Uncommitted 2022's - SoCal

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director

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LOS ANGELES, CALIF. - Despite missing all of last spring the Class of 2022 is primed to leave a lasting impact on their high school programs after what is expected to be a spring season. With so much uncertainty as to when the CIF high school baseball season will get underway one thing is certain, hope hasn't been higher for what should be a wildly entertaining spring season. 

We have had a lot of opportunity since the cancellation of last season to see players in this class, and with many remaining uncommitted we present several who will undoubtedly have the attention of college recruiters soon enough if not already. 

Be sure to click into player profiles for Trackman and Blast Motion Data along with other videos. 

Players are listed in no particular order. 

Christian Miranda SS / 2B / Notre Dame , CA / 2022

Body: 5-11, 175-pounds. An athletic well-proportioned frame that has some present strength.
Hit: LHH. Is upright with high hands set at the ear. Uses a short stride and gets food down early that gets him on time. Short and compact to the ball. Flat barrel bath that is in the zone a long time. Middle of the field approach.
Power: 91 mph exit velocity from the tee. Gap to gap power. Above-average bat speed at 68.2 mph and rotational acceleration at 16.6 g's for his level per Blast Motion data show more power potential. 
Arm: RH. INF - 86 mph. Short quick arm action with good arm speed. Ability to throw on the run and from different angles when necessary.  
Defense: Clean and quick footwork. Is light on his feet and takes good angles. Soft hands and stays low to the ball. Quick to the backhand side. Athleticism showed through his movements. 
Run: 7.06 runner in the 60.

Charlie Mirer 1B / RHP / Cathedral Catholic, CA / 2022

Body6-6, 225-pounds. Large frame, sturdy base, physical. 
Delivery: Raw overall, starting QB with D1 offer, down the line projectability. 
Arm ActionMedium arm swing, consistent speed, more in the tank, high ¾ arm slot. 
FB: T79, 75-76 mph. 1:00 Tilt, 18.3 IVB (93rd percentile Extreme Ride), 11.0 HB (64th percentile Above Run). TrackMan data shows a fastball that gives the illusion of rising and running in relation to a straight pitch. 
CB64-67 mph. 1:30 Tilt, 13.0 IVB (35th percentile Significant Sink), 12.5 HB (79th percentile Significant Run). Good speed differential from fastball, similar movement of the fastball but with more sink, swing and miss potential. 
CH: 67-70 mph. Developmental pitch, some feel, limited break.

Jeremy Giesegh OF / RHP / Upland, CA / 2022

Body: 6-1, 165-pounds. 
DefenseFielded nicely, on target throws highlighted his showing, smooth release and feel.
ArmOF - 80 mph. Quality outfield arm, underclass gives him a chance for more.
Hit: RHH. Compact setup, short swing, smooth finish. Blast Motion scores of 68/36/67. Above-average plane and rotation scores show he is able to get on plane fast and stay in the zone longer at a high rate.
Power91 mph exit velocity. 
Run6.74 runner in the 60. 

Andrew Campbell OF / RHP / Woodcrest Christian, CA / 2022

Defense: Charged the ball with speed and purpose, rushed transfers, 4/5 on throws to home, could play anywhere in the outfield.
Arm: RH.   OF - 93 mph. Top outfield arm in his group, really gets his entire body into each throw, bal explodes out of hand. 
Hit: RHH. Setup showed comfort and feel, coil load, clean one-hand finish. Blast Motion scores of 61/61/53. Above-average plane and connection scores along with an average rotation score shows Campbell has an elite swing, high ceiling, good chance to perform well at the next level. 
Power: 85 mph exit velocity. 
Run: 6.86 runner in the 60. 

DeliveryGrab and go mechanics, leaves some power in the legs, smooth follow through finish.
Arm Action: RH. Max effort in the arm, could say he relies too much on the arm, projectable. 
FB: T90, 86-88 mph. Fastball max spin rate of 2671 is notable. Couple that with his 90 mph max fastball and there is projection here. 
CB: 68-72 mph. Quality curveball, located well in the zone, average ceiling. Cutter or slider would be a good breaking pitch addition and help play up the curveball. 
CH: 74-77 mph. Changeup from his arm slot and arm speed enables the pitch to have a chance to become an out pitch at the next level. 


