SoCal ProCase Spotlight: OF Matty Clark

Jack Shannon
San Diego Area Scout

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FULLERTON, CA. - Matty Clarky showed off a toolsy skill at the 2020 SoCal ProCase thanks to his top end speed and opposite field power. Physical all-around athlete who possesses a pro build, tools and hitting metrics that will garner professional interest. Clark impressed in batting practice when he hit a towering opposite field home run 362 ft with an exit speed of 94.3 mph and a launch angle of 25.5°. Couple that with his 6.78 60 yard dash and there is a lot to like just off those two showings. 


Blast Motion and TrackMan metrics showed quality metric averages across the board, a good starting point for a hitter his age but with room for improvement and without glaring weaknesses. The bat speed, early connection and launch angle averages are the three most exciting metric ranges from Clark. There is a lot to like with this physical athlete at the college and professional level. With 67 representatives from 22 MLB Organizations in attendance, some teams 2-3 deep, and the talent on the SoCal ProCase roster, Clark set out to show that his 19th overall ranking and 4th overall outfielder in the Golden State is for real and worthy of heavy consideration for the 2021 MLB Draft.  


Body: 6-foot-2, 205 pounds. Mature build with lots of overall physicality. Shows a sturdy lower half and has room for a little more physical projection. Posted the second fastest 60 yard dash at the ProCase. Athleticism, speed and look relate to that of a linebacker. 

Hit: Right-handed hitter. Hitting set up; wide athletic slightly open stance, keeps hands below shoulder height, bat has some bat wrap to it before point of contact, shifts weight back before loading with light leg lift and lands strong. Clark showcased a heavy oppo approach at his batting practice showing, as he did not record a batting practice hit to the left side, with all his swing results from center-field to right-field. Bat speed averaged 71.0 mph and an early connection of 89°, according to Blast Motion. Bat speed metric currently shows that he is able to propel his bat at contact at the average ideal range for a major league, minor league and collegiate baseball player. Early connection measures the relationship between the hitter’s spine angle and the hitter’s bat upon first move. The perfect degree is 90°, with Clark posting an impressive 89°, easily one of the best recorded at the ProCase. Showing that Clark is able to handle pitches at the top of the zone and will be able to achieve high exit velocity for pitches deep in the zone. 

Power: Trackman data shows that his average exit speed is 86.75 mph, with exit speed contact averages relatively even across the board. Showed off some impressive opposite field pop with a batting practice home run to right-center field on his personal best exit speed of 94.3 mph with a launch angle of 25.5° at 362ft. Early connection degree metric of 89° along with his Blast Motion connection score of 65 help indicate his dynamic adjustability and ability to hit for power to the opposite field. Averaged 21.65° launch angle, showing that he is able to elevate the ball now for home run power.


Field: Athletic fielding outfielder that shows comfortability with his outfield surroundings. Displays the tools and has the arm to play all three outfield spots. Second fastest 60 yard dash at the ProCase will go a long way at this level and next defensively. Solid fundamentally fielding, didn’t rush his feet or throw. Throws were on target and within the long hop or no hop desired range. 

Arm: Outfield arm velocity reading of 85 mph, 4th out of 8. Arm is above-average for a high school player would benefit from a velocity increase at the pro level. Throwing mechanics were solid but has room for more lower half engagement. When charging the ball, put himself in the right position and didn’t rush his throws. 

Run: 6.78 60 yard dash, 2nd overall. Solid running mechanics, runs like a linebacker. Elite speed for size and frame. 

Summary: Clark has a pro build and toolsy skill set that will garner professional interest for the 2021 MLB Draft. Running a 6.78 60 yard dash with good running mechanics at 6-foot-2 205 pounds is impressive and checks the box for the speed tool. His impressive opposite field ability and early connection metric show that from an analytical standpoint there is a lot to like with his swing. Left-side power and hitting ability will have to come and his batting practice showing with nothing to the left-side is a bit concerning. Defensively, Clark has the ability to play all three outfield spots at the next level. Clark’s present tools clearly indicate why he received his California ranking and will go a long way towards a professional career.