Team Clemmens Mock Draft Recap - Part 1

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Director of Scouting


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PETALUMA, CA - Thursday May 7th the Prep Baseball Report - California staff conducted a three-team virtual mock draft consisting of California high school players from the class of 2020. Draft lottery determined draft positioning for the snake format with Team Clemmens picking first, followed by Team Shannon and Team Doherty. The virtual mock draft was conducted on Instagram Live with each team having sixty seconds to make their pick for a total of thirty-nine players selected over thirteen rounds. Similar to any draft in sports we saw predictable and unpredictable picks, risers and fallers, early round reaches and late round steals, making for an entertaining and enjoyable draft that had a high viewership rating.

Team Clemmens went into the draft looking to build a team built around versatility and high end left-handed pitching, along with plenty of hitting on the left-side of the plate to combat would would likely be opponents with power RHPs. The team features two switch-hitting catchers, four left-handed hitters and three right-handed hitters. The ability to create a line-up that would be very tough to wade through for RHPs was accomplished. Each of my opponents loaded up on power RHPs so their approach played right into my hands. The power LHP arms are also present on my team, with three of the top LHPs in the state. In turn, that is a benefit for my left-handed hitters, as they wouldn't have to hit against our three lefties. If there is one tool somewhat lacking, it's plus speed. Part 1 of the Team Clemmens draft recap takes a look at the outfield and catching positions.

Each of these players has been scouted very extensively and our reports and thoughts on them are well known at this point, so extensive scouting breakdowns aren't what I'll provide, rather, what I was thinking when drafting a particular player and the role I saw for him on this team.



One of the nation's top high school players, Soderstrom is not only a talented catcher, but he's one of the top left-handed high school hitters in the state. His ability to play a high level 3rd base was also a strong consideration, as I was targeting a couple of other catchers in this draft. The plan would be to hit Soderstrom in the 3-hole and have him rotate with two other players at the catcher position. When you see him play 3rd base you'd be shocked to know his primary position is catcher. He's that good.


My third pick in the draft, Susac, takes a backseat to no other catcher in the 2020 high school class. He not only brings MLB bloodlines (as does Soderstrom), but he's an outstanding QB and the leadership traits/toughness that come with that position ar so important. He's been working hard at hitting on the left-side, so we are talking about a switch-hitting catcher with a plus-plus arm and plus power. He'd be in the 2-hole, an immediate threat. Susac would also be manning 1st base a lot.


I was holding out hope that Carrigg would drop to me because there may not be a more versatile player, a true Swiss Army knife, in the state than him. He's a frontline catcher and 3rd baseman, I've seen him play a very competent SS and also seen him good on the mound. I'll make the assumption he can play OF too, literally able to play anywhere. Oh... and he's a switch-hitter. Given the starting pitcher we'd see , his spot in the line-up would fluctuate. He'd be a little higher vs LHPs (5-spot).



When filling outfield, Davis was HIGH on my list. The fact that I got him in the 6th round was an incredible stroke of luck. We are taking about a true RF with massive power potential, plenty of experience and success vs elite competition, and the top outfield arm in the nation among HS players. He's more than an adequte runner so extra bases and putting pressure on the defense with his speed is in play. Against RHPs he'd be in the 5-hole and vs LHPs, the 6-spot seems about right.


Another elite level left-handed hitter, Burden is a player I was excited to see available as late as he was (9th round). I'd pencil him into LF and also at 1st base from time to time, again, valuing the versatility of this player. Regardless of position, it's the LHH aspect that drew me to Burden. His all-field approach is outstanding and the lack of swing and miss is very attractive. To me, those attributes are perfect for collecting RBIs and forcing pitchers to work very hard in the bottom half of the line-up.


Seeing the sweet-swinging Park available with my final pick, I was shocked. In fact, I had to go through all the other rounds to make sure he wasn't previously drafted. Another elite level LHH, Park would man CF for this club and I could even seen him getting some outs for us on the mound with his crafty style on the mound. But it's the bat and grittiness of his approach I most value. He could hit in the lead-off spot vs RHPs and then grind out tough at-bats vs LHPs in the lower third of the line-up.


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