SoCal ProCase Spotlight: RHP Henry Manfredonia

Jack Shannon
San Diego Area Scout

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FULLERTON, CA. - Henry Manfredonia and his elite induced vertical break metric fastball and curveball readings make him one of the more intriguing prospects from the 2020 SoCal ProCase. It is no surprise to see one of the top analytical college based programs, UC-Santa Barabara, to have this type of prep player committed to their program. Manfredonia’s fastball possesses extreme ride while his curveball has sharp 12/6 break giving him two pitches that will play at this level and next. The San Marcos right-hander has amassed 51 ⅔ career varsity innings across two seasons; 1.49 ERA, 1.35 WHIP, 223 OBA, 69 K, 26 BB. The low ERA and high strikeout totals stand out and show just what his current pitch arsenal is capable of. The projectable right-hander has the potential to be a starter but could be best suited as a lights out relief pitcher. 

TrackMan metrics showed that Manfredonia possesses swing and miss stuff and has the ability to pitch up in the zone. The future Guacho has one of the most projectable pitchers builds, showing a high probability for velocity gains down the line. Manfredonia’s competitive simulation showing produced impressive results; 6-3, K, 3U, K, K. The three swinging strikeouts standout and help validate his ability to miss bats. With 67 representatives from 22 MLB Organizations in attendance, some teams 2-3 deep, and the talent on the SoCal ProCase roster, Manfredonia set out to show that his 85th overall ranking and 21st overall right-handed pitcher ranking in California is for real, possibly undervalued and worthy of MLB scouting interest heading into the 2021 draft. 


Body: 6-foot-2, 190 pounds. Projectable athletic build. Long limbs present beneficial physical attributes  for substantial velocity gains at the next level. Coach Andrew Checketts pitching strength program (yoga, med balls, weights, conditioning) will greatly benefit the right-hander at the college level. 

Mechanics: Right-handed pitcher. Manfredonia sets up on the third base side of the rubber and releases from an over-the-top arm slot, 0.4 release side. Looked comfortable out of the windup where he uses the old school glove over head to high leg kick pre pitch release. Did not work out of the stretch. Body stays fluid throughout his throwing process and is able to keep the multiple parts to his windup consistent. Stays tall and strong on his back leg before dropping and driving towards home. Drives with power, landing firmly and releases the back leg naturally. Arm is long in the back, produces a consistent arm circle and is able to hide the ball fairly well in part due to keeping his arm swing inline with his body and his lower half drive helping mask the incoming pitch. Shows average to slightly above-average arm speed. Solid mechanically overall but not without the potential to clean and tighten up small mechanical parts to create immediate and long term enhancements. 

Fastball: Release speed averaged 87.8 mph, minimum release speed of 86.3 mph and a maximum release speed of 89.3 mph. Spin rate averaged 2368 RPM (revolutions per minute), minimum 2236 RPM and maximum 2451 RPM. Spin rate average is above-average in comparison to the 2019 NCAA and High School level averages and in the top 25% for the 2019 MLB averages. Induced vertical break average of 24.3 (93rd percentile) shows that his fastball has extreme ride and the induced horizontal break average of 3.4 (21st percentile) shows that his fastball has low run. These two metrics show that his fastball has extreme ride and low run, which will help him produce a high number of swinging strikes and pop-up outs. 

Curveball: Release speed averaged 72.7 mph, minimum release speed of 71.8 mph and a maximum release speed of 74 mph. Spin rate averaged 2510 RPM, minimum 2412 RPM and maximum 2651 RPM. Spin rate is average at the 2019 MLB level, slightly above-average at the 2019 NCAA level and above-average at the High School level. Induced vertical break average of -16.4 and induced horizontal break average of -5.3. Induced vertical break average puts the curveball in the top 10% at the MLB level. Curveball tilt ranges from 6:30-6:45 showing true 12/6 break. Coupling the spin rate with the elite induced vertical break makes this a swing and miss pitch with potential to be a plus-pitch at the next level. 

Changeup: Release speed average of 81.2 mph, minimum release speed of 80.6 mph and a maximum release speed of 81.7 mph. Spin rate averaged 2118 RPM, minimum 2017 RPM and maximum 2274 RPM. Induced vertical break average of 20.0 (93rd percentile) shows extreme ride and horizontal break average of 12.6 (79th percentile) shows significant run. Changeup tilt ranges from 12:45-1:30 showing arm side ride and run. Release height and side for the changeup differs from that of his fastball and changeup, showing that he releases the changeup at a lower arm slot than his fastball and curveball. This is a potential cause for concern as this will likely lead to pitch tipping and pitch inconsistency. 

Summary: Manfredonia has the look and feel of a projectable right-handed pitcher that has one of the highest ceilings of any player at the 2020 SoCal ProCase. UCSB is no stranger to analytics and it comes to no surprise to see a prep pitcher who possesses elite metrics to be committed to their program. Manfredonia’s fastball posted the highest induced vertical break of any pitcher at the 2020 SoCal ProCase. Curveball is clearly his best secondary pitch as he releases it from the same arm slot as his fastball with elite induced vertical break making it a current and projectable swing and miss pitch. Manfredonia’s ability to create a consistent release point on his changeup and potentially develop a slider or cutter will be the difference between him being a starter or reliever at the next level. With some of the best projection of any pitcher at the SoCal ProCase thanks to a projectable build, elite induced vertical break metrics and two pitches that create swings and misses make Manfredonia a potential draft pick in 2021 and surely beyond. 


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