Aiden Taurek OF / RHP / Foothill, CA / 2022

Positional ProfileRHP/OF Located very well and shows ability to be a quality two-way player. 
Body5-11, 170-pounds. 
Defense: Quick to the ball, followed through well, throws have some juice behind them.
ArmOF - 88 mph. Kept his throws low, good arm control, high velocity reading was evident. 
Hit: RHH. Athletic setup, hands shoulder height, simple toe-tap load and finish. Blast Motion scores of 43/61/56. Connection scored the highest, showing his ability to to get in a good position to hit with consistency. 
Power: 89 mph exit velocity. 
Run6.88 runner in the 60. 

DeliveryConsistent mechanics, overall stiffness, good direction.
Arm Action: Stays on top of the ball well which helps him locate his pitches, creating more fluidity in his lower half would greatly benefit.
FB: T86, 85-86 mph. Fastball worked side-to-side and up-and-down with some velocity, good pitch overall.
CB: 69-70 mph. Best offspeed offerings, one of the better breaking balls at the event, swing and miss action.
SL75-76 mph. Counters his curveball with more tilt. Swing and miss potential.
CH77-79 mph. Show me change, developmental pitch, can locate but needs to show greater speed differential to garner easy outs. 

Nicholas Dumesnil OF / 2B / Huntington Beach, CA / 2022

Body: 6-0, 170-pounds. 
DefenseVery good showing, efficient throws across the diamond, fielded and transitioned well. 
Arm:  INF - 77 mph. OF - 87 mph. Very good outfield arm, one of the highest velocity readings, quick path and follow through.
Hit: RHH. Swing passed the eye test, good contact, high exit velocity, nice finish.  Blast Motion scores of 31/41/36. Average connection score shows he gets in a decent position to hit but the below average plane and rotation scores shows he has work to do. 
Power: 96 mph exit velocity. 
Run: 6.78 runner in the 60.

Cooper Whitton OF / 3B / Santa Fe Christian, CA / 2022

Defense: Good size for corner outfield spots, name to watch in the outfield. 
Arm: RH.   OF - 80 mph. Quality outfield arm, short arm swing, on target throws.
Hit: RHH. Strong build and approach, swing worked at its best in the middle of the field, rotated well on inside pitches. Blast Motion scores of 49/64/51. Solid across the board with his connection score highlighting his swing as he gets in a really good position to hit allowing for solid contact. 
Power: 95 mph exit velocity. 
Run: 6.63 runner in the 60.

Jack Gurevitch 1B / RHP / Notre Dame , CA / 2022

Body: 6-1, 195-pounds. Strong and sturdy frame that is filling out.

Delivery: Works from the first base side of the rubber. Uses a higher leg lift and stays connected to his back leg. Works quick throughout and through the connection to his back leg is able to hold that external rotation. Is able finish firm at foot landing.

Arm Action: RH. Long and loose arm action out of the ¾ slot. Gets a little inverted with a scalp load. Good arm speed. Potential for more velo.

FB: T86, 83-85 mph. Good ride up in the zone. Equal vertical and horizontal break at around 12 inch. 

 CB: 69-71 mph. Had some side spin so works more like a slurve. Consistently worked it low in the zone. Induced weak contact.

SL: 72-73 mph. 2100-2200 spin, differentiates from the curve by having about 2 more inches of horizontal break. 

Hit: LHH. Stands tall and upright with hands high and pinched knees. Simple forward stride and stays well connected with his lower body and hips while he rotates. Compact stroke with a bat stays in the zone for a long time per high on plane efficiency score of 92. Steep to flat bat path. 

Power: 93 mph exit velocity from the tee.  Some present pull side power but potential to have more per his average rotational acceleration g’s of 25.6 and average bat speed of 74.3 being above average.

Arm: RH. INF - 84 mph. Quick and short arm action on DPs. Quick to release and made accurate throws. 

Defense: Showcased athleticism with good footwork on both GBs and around the bag. Sets up feet quickly and in good positions to make throws.

Run: 7.55 runner in the 60. 

Samuel DeCarlo 2B / SS / Millikan , CA / 2022

Defense: Smooth infield actions, good first step, looked the part. 
Arm: RH. OF - 82 mph. Crisp action, able to make throws from multiple angles, plus arm at second. 
HitRHH. Balanced setup, hands shoulder height, step load, one-hand finish.  Blast Motion scores 35/57/41. Connection score shows that he gets in a good position to hit on average along with his ability to get to that point at an average rotation score. 
Power: 93 mph exit velocity. 
Run: 6.87 runner in the 60.


