.  Demonstrated ability to throw from variety of angles.  Has versatility!!



Brok Eddy RHP / OF / Brighton, CO / 2023

High Ceiling for Brok.  Had one of the Top Summers and Falls of any Colorado 2023. Velo only at 82-83 but easily projects to increases as he matures.  Consistent delivery with OT release.  Has a great 12/6 that he commands.   Creates groundballs with 3 pitch mix.  Knows how to get outs. 


Hunter Gotschall OF / RHP / Calhan , CO / 2023

Athletic looking set up on the left side of the mound, small side step into a back foot toe tap. High, controlled leg lift with coil, does a good job hinging his back hip to create velocity, finishes closed. Quick, whippy arm action, does a good job attacking all pitches. FB up to 87. CB 66-68. SL 73-75. Projectable! Top 2023 Pitcher to Follow Have seen advances and continue growth and development    


JT Shank 1B / 3B / Rock Canyon, CO / 2023

Hit: Left-Handed hitter, athletic stance into a small stride, high hands to start that go back on the stride, very good rear side acceleration, very aggressive swing, good bat speed with a high, one handed finish.Exit Velo: 86 
Power: Power hitter with great projectability.
Arm1B, 79 from the infield, long, athletic arm action. 
Defense: Natural corner infielder with athletic approach, does a good job using his legs to generate power across the infield. 
Pitching: Starts in a shoulder-width stance, side step into pivot with small, controlled leg lift with a slight coil, good front leg lead block, lands slightly closed. Consistent, over-the-top arm action on all pitches. FB up to 80. CB 67-68. Projectable pitcher.



Tommy Marsh 3B / RHP / Cherry Creek, CO / 2023

HitStarts with a wide stance and slightly open. Has a coiling action on his stride foot back to linear. Good job of being explosive in the lower half. Much of his power is generated by his legs. High hands, with a little wrap to load. Does a good job of getting his hands back into the hitting zone. Good barrel control and good extension. Hands do a good job of staying inside the ball. Big strong kid with a good balanced swing, he is an advanced hitter for his age. Definitely a player to follow the next 3 years. One of the better players in his class. Exit Velo 95
Power: Already has plus power, one of the best hitters in his class.  Tremendous power!!Arm: Arm Velo 84  Nice whippy loose ¾ arm slot.  Showed good ability to throw from a lower arm slot on the double play. 
Defense: Does a good job of getting around the ball. Has rhythmic feet, has soft hands for big kid. Does a pretty good job of playing through the ball.



Chase Jaworsky SS / 2B / Rock Canyon, CO / 2023

Has demonstrated abilty to hit and produce in games  LHH Starts in a stacked position. Slight sway back for load. Simple up/down Stride as weight is maintained on backside  60/40. Hands have rhythm load and get to stacked position. Barrel slightly behind head. Hands stay inside contact on a consistent basis. Does good job attacking pitch at location. Creates rotational and linear movements  Gap to Gap approach. Exit Velo 80  Power:  Very strong fundamentals.  His development is just starting. Would be worth following his progressArm: INF Velo  72 Long arc with clean follow through. Good Carry. Accurate from different arm angles Defense: INF.  Good movements, fields ball deep and has long movements to throw. Glove played through ball on back hand. Good Athleticism



Ashtin Gilio 2B / OF / Alexander Dawson, CO / 2023

Hit: Switch Hitter: LHH, Solid base, simple stride  Slight sway for load to stacked position. Arm angles have some extension. Creates good timing and strong rear side acceleration through contact. Middle of the field approach. Hands down through it with extended finish.  Balanced finish.Repeatable and Confident  Exit Velo 86. RHH  Slow load, simple stride. In line feet. Toe tap for stride. +Rear side acceleration. Middle to pull side tendency. Exit Velo  89PowerShowed good strength and barrel control from both sides of the plate  Arm: Velo 84 Long arc. Uses in sync body for above avg arm strength  Defense: OF  INf Ease of hands and footwork. Athletic footwork to ball and ++ Hands     Watch Ashtin play multiple games and you we see why he has Top 10 Ranking.  Ball Player!



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