SoCal ProCase Spotlight: SS Isaac Rodriguez

Jack Shannon
San Diego Area Scout

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FULLERTON, CA. - Isaac Rodriguez showed off his slick feel on the field with a solid showing at the 2020 SoCal ProCase. The 2021 Murrieta Valley shortstop displayed no glaring major weakness in his Blast Motion and Trackman data, one of the few players to do so. With 67 representatives from 22 MLB Organizations in attendance, some teams 2-3 deep, and the talent on the SoCal ProCase roster, Rodriguez set out to show that his across the board skill set is worthy of 2021 MLB Draft consideration. 



The USC commit impressed early on when he ran fluidly and hard through the finish line in his 60-yard dash. Ranked 98th overall in the state, he showed that his swing has projectability and current ability to cover both sides of the plate. Most impressive was his above average Blast Motion rotation score. Rodriguez showed good fundamentals in his defensive showing and looked the part thanks to some fancy footwork and low center of gravity. 

As with any player, the ProCase was an amazing opportunity for the 2021 class to showcase their skills on the main stage. Isaac Rodriguez made his case clear for why he is a PAC-12 commit and has the potential to be a future pro.




Body: 5-foot-10, 170 pounds. Quality athlete with proportional strength throughout. Best athletic tool is his footwork. Current strength shows potential at the next level for plus-muscular strength. 

Hit: Posted a Blast Motion plane score of 56 and a connection score of 47. Both scores are average for players at his level, showing that he displays average consistent contact and plate coverage. Posted a Blast Motion rotation score of 75, one of the best in the state, showing that he has good sequencing ability with his hips and hands and is able to control his body well by adjusting to pitches throughout the zone. Two average scores and one above-average score shows projectability and that he has a solid current base to build upon. Rodriguez lacks a current glaring weakness, which will help him adjust quicker to better pitching and could enable him for playing time at the next level sooner rather than later. 

Power: Trackman data shows that his average exit speed is 82.60 mph, with exit speed contact to outside pitches at an average of 82.73 mph and exit speed contact with inside pitches at 89.49 mph, a good indicator that he is able to cover both sides of the plate with at least his overall average exit speed. Personal best exit speed of 94.02 mph with a launch angle of 5.69°. Rodriguez will have to increase his exit speed to have true power at the next level but his current data readings show good projectability, especially since he has current ability to cover both sides of the plate.


Field: Stylish feel in the infield and looks the part. Stays low to the ground, keeps his eye on the ball and the glove out in front. Above-average footwork provides his ability to move well laterally and projects well at the next level. Throws to first were solid but struggled with throws and flips to second base. Must improve that part of the game. 

Arm: Infield arm velocity of 78 mph, 7th overall at the ProCase. Average high school short-stop arm strength. Best arm tool is his ability to set his body up in a position to throw and ability to get rid of the ball quickly. Showed that he can throw from multiple arm angles and looked next level when charging the ball. Infield arm velocity will have to improve to stick at short at the pro level. 

Run: 7.06 60 yard dash. Ran hard with good form and through the finish line.