Matthew Caldera OF / 3B / Vista Murrieta, CA / 2022

Defense:  Quick to the ball, feet work well around the ball, stays low.
ArmRH.   OF - 80 mph. Workable outfield arm, loose overall, 4/5 accuracy on throws. 
Hit: RHH. Relaxed shoulder width setup, simple step load, consistent finish. Blast Motion scores of 52/56/39. Scored well on plane and connection, showing he gets in a good position to hit and the bat has contact ability. 
Power: 95 mph exit velocity. 
Run6.99 runner in the 60. 

Aidan Cremarosa SS / RHP / John Burroughs, CA / 2022

Defense Size projects at third, puts himself in a good position to make the throw.
Arm: RH.  INF - 85 mph.  Arm has some juice in it, let it rip, backhand max velocity.
Hit: RHH. Low hands, rockback and toe tap load, big swing, timing is everything.  Blast motion scores of 29/37/38.
Power: 91 mph exit velocity. 
Run: 7.36 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Funky windup creates timing issues for batter, hides the ball well, controls moving parts. 
Arm ActionRH. Arm shows life, short arm path in the back very beneficial to his mechanics, projectable. 
FB: T87, 82-85 mph. Ability to hide the ball and funky mechanics plays up his velocity. Showed ability to locate the ball well to his arm side. 
CB65-70 mph. Tight breaking ball, swing and miss potential, good feel. 
CH: 75-76 mph. Developmental change, loosen the grip, heavy run.

Doug Pyle OF / RHP / La Salle College Prep, CA / 2022

Defense: Corner-outfield ability, long strides, glove to ground.
Arm: RH.   OF - 87 mph. Arm strength on display, let it fly, 4/5 on throws. 
Hit: RHH. Tall setup with some stiffness, swing actions look good, high finish. Blast Motion scores of 63/65/57. Above-average plane and connection scores project high pane efficiency and contact ability now and in the future.
Power: 96 mph exit velocity. 
Run: 7.33 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Let his arm do most the work, long arms and legs, command.
FB: T87, 82-86 mph. Showed well side-to-side, maxed at 87, potential for more.
CB: 69-72 mph. Quality high school curve, ground ball pitch, swing and miss potential.
CH: 73-77 mph. Show me change, developing, needs more speed differential from fastball.


Evan Chadwick C / OF / Kennedy , CA / 2022

Defense1.92-1.99 pop times. Low pop times, good footwork, worked hard all-around in bullpens. 
Arm: RH. C - 76 mph.   Average arm, short swing and release, accurate throws. 
HitRHH. Wide base, steps forward to close off, heavy pull, good attack angle. Blast Motion scores of 45/54/51. Solid across the board showing that his swing has potential now and down the line. Plane scored lowest and could be due to closing off his swing with his load.
Power: 93 mph exit velocity. 
Run7.36 runner in the 60. 

Parker Ellis OF / OF / Rancho Bernardo, CA / 2022

Body6-1, 170-pounds. Proportional athlete, fast in the 60 and fast on the field, excels in baseball crossfit. 
DefenseGood first step, stays low to the ground, glove out in front, solid glove to hand transfer. 
ArmRH.   OF - 76 mph. Long arm swing, slight pause in the back, high release, 4/5 on throws. 
Hit: RH. Stands upright with slight knee bend, shoulder width base, some bat waggle, leg lift load, two-hand finish. Blast Motion score of 64/58/64. Solid across the board with the above-average plane score showing his advanced ability to keep his bat in the zone for a long time allowing for high contact and swing plane consistency. 
Power88 mph exit velocity. 
Run: 6.76 runner in the 60.

Jackson Frankovich C / 1B / Notre Dame , CA / 2022

Body: 6-foot, 180-pounds. 

Hit: LHH with a slightly open stance. Small leg kick and hand hitch helps him create bat speed. Clean lower half movements that put him in a position to keep a quiet head and stay through the baseball. Showed feel for the barrel during his BP rounds. 

Power: 96 MPH Exit Velocity via Trackman in BP. More pop to come with added strength/mass. 

Arm: 71 MPH Catcher Velocity with accurate throws to the bag. 

Defense: Narrow stance with athletic actions behind the plate. Showed solid hip mobility and the ability to move laterally to both sides. Clean footwork fielding bunts. Will have to improve arm strength / catch and throw to stick at the next level. 

Run: 7.87 laser-timed 60.


Preseason All-State (2021/2022) CA 02/06 McBean Stadium
Preseason All-State (2023/2024) CA 02/06 McBean Stadium
California Preseason Uncommitted ('21/'22) CA 02/07 Islanders Field
Super 60 Pro Showcase NATIONAL 02/07 MOSH Performance Center
Northern CA Open Scout Day (underclass) CA 02/08 Islanders Field